We are LIVE tonight( 9/15/21) for a Shang-Chi Review/ What If…? Episode 6 Review

We will be live at 9:05PM Eastern/ 6:05PM Pacific/ 2:05AM in the UK, on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge via Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Trovo, VK Live, and Dailymotion, tonight( Wednesday 9/15/21) doing a review of What If….? Episode 6 along with a full Shang-Chi Review. The squad for this show is comprised of co-hosts Cyberneticshark, Perry Ramsey, and Jeff S( TrueKnowledge) with guest Taylor of the Podcast Of Champions joining us, Jeff will be moderating with Cyber and Perry joining Taylor on the panel. #shangchi, #marvelstudios, #simuliu, #whatifepisode6breakdown, #whatifepisode6review, #thewatcher, #wakanda, #michaelbjordan, #kilmonger, #tonystark, #ironman, #thetenrings, #ironman1, #mcuphase1, #mcuphase4, #marvelcomics

The Loki Disney Plus Series: Finale Review Livestream/ Podcast


Welcome and hello to all of you who find your way to this newish episode of The MCU’S Bleeding Edge Podcast on Anchor. We are co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff Sloboda( TrueKnowledge) and on this Livestream/ Episode of our MCU focused show we are covering the finale of the Loki Disney Plus Series, produced by Marvel Studios. We have Cyber moderating the show and Jeff S joining Alexis, Taylor, and Lord Deathman on the guest panel. Alexis is a friend and regular guest on the podcast and is a regular on the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, and Taylor and Lord Deathman come from the Podcast Of Champions/ sakaar.freeforums.net, also major friends to The MCU’S Bleeding Edge. We delve into and dig deep on the entire 6th episode of Loki, from start to finish, address Kang, drop our general opinions of the finale, and watch and react to the What If Trailer that just came out this week, and wrap up with a final segment doing basic reviews of the Black Widow film. You can contact us for any reason at themcusbleedingedge.org or mcusbleedingedge@gmail.com. The website is themcusbleedingedge.org and you can find our blog and list of recent podcast episodes on there as well as some polls and a mailing list you can join to subscribe to this wonderful podcast and receive our newest episodes!! #Loki, #Loki Disney Plus, #Owen Wilson, #Kang The Conqueror, #Loki Easter eggs, #Loki ending, #Loki Episode 6 breakdown, #Loki Episode 6, #he who remains, #Marvel Comics, #Marvel Studios, #Marvel Cinematic Universe, #Tom Hiddleston, #Gugu Mbatha-Raw, #Hunter B-15, #Loki Kang, #Lady Loki, #Sophia Di Martino, #Ravonna Renslayer, #Immortus, #Mobius M Mobius, #Loki Reaction, #ending explained, #MCU Trailer reaction, #What If Trailer, #Loki Review, #Null Time-Zone, #Alioth, #classic Loki, #kid Loki, #Alligator Loki, #Boastful Loki, #Kate Herron , #Michael Waldren, #who is Kang, #Loki Spoilers, #Disney Plus, #Loki Episode 6 finale 

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Co-hosts for this episode are TrueKnowledge( Jeff) and Cyberneticshark, with our Guests being Alexis of the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, a regular on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge, and the owner/operator of Honeysuckle Rose Creations, Taylor and Lord Death Man of the Podcast Of Champions/ sakaar.freeforums.net — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeff-sloboda7/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jeff-sloboda7/support


The Iron Man 2 Review With Podcast Of Champions And True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast


This is our livestream review of Iron Man 2 starring Robert Downey Jr once again as Tony Stark. We are The MCU’S Bleeding Edge and we are joined in guest form by Arch of the Podcast Of Champions, as well as Kyle and Kevin of the True Believers: MCU & MARVEL Podcast and we get into what we feel are the critical points of the film. From wether or not Mickey Rourke was a solid villain as Whiplash, to Don Cheadle taking over as Rhodey and becoming War Machine, on to the relationship and chemistry between Pepper Potts and Tony. We then wrap up the recording by reacting to The Batman trailer and having a final segment all about the upcoming Batman film with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. We want to thank the Podcast Of Champions/ sakaar.freeforums.net for joining us once again on another MCU Infinity Saga Review, this being our sixth installment and of course many thanks to Kyle and Kevin of True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast for joining us. We are co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S and will be getting into the What If…? Disney+ Series on our next episode. 

#Iron Man 2, #Tony Stark, #Pepper Potts, #War Machine, #Justin Hammer, #Gwyneth Paltrow, #Robert Downey Jr, #Nick Fury, #The Black Widow, #Scarlet Johansson, #SHIELD, #Sam Rockwell, #Whiplash, #Mickey Rourke, #Don Cheadle, #Marvel Studios, #MCU Phase 1, #Thor, #Mjolnir, #Asgaard, #Infinity Saga, #MCU trailer reaction, #The Batman, #Robert Pattinson, #Paul Dano, #The Riddler, #DC films, #The Batman Trailer, #The Penguin, #Jeffrey Wright, #Jim Gordon

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Show was recorded on 8/4/21             Hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S,  Guests- Arch Stanton( Podcast Of Champions) Kyle and Kevin( True Believers MCU & MARVEL Podcast

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The Complete First Crack Review Of The Incredible Hulk With Podcast Of Champions


This is a version of our livestream review of The Incredible Hulk film on Wednesday evening 7/28/21 on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge Youtube Channel / Podcast through Anchor. This is the fourth installment of our connected Infinity Saga Review Series with the Podcast Of Champions/ sakaar.freeforums.net, again on board in the form of two guests, Arch and Lord Death Man, with Arch of course being a mainstay on the show and a regular at this point. We also have Alexis once again guesting and she is known for being a regular guest on the Radulioch In Broadcasting Network, another friend of this podcast/ livestream, and we also have Mark Radulich himself rounding out the panel with co-host Jeff S with Cyberneticshark moderating on this episode. We essentially break down the whole Incredible Hulk film from start to finish, do alot of talking about the 2003 Eric Bana version of Hulk, the mutual love for Jennifer Connelly we found during the show, and wrap this long sucker up with a almost hour long segment on Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix. So yeah if your a Daredevil/Matt Murdock fan from the comics this is the episode for you to listen too!!! Visit themcusbleedingedge.org for full episodes of the show, to check out our active blog, and see info about the team. 

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Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S( TrueKnowledge) Guests: Alexis, a regular on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge and the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, Mark Radulich himself, and Arch and Lord Death Man from Podcast Of Champions/ sakaar.freeforums.net. 

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We Are Doing A Livestream Review Of Iron Man 2 tonight….

We are going to be doing another livestream review show tonight, Wednesday 8/4/21, at 9:05PM Eastern/ 6:05PM Pacific, this time covering Iron Man 2 with Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. This will be our fifth installment of a Infinity Saga Review Series connected with the Podcast Of Champions/ sakaar.freeforums.net, and they will be represented in the form of Arch Stanton, with Kyle and Kevin of the Marvel & MCU True Believers Podcast, also joining us as guests, and co-host Cyberneticshark rounding out the panel. Jeff S will be moderating and we hope to see a few folks in the comment section!!!! #Iron Man 2, #MCU review, #Marvel Cinematic Universe, #Robert Downey Jr, #Tony Stark, #Gwyneth Paltrow, #Don Cheadle, #Pepper Potts, #MCU phase 1, #Iron Man, #James Rhodes, #Whiplash, #Jon Favreau, #Micky Rourke, #Justin Hammer, #Sam Rockwell, #Kevin Feige, #The Avengers, #The Black Widow, #Scarlett Johansson, #Happy Hogan, #Nick Fury, #SHIELD, #Agent Coulson, #Samuel L. Jackson, #Howard Stark, #Paul Bettany, #Jarvis, #Marvel Comics, #Stan Lee

From An Article on SCREENRANT, “What IF…? is as important to the larger MCU as any of Marvel Studios other projects.”

From an article written by Josh Plainse on screenrant.com, ” What If..?’s Story Is As Important To The MCU As Other Marvel Projects.” So from executive producer Brad Winderbaum. Disney+’s What If…? is as important to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe as any of Marvel Studio’s other projects. So unless you just were born yesterday I think everyone understands that of course What If is based on the Marvel comic book of the same name . It debuted in Marvel Comics in 1977 as an anthology series whose stories explore how the Marvel Universe might have unfolded if key moments in its history had not occurred as they did in mainstream continuity. It features Uatu, a member of a race of aliens called Watchers. from his base on the moon observing both Earth and alternate realities. He sort of narrates each episode and Jeffrey Wright will be filling the role in the Disney + show. The first What If story was ” What if Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four?” It presented an alternate version of events seen in The Amazing Spider-Man #1(1963). I of course saw the first trailer for What If…? and its about as far out there as ;possible. The first episode of the What If…? Disney + series will be Peggy Carter taking the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, while the second has Yondu abduct Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa instead of Peter Quill. In an interview with Deadline, VP of Production and Development at Marvel Studios, Winderbaum, actually gets into how What If will impact the larger MCU. ” It’s no coincidence that the show picks up after Loki. The multi-verse has erupted in every possible direction. What If…? gives us a chance to explore that…I think that without going into great detail, I can tell you that What If…? as a project, as a story that exists in the MCU, is as important as any other and is woven into that tapestry.” So we really do not totally know what we are getting into reviewing this Disney + show later this month but it should be interesting at the least. #What If…?, #Uatu, #the Watcher, #Peggy Carter, #Hayley Atwell, #Peter Quill, #T’Challa, #Black Panther, #Yondu, #Guardians Of The Galaxy, #Steve Rogers, #super-soldier serum, #Jeffrey Wright, #Marvel Studios, #Deadline, #Screenrant, #Captain America, #Spider-Man, #The Fantastic Four, #Marvel Comics, #Stan Lee

From GIZMODO ” A Shang-Chi Featurette Explains the Ten Ring’s Large MCU Connection”

In the article we have Kevin Feige explaining how the Ten Rings featured in Iron Man 3 have a direct connection to the organization at the center of Shang-Chi. The Shang-Chi film, directed by Destin Daniel, will supposedly explore the Tony Stark incident from Iron Man 1 where he was forced to develop weapons for the Ten Rings, and how Shang-Chi is forced to deal with the consequences. The video in question also highlights some of Shang-Chi’s fantasy/ magical angle without explaining the actual origin of the Ten Rings themselves. I do genuinely hope that Marvel Studios sticks with the comic book origin of the rings, being that they where created and brought to Earth by an alien, dragon-like race of Makluans, from the planet Maklu-IV. In the comics Axonn-Karr, one of the Makluans, landed his ship in China’s Valley Of Spirits and the Mandarin simply pillaged him and his ship, obtaining the Ten Rings for himself. Each of the Ten Rings has a soul of a legendary cosmic warrior trapped inside. The Mandarin was of course fascinated by the massive power the Ten Rings possess and after claiming them from Axonn-Karr, taught himself how to use each of the individual rings themselves. Now I totally understand it will be necessary to make some changes from the comic book origins in order to give us a cinematic version, however I would like to see them including the Makluans in the film and I don’t think it would be too far fetched for Marvel to pull that off since we are supposed to be heading in the Cosmic direction. This film of course comes out on September 3rd and I certainly am amped to go see it!!!!! #Shang-Chi, #Simu Liu, #Awkwafina, #The Ten Rings Organization, #the Ten Rings, #Deathdealer, #The Mandarin, #Tony Leung, #Michelle Yeah, #Marvel Studios, #Destin Daniel Cretton, #Jim Starlin, #Marvel Comics, #Abomination, #Wong, #Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Kevin Feige on D23 Podcast teases more Julia Louis-Dreyfus

So Kevin Feige was on the Disney podcast D23 recently and answered several questions regarding the MCU, in one spot beaming about the addition of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Contessa Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine. The head of all things Marvel said that Contessa would be around ” maybe in some other things coming up” , besides her most recent appearance in the Black Widow Film and of course The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Feige said that Contessa and Black Widow character Yelena Belova have a promising new working relationship as we saw in the post-credits scene of the film. ” She’s doing something”, he said of Contessa. “She’s in recruitment mode.” As to wether Yelena Belova already works for the comics Madame Hydra in the MCU? ” They seem to have a connection at that point.” One would assume at this point that based on that post-credits scene we could very well expect Contessa to pop up in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney Plus Series, where we already know we are going to see Yelena Belova. #The MCU’S Bleeding Edge, #Black Widow Movie, #Yelena Belova, #Contessa Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine, #Kevin Feige, #Marvel Studios, #Julia Louis-Dreyfus, #Hawkeye, #Clint Barton, #Natasha Romanoff, #SHIELD, #Nick Fury, #Florence Pugh, #D23 podcast, #Marvel News, #MCU phase 4, #Hawkeye Disney Plus, #Kate Bishop, #Black Widow post-credit scene