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The MCU’S Bleeding Edge

We can be found on every Wednesday evening at 9:05PM Eastern/ 6:05PM Pacific/ 2:05AM in the UK, live on Youtube, Twitch, Trovo, VK Live, Dailymotion, and Facebook Live, covering the MCU, reviewing the latest Episode of whatever Disney + Marvel Show is currently on, or previewing an upcoming MCU film.

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We are LIVE tonight( 9/15/21) for a Shang-Chi Review/ What If…? Episode 6 Review

We will be live at 9:05PM Eastern/ 6:05PM Pacific/ 2:05AM in the UK, on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge via Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Trovo, VK Live, and Dailymotion, tonight( Wednesday 9/15/21) doing a review of What If….? Episode 6 along with a full Shang-Chi Review. The squad for this show is comprised of co-hosts Cyberneticshark,…More


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