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The Full VENOM 2 REVIEW With a What If…? Ep 9 Breakdown To Boot The MCU'S Bleeding Edge

This is yet another episode of our podcast at The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Youtube Channel/ Podcast through Anchor, and we are united as a full team once again with the return of co-host Perry Ramsey joining Cyberneticshark and Jeff ( TrueKnowledge) on this very compact but super informative special Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage review. We also keep on taking on another week of What If….? with a review of Episode 8 What If The Watcher Broke his Oath? What if…? Episode 9 features Ultron gaining control of the Infinity Stones and becoming a threat to the entire multiverse, at which point the Watcher and Supreme Strange assemble a team of heroes to stop Ultron.  There are callbacks to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Hydra/ SHIELD, and Avengers: Endgame and Ultron becomes a Galactus level entity at one point. SPOILERS!!!, if you have not seen Venom 2 you may want to skip this episode of the Podcast and come back to it after you see the film.  Intro Music: " Light My Fire" by Fillmore Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark, Jeff ( TrueKnowledge), and Perry Ramsey  Cyber is using a Mercase Microphone with Skull Candy Headphones, through a iPad Pro 2018, Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100 usb microphone, with dual Logitech Webcams( C920- C922) through a MacBook Pro.  Full show notes on, along with our MCU blog and full episodes of the show.  #ultron, #avengersinfinitywar, #avengersendgame, #blackwidow, #theavengers, #hawkeye, #zola, #hydra, #SHIELD, #avengersageofultron, #infinitystones, #marvelstudios, #thanos, #thewatcher, #whatifepisode8breakdown, #whatifepisode8review, #venom2, #carnage, #shriek, #eddiebrock, #sonypictures, #spiderman, #venomendcreditsscene, #peterparker, #multiverse, #marvelcomics, #stanlee, #spidermanvsvenom — Send in a voice message:
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The What If…? Episode 1 Review

so so hello live stream land welcome to the mcu’s bleeding edge uh we are on our live stream tonight we want to thank everyone for stopping on by already and checking us out if they haven’t already i just want to give you guys a little heads up of some of the great panel we have tonight so we have a couple newcomers to our podcast live stream tonight uh one is miss sally over here that is the uh podcaster of see you in the mcu podcast she is brand new and just joining us for her first episode on the mc’s blending edge we want to welcome you sally thank you for coming on by thanks for having me ma’am cool and also want to thank wise for coming back on because i did not realize he had been on on before my bad he must have been on when i hadn’t been on apparently i guess at some point but anyways it’s nice to have wise with us who is also a podcaster he actually runs a amazing radio station and he has is a part of the stuck on my mind podcast which he does live with and is a real joy i’ve heard and lots of fun and definitely will be i have to go on there sometime in the near future uh thanks for coming on by wise and welcome thank you for having me i love being i love talking mcu awesome awesome awesome and of course of course my other co-host here mr jeff sloboda is here with us say hi jeff yo what up everybody empty all right of course if you didn’t notice before if you haven’t gotten a chance to come on by and definitely check out our website on the the mcuse bleeding where you can find all kinds of cool stuff you know upcoming you know live streams and all that kind of cool stuff so don’t forget to check that out two people it’s a it’s a real joy it’s a lot of work and we put a lot of work into it for you guys so definitely check that out so of course tonight we are going to be discussing the very first episode uh of the what if series that just debuted today on disney plus we’re gonna be getting into that very first episode which happens to be the captain carter episode which is really awesome really amazing and just really fun so before we get into that if sally or wise would like to talk a little bit about their podcast please take a few moments just to give us a little breakdown about your guys’s podcast so let’s start with you sally um i’m on the spot okay uh my podcast is a mcu infinity saga recap podcast um i’ve been obsessed since i was 12 writing fanfiction about it since i was 13 and um i’m just here for for great time that i have watching marvel movies and i want to share it with everybody awesome awesome thank you for sharing that with us how about you wise a little bit about your podcast please ah well my my podcast actually has nothing to do with mcu it’s uh it’s more of a uh it’s more of a self-help podcast but since i’m a big mcu fan and me and jeff are good friends i don’t i love chopping it up with uh jeff when it comes especially when it comes to mcu i’ve been on a couple of times prior to you um but yeah i’m here to just have a good time and talk awesome thank you why is it so laid back man and like uh like uh purposeful yet quiet that like you don’t even notice when he’s on the show man you know what i’m saying like he’s there you know what i mean but you don’t even realize it but uh yeah he’s been on before he’s been on before with me when this was just a podcast and there was no live stream or anything like that you know so technically so technically when i said first time on the mcu’s bleeding edge podcast live stream which is what we are now technically was true sir so hmm audio version yes there we go see yeah see uh-huh yeah i knew it i knew it anyways so just want to throw a shout out to vincent van spock over here in the uh comment section hey guys uh hey how’s it going vincent van spock i forget who he is he’s my friend who what’s his name again jeff his name is vincent i’ve mentioned it i’ve been i’ve been saying okay all right well welcome vincent thank you for stopping on by sir always a joy to have you on here in the comments section so anyway so like we said we’re gonna be talking about the what if series which is basically an animated series that disney plus decided to put together that basically will show you alternate multiverse versions of if your basic marvel content that we so used to like you know captain america iron man black panther all those good stuff basically what if the story was different than what we’re accustomed to or what we saw and that’s pretty much what they’re doing with this animated series so to start us off i mean who out of us you know that first kind of intro to jeffrey wright talking and he’s kind of talking and giving us this information about the multiverse and stuff like that what were you guys first thoughts on maybe who he was or do you think he was somebody specific to begin with or do you think he was just a commentator uh let’s start with you wise well me being the old man here um i used to read what if back in the late 80s early 90s and um and and i knew yeah i’m old i’m old yeah but um but it was always the watcher who introduced the the comic and so i kind of knew who jeffrey’s white jeffrey wright was voicing so but it’s cool he’s a great actor i’m glad he’s a part he’s a part of the mcu and i’m i’m excited for the other episode this episode was pretty good though i i had to say i kind of enjoyed it and it left me with a lot of questions like we’ll discuss but um yeah it was it was real good yeah very much so very much so how about you sally what did you think about the commentary at first and maybe who did you have an idea who that might be jeffrey was supposed to be well i never read this is gonna make me sound so fake um this has never been a comic thing for me i love the movies i’m obsessed with the movies so i didn’t know who he was but i like him he has a very nice voice and um he’s just a cosmic entity that like knows all that’s my take on it okay okay great great how about you jeff what did you think well i want to ask sally real quick sally honestly not knowing like who who you know uatu is and everything and whatnot like and maybe not knowing jeffrey wright very well in his career does he not just have like an extremely like freaking like great voice like as a writer yeah he has an amazing voice well of course we just uh we just did a a watch and react to the batman trailer on a show recently as a final segment and uh jeffrey wright is going to be playing commissioner gordon in that film which i’m really excited about the one with robert pattinson yes yes yes and he looks really so when you see the trailer so when you see the trailer the trailer where he talks about um do you have an idea of uh what this means that’s uh jeffrey wright that that’s jeffrey right yeah i’m gonna have to google this after the show yeah no he’s a great actor he’s i only know i only know robert pattinson from twilight and i freaking hate twilight so i haven’t seen him in a good movie in years well i know i’m from harry potter too i don’t want to lie well we we don’t have time to drop the batman trailer right now tonight so like you’ll have to check that out on your own but uh as far as like my take on it goes um i mean like honestly for me out of the whole show like the the part out of all of it that actually impacted me and like made me have goosebumps and like made me literally like have to like stand at attention and [ __ ] was literally just like how impactful and like uh you know overarching and like powerful uh jeffrey wright’s intro was um as the watcher they um they went with the exact same intro and outro in on the show with jeffrey wright as as utu uh that that they had in the comic books uh the same thing he used to say you know um and that’s the major connection right there you know to the comics if you want to you know create a direct link is that like those words were literally word for word almost like what he said in the comics in the what if comics which just like i actually read two um in fact i have a lot of them um still like uh my um one of my favorite ones was uh anyone that had punisher in it were always my favorite ones i love the punisher what if ones um but like yeah like uh for me um jeffrey wright they couldn’t have they they could not have found a better you can’t hear anybody to play to do the voice um of uh and i really just again like i said it stood out to me enough to the point where i although i didn’t do it i almost had to like stop the show right there and just jump on my phone and make a video like i really can’t hear anybody what’s wrong sally cyborg just messaged and said he can’t hear anybody oh okay i don’t know what’s going on with that i said turn on your fingers but i don’t know what’s going on brother hold on one second man i hear everybody i don’t yeah i don’t know yeah yeah we’re good man we don’t have to do anything i don’t know it’ll be almost i have a pretty loud voice that’s okay cyber you can just moderate like like pretending like you’re deaf you and i mean it will be like can he speak can we hear him cyber can you hear can you talk don’t you love this part of live streaming it’s so embarrassing no it’s all good this stuff happens believe me oh no we don’t hear him now we can’t hear him we can’t hear you can’t hear him or yeah damn cyber i hope you i hope you i hope you you wiggle you jiggle that wire with a quickness brother cause like if not man it’s good this is going to be an interesting show it’s going to be awkward right now if cyber maybe anything well look if cyber can pull off moderating this show with just like pieces of paper like writing ottoman [ __ ] and we just go about go with that that would be interesting oh that’s cool yeah you’re there cyborg can you give the maybe because when my blue yeti isn’t i can’t hear anything on my computer with my blue yeti so all right maybe he’s trying to [ __ ] snake nah nah i gotta i gotta i just got i gotta be a coach here and i gotta go ahead and cut him off the roster for a minute he’s gotta he’s gotta take him he’s got to take a medical timeout right guys we got let me see let me see what i got on the bench that i can substitute in real quick for cyber doctor we can make this [ __ ] work with just the three of us i think for a minute um no pressure on you sally no pressure on you um so anyway no no pressure oh you don’t okay all right step oh there he is right oh yay there we go i don’t know what happened but all of a sudden it just completely cut out you couldn’t hear me i couldn’t hear you nothing i don’t know why i did that but you know technical difficulties here on the mcu’s bleeding edge what we’re known for everybody say your favorite cuss word but now the moderator’s here oh man you can cuss all you want we don’t care [ __ ] yay anyways but yeah this sorry for that folks but yeah technical difficulties on this end hopefully i’ll have that fixed soon because i’m getting a new microphone so hopefully that’ll be fixed but yeah i don’t know what’s going on because i can’t hear audio while my blue yeti is plugged in and i have a really nice mic i think that uh i think it’s actually kind of like like humanistic to like have people actually see that like we fail sometimes and we make mistakes and stuff like that it’s part of the deal yeah it happens it happens okay so what did i miss now nothing it’s on to you brother it’s on to you what’s the next topic all right all right so we talked a little bit about jeffrey wright and that kind of stuff there and uh you know as the we think that he’s the watcher and we actually kind of learned that further down the road we’ll find out about that uh but like i was saying earlier uh you know as we go along you know we get kind of it all of a sudden transfers you know to being over in germany during you know the 1940s you know and steve is supposed to be doing the you know super soldier serum and all of a sudden you know that same uh incident happens where you know there’s the uh nazi guy that’s gonna you know basically destroy what’s going on so that the super soldier serum is you know stolen and stopped and you know instead of you know us getting steve rogers going into the thing because he accidentally gets shot by the bad guy we end up seeing peggy go into the machine what was your guys’s thoughts when all of a sudden peggy jumped into the machine and you know go into long detail if you want and you were like super excited whatever go ahead and just say whatever you know if it was like because for me i was like kind of like almost getting a little bit like oh my goodness she’s going to the machine this could be interesting so what do you think about this sally what did you think about that scene well the first thing i wrote was and keep in mind i’m a fanfic writer peggy choosing not to go into the booth equals peggy coming captain becoming captain america is the most steve peggy thing ever and i love it and haley atwell is and will always be the perfect peggy carter to me she’s the only one to me but she’s perfect uh 13 year old me is very happy all right thank you thank you that’s awesome all right how about you jeff what did you think about when peggy stepped into the machine well i don’t know i mean i had some different i had all kinds of different thoughts about it i mean uh i obviously like i was i was just trying to take in like the animation and kind of get used to it like you know you know get used to the fact that it’s an animated series you know like that was kind of a little bit of a a change for me that like visually that i had to adjust to um but uh i felt like uh going off of like uh it didn’t come up like but uh going off of uh jeffrey wright’s uh you know uh you know oatu the watcher intro i really really really really enjoyed his description of the multiverse and how it all broke up into different pieces like a shattered like you know picture like with different slivers each one being like a different reality a different like alternate reality like i thought that whole concept was like really really really cool and like all i could think in my head was i wish i knew how to make a thumbnail for a youtube video where i could recreate that same like look of all the shattered like you know glass like becoming the different shards of like reality like that i i really that’s all i was thinking was i wish i could re-copy this but uh as far as like the peggy carter part uh i mean the one thing that stood out to me was uh steve rogers got shot in the chest point blank twice and he’s just like hanging out afterwards like i’m okay peggy you do your thing like i’m like come on man like uh you know that was a little bit unrealistic like i get it it’s animated and everything but i mean like uh you know typically like when a dude gets shot in the in the chest twice like point blank not point blank but like you know shot in the chest twice they’re not just like laying there smiling like flirting with like chicks and everything and whatnot so uh in the stomach though well either way stomach stomach is even worse than the chest to be honest when you bleed out even quicker um you know what i’d say like uh but um anyways um so as far as like uh the um the seat itself it went really fast um you know like i almost wish that it would have been kind of interesting if they would have actually showed some stuff like from the uh the boot camp the training from first avenger uh like with i would have liked to have seen some of that like uh with peggy carter and everything but um i found it to be uh like i said it was very fast-paced the whole thing went really quick and everything and whatnot um and uh you know it was kind of not really all that like impactful for me seeing peggy jump into the machine and get the super soldiers here because we’ve all known for like uh 10 months or whatever that that’s what was gonna happen so you know like it’s not new information um and um but really um i think that like uh it was really kind of um nostalgic for me i guess just watching and like listening to them retracing and like repeating some of the same aspects of first avenger right there in the show very much so very much so how about you guys what did you think um it was it was interesting like how um steve was talking about how they didn’t really go into details of training of the training they just kind of just had to get the salt uh get the serum and and then of course there was hesitation because she was a woman and during that time women didn’t go into battle didn’t do the word on the battle lines so of course they kind of had they were hesitant to send her out there but um once once they got out there and she started going out there kicking butt and doing what she was doing i was excited what really excited me was all right like howard stark building uh an iron man suit the hydra stomper that was exciting yeah fangirling that got me that really because i didn’t see i didn’t i didn’t they really should get into that part in the previews and stuff like that you saw it but and for that to be steve rogers in there that that was kind of kind of cool like steve rogers had his own iron man suit oh hell yeah yep very true very true very much so i mean that kind of leads into the next question you know so you know after you know she becomes you know super carter basically captain carter and she allows to she basically gets allowed to kind of go out and do the same thing steve did in the first avenger where you know he he does that like uh promotion stuff and she kind of you know they kind of reference to that they don’t actually show it but they actually reference to it but then she gets called into action eventually and you get to see her you know battle and stuff like that a little bit her first time out and you know basically kind of you know destroying all these machines which to me when when they were showing that i felt that it was kind of uh you know like she was stronger than steve as captain you know carter versus being captain america because i don’t remember steve like shoving you know uh different types of vehicles like she was like i’ve seen i remember him you know blowing to me it was more she was she was deflecting them off the shield it was like she was using the shield more to help deflect them off and cat cap is is strong he’s one he’s not he might not be one of the strongest in the mcu but they have they don’t really do him justice as far as his strength goes on in mcu yeah and i feel that’s kind of what they did with peggy and this they gave her kind of that yes jeff yeah wise but the one thing is though is that she definitely picked up a truck and threw it over her head you know what i’m saying and like honestly man you’re right like cap is really strong he is he’s extremely strong uh and durable like uh you know uh if anything i feel like in the mcu there were times where i wish they would have shown like and demonstrated how strong he really was and they didn’t but like uh honestly at least the captain america they gave us in the mcu not the comic book captain america but at least the the mcu captain america he they did not give us the impression that he was capable of like having a truck come drive at her at him and then just like pick it up and throw him very true i would agree uh because i don’t recall that ever in any of the movies for captain america him being able to do this except for when he holds the helicopter that buck he’s trying to get away in in uh civil war uh other than that he you never see him throw a truck or anything like that so i think that’s kind of interesting they had that happen within uh what if because once again it’s what if so that’s probably you know a liberty they were taking to change it up to make it different than you know captain america was uh but i you know that leads into you know she fights all those hydra people we get a great image uh of the red skull eventually too there you know after you see peggy kind of fight we get to see red skull which i think is kind of interesting how the scene where it shows the hydra car pulling up and it shows the hydra emblem right in front of the view they do the exact same thing in captain america the first avenger when we get the first time we get to see you know uh red skull himself as well so what were you guys thoughts on that what did you think when you first saw that giant hydrasonville kind of just pop up right in front of you uh were did you think that was gonna be red skull do you think they were gonna be showing him et cetera so let’s start with you wise what did you think about that well it being captain america of course you have to have arch enemy number one which is the red skull and during that time like in in um in the first avenger i i thought it was cool that they showed the high juror and and the the emblem coming up right so so i expected it to be red skull and i was excited i and i really wasn’t too thrilled with how they uh portrayed them in in the first avenger i thought it could have been they could have made it a little bit more red scholarship that but it was good man you know we did a good job portraying them so yeah i mean it was cool it didn’t really go into like it’s been it was short it was really short so they really couldn’t go into it as deep as maybe we might have wanted them to go into it but for for the time that they had and for the time that they they the length of it i guess it was pretty cool totally agree completely agree uh how about you sally did you when that scene happened did you feel like it was gonna be red skull did you feel like were you thinking the first avenger when that scene popped up you know what did you think i’ve seen the first avenger so many times that i can watch it and whisper the lines so yes i was thinking red skull awesome awesome and did you did you think that we were going to get pretty much the same almost like same scene like we did in the first avenger in this do you think that was yeah and i was excited to see you go to hear like all that and see all that animated but we didn’t it was kind of sad all right okay okay all right boom background didn’t a red skull kill the guy in the first adventure i have this movie memorized i should know i should remember this but yes the guy is shot in the first avenger in that scene yes yeah but in this they were he was shot they shot the guy yeah they shot him yeah yeah they they had several guys shooting him and versus in the movie i think it’s just red skull that shoots them uh so yeah so it’s a little different so they made a little different at least uh how about you jeff what did you think about that scene i mean there really wasn’t that much to it for me i mean you know like uh at the point that um it became clear like that they were basically going to like uh do a a like um a streamlined copy version of the first avenger you know like uh with like you know tons and tons of of ant you know antidotes uh you know coming you know coming directly from the you know the cat the first avenger film um you know just with you know in this different reality uh i kind of at that point um you know i enjoyed like again i enjoyed the nostalgic aspect of it because i love the first avenger um i like that part of it you know it’s i mean that’s one of the things i think that is really going to be uh a a major positive really i think for fans of of this show mcu fans is specifically uh is that i think that it’s going to be really really nice and really fun to get to experience all this nostalgia like uh you know with these with with these episodes all being based off of specific films from the the infiniti saga i feel like that’s just going to bring us back to you know older parts of the mcu um and at the same time too i feel like it’s really rewarding and like it’s really uh good fan service to to give us these characters again like you know to give us t’challa again you know like uh like i mean that’s gonna be major like that’s gonna be like a seriously like major major thing when that when that happens um but uh i think that it’s gonna be really really cool to revisit these characters see them in their different selves like you know see see them in these different realities doing different things having different personalities uh you know whatever um looking differently um as far as like the hydra aspect and everything it mirrored directly from like uh captain america first avenger to the t like even with the red skull having like the mask on and everything and whatnot because he didn’t want people to see like his actual like deformed face um and as far as uh like just one last note on peggy carter like picking up trucks and all that kind of stuff i think it’s very important to mention that that if you go back and look at like uh you know like if you look at the incredible hulk for instance and when um kim roth got the super soldier serum uh from thunderbolt ross you know like um and um and everything um it really kind of takes into consideration that you never know what you’re gonna get when you do the super soldier serum treatment to somebody everybody’s different like every situation is different you know like how they’re gonna how it’s gonna work out with them like you know what kind of like abilities they end up with how strong they end up being so you know like i mean look like um you know tim roth like took the super soldier serum then he got some of that antidote crap from like uh you know uh bruce banner’s buddy and then he became the abomination you know so like yeah at that point um i think that like uh it makes sense honestly from uh not just from a what if standpoint but also from like a candid standpoint that somebody would get the superfood serum treatment and have different effects from it yep yep very true very true yes sally just a direct quote from the first avenger here good becomes great bad becomes worse so that’s what happens but uh it does affect everyone differently so peggy carter lifting a truck over her head maybe steve wouldn’t do that but peggy is a different person from steve uh you are schmidt it’s a different person from you everybody’s different and what you do with your power you would do it differently than someone else right very much so yeah i would say so to yep yep very much true i mean also talking about that you know scene with peggy carter fighting and stuff i don’t know if any of you noticed this but the comedy there was really hilarious i thought especially when that one taller blonde guy comes out and he’s like you know don’t send you know a little girl to do the business and stuff like that uh and you know bust his kneecap and that’s like you’re kind of like laughing like oh my god that like totally makes me think of a disney cartoon film when there’s like a fight scene in a cartoon from disney to me and that’s the first thing that came to mind with that and i thought that was kind of interesting uh did you have something to say whiz yeah i kind of um because when uh steve brought up tim roth it just reminded me of the scene where he uh faces the hulk and the hulk just kicks him and you just that is one of the greatest scenes i’ve ever seen is when he kicks him so hard he’s tumbling coming and smacks into the tree oh man i mean it was like literally [ __ ] like it was it was it was crazy it was to me that scene was hilarious but there were no ways off subject but him bringing up tim roth in that abomination that just reminds me of that scene yeah yeah definitely most definitely i would totally agree with that uh i mean so like so we we talked a little bit about that scene and basically you know after that scene is kind of like when uh you know peggy gets set you know starts talking to steve again and about finding out that bucky has been kidnapped or has been taken by hydra and they decide they’re going to go on a mission which is this basically like the same mission that steve and bucky went on in the first avenger and so we basically we get this kind of like introduction to you know that same kind of scenario going on but a little different because then we get the introduction to hydra stomper as they like to call him and our first iron man suit now what were your thoughts when that that iron man suit came popping up whiz talked a little bit about it earlier um so we’ll start with you wiz what else did you think about that scene when all of a sudden that that suit popped up on i was excited i’m like he actually built um how was stark actually built a iron man suit and it was cool it was it kind of like uh reminded me of when tony built his first suit when he was locked up in um iron man but yeah yeah the hydra stomper it was exciting it was definitely exciting to see the way how they they use steve in a different role very true very true how about you sally what did you think about when that first popped up that iron man looking suit i was obsessed i i the hydra stomper being a howard stark’s version of iron man is dominic cooper is how howard stark is my religion and just putting that out there okay awesome he’s a gift howard stark is a gift and he has given us this gift nice anything else um very big very big okay all right i mean when i saw it all i could think of was the iron monger suit that obadiah stan created in iron man that’s exactly what i thought of when i saw that and i’m like i kept going oh but what is obadiah stan doing in this where is he why is why is iron monger in here and that’s like the first thing and i’m like how did stark have the technology back in the 1940s to create a suit that tony creates you know in current day and the first iron man and i’m thinking of myself like you know only in you know marvel universe but still at the same time i’m just like wow that’s pretty impressive that uh not tony stark but howard stark created an iron man suit too and i thought that was really cool uh what did you think about this jeff what did you think when that when that iron man suit also popped up out of nowhere honestly to tell you the truth i mean again like uh you know i i’m not gonna one thing i’m not gonna do with this uh episode um of what if is i’m not gonna like uh force myself to like over talk or overextend any of this you know these scenes or whatnot because like honestly there wasn’t much to like going on on this episode like it was it was a carbon copy of the first avenger up until the end you know what i mean and then like that you know and and some of the some parts were different but um at that point like uh you know as far as like the suit went i understand why uh howard stark was able to build it because um he did he just took the tesseract and stuck it right in the middle of the of the armor as like the power source for the armor um you know what i’m saying and like that’s the biggest difference is that it it howard stark could have created the iron man suit in the in like the actual iron man universe if he had wanted to but like he he would not have been able to power it and actually make it work functionally the way that tony stark was able to just because from a technological standpoint back in the 40s there wasn’t anything that he could use to power something like that it would have had to have a cord attached to it in order to like power it you know so that was what i found that was interesting was just the fact that he actually stuck the whole tesseract right in the heart of the armor yep yep very true very true uh and i think it’s kind of interesting how like once we get past you know that scene and stuff and they go and they rescue bucky and the other guys and you know they basically have the same kind of battle sequence like in first avenger like you were saying carbon copy uh and then they basically go on to take on the train to uh because they think that uh whatever is the same scenario was in the first avenger where they were going after the train same exact thing just this time you know peggy’s in charge and you know the ironmonger like suit or you know the hydra stomper uh as we call it and it goes in there and then it gets blown up and they think that steve is dead and so that kind of to me was like a reminiscence of like when bucky falls in the first avenger so i was wondering did you guys get that same feeling from that did you think that was kind of like their way of altering the bucky situation with the winter soldier type of deal and what were your thoughts on that so let’s start with you jeff what did you think yeah i mean um that’s that i mean they’re you know that’s all it was it was an exact carbon copy of like what happened in that scene in first avenger that’s all it was is that they they changed some of the elements um you know like uh at that point my only thought was kind of like bouncing off of what wise was talking about in the uh studio before the show um i was wondering okay like are they now gonna take steve rogers and like make him into like the winter soldier yep yep that’s yeah most definitely most definitely what do you what did you think about that sally did you did you see that as like kind of like a winter soldier cop out or did you see that to collect myself because i was crying like openly and i did not notice the tesseract being the power to the hydro stomper i just had to google it off screen and i’m ashamed well yeah i mean that’s how they were able to like create the portal at the end is because they used the armor with the tesseract in it i didn’t notice that oh my god i was kind of busy noticing the pinky carter with with the [ __ ] this is a spoiler peggy with the sword that was what i was noticing oh we’re already doing spoilers here it’s all good good how about you wise what were your thoughts oh man it was it was so much it was i like the way that um they kind of um made it different from when steve got frozen in ice how how her story goes i like how they made that completely different from steve’s version so um i wish they had made it longer i wish they had probably made it another another let’s not kid around i wish it was a full-length movie it would have probably been real good yeah i mean that was nice that at least the majority of the people from the first avenger came back to do the voices of their characters like hayley atwell did her character dominique cooper came back uh the guy that portrayed red skull in infinity war and end game also did the voice of uh red skull and this so ross mcquand he at least came back to do the voice which you know it was very similar toby jones redid his his character from the first avenger and we that we saw and of course uh the uh winter soldier film uh but i mean i was really surprised that chris evans didn’t reprise his role as steve i was really shocked by that uh i did think it was interesting that they brought in uh the character from the carter show that is kind of like the general guy versus instead of tommy lee jones character that was in the first avenger i thought it was interesting that you know he came in and was doing a voice for that character which was in the carter show i thought i found that interesting and uh but i was still happy that at least some of them came back to the voices uh you know for it to keep it kind of accurate into the mcu uh but then you know of course you know after that scene and stuff you know peggy thinks that steve’s dead and when they go to you know find the tesseract after it’s been stolen again from by red skull we now go to the very end of the climax of this little episode and they’re at the giant castle where you know red skull has the test rack and he’s messing with it and to open that portal to release the basically it looks like almost like a kraken to me uh they never i think he gave it a name but i can’t remember what he said uh but basically it makes me think of a giant octopus kraken whatever you want to call it uh so we get there and that’s where they find steve uh and he’s alive and everything and we’re happy about that so what were you guys thoughts when we saw that steve was still alive did you think he was dead did you think that he was captured uh did you think he was you know like the winter soldier like we were talking about earlier uh but what was your thoughts as soon as you saw that steve was still alive let’s start with you sally i squeaked like a mouse i was like and then i and then i meant that i um and then i immediately was like yes yay and then i have a note from the part after that where peggy is fighting the i believe he called it his champion hydra’s champion um the kraken thing and i said i cried over the plane crash scene for years somehow this is worse that’s the end of the episode interestingly interesting that’s a that’s an interesting way of looking at most definitely what about you jeff what did you think when all of a sudden you saw that steve was still alive well uh the um the beast that came through the portal is i forgot the actual name i’d have to pull it up but that’s actually the uh the mythical beast from like the times of asgard like that is actually the the inspiration for the hydra for the hydra symbol um like that’s what that is that is the mythical creature from the comics that actually embodies the actual like logo of hydra that’s what that is that’s what they’re that’s what hydra is like uh based off of um and uh so it’s not uh it’s not um uh schumacher uh which like i think some people think it is but it’s not um well we’re not going to see schumacher until that was range too but um yeah like uh uh i wasn’t surprised at all that steve rogers was alive um you know uh like because like i said until like until i became like you know uh it became apparent that that they weren’t gonna like they weren’t gonna do it i thought they were gonna make him into the new winter soldier so like i didn’t you know i think would be alive um you know and then when i saw that like was and everything i um i just thought well okay like this makes sense like this fits the story because now he gets to jump back the armor and like you know join up with peggy and and fight like you know evil by himself very true very true i i thought like when i saw him kind of like when the thing exploded i was like i was like i don’t think he’s dead i think he’s gonna be caught or something something like that i wasn’t thinking the winter soldier aspect at all i didn’t think that he was gonna be like you know experimented on and you know he lost his arm and stuff like that i didn’t think that was gonna happen uh but definitely i thought that he was definitely going to be captured and so forth i definitely thought that uh what what were your thoughts wise um it just made me like when i’m sitting and watching i’m thinking uh is the is uh the winter soldier gonna exist or is this character gonna exist where is it are they gonna go with the story like what what’s gonna happen it happens similar with her being stuck with the crack in the in the into that portal and then spoiler alert they opened it up and you got uh nick fury and um hawkeye there yep yep very true so yeah then so then after that happens and everything um you know then the the creature that comes through the portal they start fighting it and howard stark’s trying to basically pull it back into the portal while peggy is fighting it off and she dons the sword which sally really loved and uh as she talked about it before and she starts kicking his butt with the sword which i think is really hilarious and kind of fun and uh hilarious and uh and then you know we have this huge fight sequence and then that’s when steve gets back into the iron monger i’m just going to call iron monger because it makes me think i’m hungry and uh he gets back in of course and like jeff was saying he comes in and he like starts fighting like a hero and you know starts attacking along with peggy and so forth and so what were your guys’s thoughts on that final fight sequence between them and that octopus creature uh did you guys like it did you think it went well do you think that uh it was a justifiable ending uh or do you think that it was just kind of like you wish they did something different let’s start with you wise i’m actually glad they made it different from steve’s ending i’m glad they made it different from the first avenger where he did where when he got frozen and all that it it it kind of fit for her story it was it was her story what if i had what had happened and so no i was happy with it like i said then when they we open the portal and she pops out and she goes where’s steve and they break it down to her saying she’s been gone for 70 years like what very true very true yeah how about you sally what did you think about that and sequence um it being the opening the ending of this episode being the opening for the avengers is very iconic like i love it and i’m just imagining uh coulson and like clint just fangirling like fury fury this is h this is captain carter and i’m just imagining really hard hmm i’m sure a lot yeah i’m sure a lot of a lot of female fans i’m sure were when this episode released and they knew it was the car the captain carter one that they were all fangirled because you know we haven’t seen you know besides captain marvel herself you know we really don’t have very many huge like female powerful i mean you know scarlet witch has kind of slowly progressed and becoming something big you know along with one division and so forth but like a big bad like macho superhero type of woman we really haven’t seen so they kind of gave that to the fan girls i feel with this episode giving carter the the opportunity to be in the steve rogers versus steve rogers becoming steve rogers you know so i haven’t seen peggy carter on my leg i’m a fan girl yeah so i mean i think or okay that was a great way of doing that yeah wow what yeah sorry so what did you have to say jeff um you know again not much really i mean let’s be honest here like um we’re probably gonna this is probably gonna be a shorter show that we’ve been having lately like uh doing infinity saga movie reviews because this move this episode was only 30 minutes long and there’s just not really that much detail that went on that’s worth really like uh you know like uh having like you know long in-depth conversation about but as far as like uh that scene goes um i loved it i really thought it was an awesome awesome twist like an awesome awesome angle that surprised like the [ __ ] out of me because it never even occurred to me at all that like when i when she when she pushed uh oh and just to be clear um the monster is called the learning and it’s from the asgardian um past um and like you know like he it was it was a villain like back during like the hercules like times of like asgard um so anyways uh basically when when peggy carter pushed learneon outside of that portal i just figured she was gone like that was it that was the end of you know her or whatever it never even occurred to me that like they would all the sudden redo like the whole avengers scene and everything and whatnot and and have her come through the portal and everything and whatnot it made me think like what has she been doing for the last 70 years like in this like other dimension or whatever like other reality you know like um but um you know or like other planet or whatever it was but um it just made me think about uh basically the fact that and i wouldn’t be surprised if um i’m not saying it’s gonna happen uh tangibly but i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s probably gonna be a a call from fans especially from female mcu fans to see a live-action version of captain carter leading the avengers in some way you know what i mean because that’s like where they’re going with that like you know she came through the portal becoming the first avenger you know what i mean like so like you know in that reality if it had continued and extended they would have they would have rolled her into shield and she would have be become the leader of the avengers with with iron man and black widow and you know and like the rest of the avengers all would have been there just without steve rogers yep exactly most definitely oh and unlikely lastly it was interesting wondering like okay so what did what did steve do with like the whole like hydra smasher armor for all those years like what was he doing true very true very true so unfortunately our wonderful friend wise here is going to bid us a do he has to get going uh we want to thank you for being on the show and thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us i look forward to working with you again in the future and once again his podcast is called stuck on my mind podcast if you get a chance definitely go check it out is there anything you would like to say before you uh bid us a do wise oh thanks for having me on man i appreciate this this is like one of the few times i get to be a fan boy like where i really get to geek out because like i said my podcast is more geared towards self-help and and and self-development and all that so when i get the opportunity to be a fan boy and be a geek and a nerd i i i love to i i love to do it so but i appreciate you guys having me on man jeff as always it’s always a pleasure working with you brother why is my brother yesterday we recorded my tv show it was great having jeff on to tell his story and then talk about the mcu bleeding edge but thank you guys for having me on man give us a quick give us a quick low down on what me and cyber are going to be getting into soon with the radio station well if uh this on you guys is i’m this well if you want to go live is what do we talk about the live experience or the pre-recorded experience with all of it just let you know it’s just something different it’s a platform i created for for podcasters and and people who want to get into the to the radio industry who who just never haven’t haven’t had a chance or just that haven’t had the opportunity me putting out the radio station it’s given is giving back is to help people who don’t have that platform or who don’t know how to do a podcast or who don’t know how to do a radio show we’re just giving them the opportunity to go out there and be creative well we i talked to cyber today wise and told him about the whole live uh option they have uh like on the website and everything and we’re both very intrigued by like the whole by that whole uh you know like um ability or software or like you know whatever it is uh it sounds really interesting and um you know uh i like i can pair i promise you right now that uh once we um once you know once we we talk and like you you you school me on how to like use the uh the website and everything and we can start dropping some episodes of the mcu’s bleeding edge on there i’m pretty i’m pretty sure that um once you tell us when we can uh cyber and i will figure out a show to put together and we’ll go on live and let everybody know what’s up how the mcu’s bleeding edge gets down lifestyle i’m looking forward to it man i’m excited i’m definitely excited like i said it it’s it’s opportunity for people to just be themselves and and not worry about having uh being censored or having whatever your content is being taken off oh if it’s like that man can we do some like howard stern type [ __ ] and just like bring in some women like and have them like show us their breath like that that’s on you but it’s audio so they won’t be seeing no breasts oh jeffrey exactly well that would definitely we were having a conversation later young man that would definitely uh that would definitely actually be like disappointing then because like uh the last time i checked uh like you actually need to visually see breasts to like enjoy them yes yes i was not expecting that as my daughter’s in the comments jeff wise needs to go now i know all right having you wise thank you for coming by thank you thank you nice meeting you sally you too i’m so sorry all right bye-bye all right so once again i want to thank wise for coming on great to see him great to have fun uh and now back to it mr jeffrey anyway so we kind of discussed the fully you know we got the end we all of a sudden have you know peggy carter popping out like you were saying after pushing the guys in the whatever the leviathan was called i always forgot already being pushed in and then all of a sudden 70 years later just kind of like the same thing with steve being stuck in the ice for 70 years and she comes through the portal which is like what happens with loki in in avengers she pops out and she’s like where’s steve and nick fury’s kind of like well you’ve been gone for about 70 years and then you know cliff barton’s there which was really great that at least samuel jackson and both uh jeremy render both did the voices of the characters which was really awesome but that ending was like really like on point fun i thought it was a great way to like change it up and you know give it a different type of uh you know look and take on you know what would peggy carter do if she was stuck for 70 years somewhere like instead of doing stuck in the ice they have her stuck in the basically like in a multiverse almost and i think that’s just really great that they decided to do it that way and gave us this different thing uh what were your thoughts on that uh sally well for starters um i uh iconic um and um what was i about to say oh my god having jeremy renner and samuel l jackson come back was great um i’m not gonna lie marvel movie they either get me crying of laughter or sadness but this had neither effect um what was i about what was i about to say holy [ __ ] um the entire uh what uh jeff was saying about how fangirls would be happy with a movie i can attest to that i would be so happy with peggy carter leading the mcu that would bring me so much serotonin like get hayley atwell and get her on this please i don’t think either of you have the power to do that please i would pay yeah very much so uh haley atwell come back and do some other stuff that would be great uh especially if she was able to do like a live-action film even if they did a live-action agent carter you know kind of extending on the tv show that they did on abc that would be kind of really cool when that time was canceled so many unanswered questions yeah very much so i that’s what i heard i know who killed jack thompson damn it spoilers for agent carter oh i haven’t seen it so yeah that’ll be i have no idea who that is so oh well now i know somebody’s dead yeah anyways how about you jeff did you did you have anything else to say about the ending did you like it did you hate it did you think it was a carbon copy et cetera et cetera well you know i already i mean look i already kind of like gave my whole opinion on that whole scene already but um i thought it was great it was a great twist and um just to put it out there um obviously we you know we all know i think that you know you know and maybe you know but maybe that maybe people who end up watching this video tomorrow or tonight or the next day or a week from now might not know that uh marvel has already announced that this series is canon so like um these events that are transpiring in this show today like today like in the series they are actually connected directly to the actual marvel cinematic universe so at that point um i feel like there was already rumors for a while now for years that marvel studios wanted to do something with with hayley atwell again like as peggy carter that they that they you’ve heard them cyber i’m sure that they wanted something with her they didn’t know what but they wanted to do something with her again because the character is so popular it just uh it it continues like i mean you know [ __ ] we reviewed the first avenger weeks ago you know cyber and i here on the mcu’s bleeding edge and um that movie came out in 2010 so i mean oh okay uh and um it’s kind of crazy but like you know even taking into consideration the the uh you know the series they did there’s been a consistent um appeal for specifically female mcu it’s but for a lot of you fans too that you know a desire for more peggy carter of some kind in the mcu and um i feel like honestly unfortunately the way things played out uh like in the uh in the mcu and the infiniti sag got an end game um you know like uh the only way that they’d be able to do live action with haley atwell at this point is if they did either flashbacks type type stuff or if they did um or if they did like an actual series based off of this this reality you know yes um and that just makes me want to just talk about and like put out there that what’s what’s happening right now because of this this series the impact of this series this first episode uh overall cinematically and like uh and uh and television wise and mcu-wise is that marvel studios now can literally just like use this series as a petri dish to see how the fans react each episode and like how like you know how popular these characters end up being from episode to episode now that we see them in their different versions they can pick and choose based on that what they want to take from this this series of these nine episodes and decide two years from now or whatever what live action disney plus show or live action film they want to do where they pick one of these realities and roll with it and it’s really really interesting and really really really fun that they have that option now but at the same time i just want to like uh you know for kevin feige right now because i know he’s he’s watching right now and listening you know kevin feige is a uh is a serious supporter of the ncu’s leading edge in like only in a delusional like sense um no i’m just joking no uh kevin foughton uh kevin feige doesn’t know who the [ __ ] we are but uh it’s okay okay but uh no but uh uh so just just in case marvel studios hears this um there’s a limit to what you can do with the multiverse there’s a limit you can only go so far i know you know what i’m talking about cyber it it’s it’s cool it’s fun like i want to see where it’s going to go but if you overdo it if you over extend things and you get too crazy with it or you get too too complicated with it i feel like it could go the wrong way yeah it could crumble yeah i mean yeah and with anything if you go too far off the deep end it can crumble it can cause you know problems and i’m sure with their 20-year plan they have contingencies in place that you know won’t allow that to happen and they won’t go too far out of the you know spectrum what jeff but though that’s the thing though yeah it’s just that that’s one of the that’s one of the awesome and interesting aspects of these disney plus series like we talked about months ago cyber with juan division and talking to the winter soldier when we did those reviews like uh you know this this these disney plus series give marvel for the first time since they’ve been like you know doing the mcu building the infinity saga this gives them an opportunity to actually get immediate lifetime live-action lifetime reality feedback from fans and from viewers on what they like and what they want from these disney plush shows who we want what popular is our character what characters we we like and we want to see more at that point they actually can they actually i’m sure they they probably have they probably adjusted their plans before in the past but now they actually have the ability to you know uh go into that five year six year plan for the mcu and tweak it and maybe you know and maybe take a monica rambo and insert her into another disney plus series or something like that just because of how popular she was during one division very true very sure yeah yep i mean i’m sure we’ll see more monica rambo i mean we definitely know she’s giving the marbles we know that you know she’s definitely a big player in that so i’m sure after even after that we’re gonna see a lot more of her anyways because she’s was so popular with one division uh but i mean you know still you never know it could die down you know who knows we just don’t know we have to just keep you know trekking on and seeing what ends up happening and hopefully it’s always in good favor and you know so far you know marvel hasn’t really had a huge dud yet and you know thankfully it’s still pretty progressive and still doing pretty well even you know with even these disney plus series some of them we might not all agree were the greatest but still they kept us enticed enough to want to keep watching and i think that’s what success is about for the marvel’s universe and you know why they’re so good at it um but yeah i mean that’s that’s a great thing most definitely so do you uh so let’s go into another little topic here real quick uh let’s talk a little bit about the whole lawsuit between scarlett johansson and marvel studios because of you know black widow being released on streaming um what is everyone’s thoughts on this i do you agree with scarlett johansson do you think that she’s justifiable uh do you think that marvel is kind of being dumb uh you know etc etc what do you think about that so what about you sally what do you think about that whole lawsuit i think scarlett johansson is in the right here because they never told her if i’m hearing this correctly they never told her hey this is going to be on disney plus 2. she was promised a theater’s only release and i wanted to see black widow in theaters and there were only like four or five people in the whole theater and it was the day after it premiered so um i think cerrella johansen has every right to be upset because box office views versus streaming views are going to be completely different completely one side’s going to be streaming views and box offices are going to be down here most definitely most definitely what about you jeff what do you think about it um i mean you know i i want to make sure i just want to make it clear just as an overarching kind of like outline of the situation that the main theme the main premise of this whole situation is basically that um black widow was guaranteed what they call points scarlett johansson was guaranteed points on the film which is basically financial incentives tied into the box office um total and so at that point my basic take is this i’m not one of the i’m not a big disney fan to begin with i’ll be honest with you and i’m certainly not siding with disney on this at all because i love scar joe and what she’s done in the mcu i love scar joe but um but at the same time i really really really feel like um that disney has a reason to and is going to litigate the [ __ ] out of this like they’re not gonna just give her money it’s not gonna happen uh because um look this isn’t just about black widow and scarlett johansson this is a situation where whatever they do in this is going to set a precedent with every other actor and actress that disney has under contract that’s going to be affected by the pandemic by these box office deals these points deals which are very common so but like as far as as far as how i feel as a fan of scarlett johansson of black widow i feel like uh i feel like if anything um i feel like scarlett johansson and the black widow character in in the in the infinity saga in in marvel in the marvel cinematic universe doesn’t even get the do that she’s deserved because you’re talking about the number one female superhero most popular female superhero in the history of film in the history of this entire industry of everything like i mean that literally the hero to every to every female huge fan from age five to age like 75 for last like 12 years has been black widow but yeah so like you know at that point i feel like on one hand i feel like she was due a payday just like ironman got a payday just like we you know chris evans got a payday all the other basically like almost all the other original six avengers have gotten big paydays off their films and this was this was black widow’s first chance this was scar joe’s first chance to really really really make some serious money off of a project that was that was featuring her and at that point um you know i do feel like uh like realistically i feel like marvel studios needs to like not just you know not just uh do the right thing but take into consideration what scarlett johansson has given us for a decade and you know and reward her appropriately by giving her a settlement that you know gives her pays her at least maybe 75 of what she would have made off of the film you know like that’ll be fair because like look scar joe’s getting older as we all saw in the black widow film she’s aging like you know she’s still extremely attractive she’s beautiful but she’s getting older and and she’s married and she has children and this money was money where this was her last chance to make money off of the ncu off of marvel and so i know for a fact she was relying on this payday for whatever you know whatever uh investments whatever potential uh like opportunities with directing or producing or other films she was relying on this money and so at that point i feel like you know i feel like she should be paid and i feel like at the same time i’d love to see some of the original six avengers come out publicly and support her yep very much so very much so i noticed here over in the comments a grim dark utopia i’m assuming that’s your daughter yes okay yeah and she was she was mentioning here don’t actors take a percentage of what their movies sell for in the box office so releasing her movie on a streaming platform and discouraging patrons from going to a theater to watch it kind of hinders her from profiting off of her work so i’m yeah that’s pretty accurate and that’s very good that’s what’s happening what do you expect from my own [ __ ] daughter i don’t know come on now you know she’s a chip off the old block so you gotta watch out when it comes to my daughter because uh she don’t play well that’s good that’s great very accurate very well done very well done a great comment thank you for commenting uh so i’m to go on to now that we talked a little bit about that let’s move on let’s uh do some of those ibm that rotten tomato reviews that you had uh ready for us mr jeff awesome okay and we’ll we’ll let sally react to this one sally all i’m going to do is i’m going to go ahead and read some reviews from id imdb and some and rotten tomatoes reviews and we just want to know what you think if you agree if you disagree like you know what your thoughts are the first one is from melody mccune geek girl authority while my curiosity is piqued i wasn’t completely blown away by this outing is that fair honestly kind of because it’s not a full-length movie no no i was i was blown away but it not being a full-length movie it’s not going to be as mind-blowing as the first avenger was so obviously not everybody’s going to be whoa this blew my mind this is crazy this is amazing holy [ __ ] like i was very true very true yeah and cyber as far as my take on it goes i’ll be honest with you i don’t typically like to do this but i agree with the uh the with the with the review i do i feel like uh i mean that’s not the most negative review out of the ones i’ve read believe me like that’s actually pretty pretty soft compared to some of the other ones i’ve read um so i mean honestly as far as reviews go i think that that was very much like on point like uh you know like i mean i mean as a fan and like you know and as like a veteran um mcu fan like you know a watcher um i feel like people should have expected and and and realized that of course like the impact of these episodes being animated being what if we’re not going to be like okay you know like or one division you know like it wasn’t going to be the same thing uh and at that point i feel like really again um to connect this to the comic books again i feel like really when it boils down to it this series is really fan service for especially old-school marvel comic book fans that love the what if comic book you know like they’re gonna love this this is going to be awesome for them and for those people out there who love animated like anything animated like anything anime or animated they’re going to love this you know yeah cyber i know that like i know you don’t that you personally didn’t care for the um the animation um you know like i thought it was okay uh you know i i get it that they’re trying to do something different with it then like dc for instance um they’re trying to be unique uh but um i feel like as far as the review goes i agree with it i do i agree with it about 85 or 80 i’m in agreement with it okay i mean yeah i didn’t think this episode blew me away either uh i wasn’t blown away i thought it was mediocre because it basically like we were talking about earlier it was carbon copy of the first avenger just with peggy carter and a few you know alternate differences but i mean it wasn’t bad in any sort of way it just wasn’t like anything like whoa like because it wasn’t a full-length movie like you were saying before too you know it’s you know they could have added more to it if they had made it even longer even if they made it an hour long like an extra half hour i think they could have put in some more stuff to make it even more flow better and so forth so let me ask you being the um being the the uh the actual experienced um you know film person you know tv person production stan you know from a production standpoint on the show um is it possible that when it comes to like the actual uh the actual creation and production of of animation like is it possible that uh that literally that it’s just like uh maybe so expensive or like like the cost or whatever like maybe hinders them um to where like they have to keep it short i mean that is possible i mean yeah the animation is very expensive these days especially if they’re using a lot of cgi and you can tell with this animation that it’s a cgi animation that they overlay with actual drawings and i mean it’s very much you know very similar to like a almost like a comic book look that they’re trying to give it and so you know there’s a lot of expense in that i mean it takes it can take several months to create a small segment just like what this is so yeah that’s a very big possibility of why they’re so short but the same time if your marvel studios and you have the money to to blow on that i don’t see why they wouldn’t make it even 45 minutes you know to an hour because they could technically with the time frame that they’re you know using on these episodes you know they’ve had several months that they’ve been already making these you know they could have already produced something a lot longer that still they could do yeah i was just wondering also hey you never know it’s possible that maybe uh maybe maybe you know marvel studios watched these episodes after they were made you know or like you know as they were making them maybe they saw what they were getting while they were being designed and put together and maybe they decided that if it had been longer it wouldn’t have it wouldn’t have been as good or it wouldn’t have been as effective you know possibly possibly yep that’s yeah that’s a long time yeah there was clearly a lot of love put into it yeah i got another i’ve got the next one cyber all right yeah and and you take this one man uh first off perhaps marvel’s what if will be more accessible to non-discerning younger viewers but for adults there’s not much here to recommend this is from drew deich giant freaking robot who rated the the episode a two out of five two out of five his hands man i mean i get where he’s coming from i get you know why he’s saying that you know about the adults and stuff like that and then it more you know because it’s more like a cartoon it’s more shorter like a cartoon series is uh but i mean look at the success of other cartoons that are around that are more adult-ish which this is definitely more adult-ish it wasn’t like kitty kid um you know because it still had a lot of suggested material and you know still was pretty action-packed uh so i mean that you know yeah i can see a little bit why he would say that but at the same time i don’t completely agree with that because i like i said there’s like rick and morty there’s you know house broken that’s on you got the simpsons you got bob’s burgers i mean all these yeah naruto you know you have plenty of half-hour cartoon series that are very adult-ish that you know both kids and adults like so uh you know i i don’t agree with that completely but i get where he’s coming from how about you sally yeah sally i added i don’t talk to any of my cousins so if any of them are listening uh hi family i don’t talk to um i had cousins who watched like family guy at age eight or nine or ten and that was weird to me but this my cousin if my cousins were still eight or nine or ten and we still talked and hung out i would watch this with them and i have like neighbors on the left who are eight and six or nine and six something like that i would watch this with them i would like i don’t babysit them but i would watch it with them i would recommend it to their parents so kids might look kids would love this but i love it too as a marvel fan since i was 12. i love it and i might just be biased towards agent carter here because she’s really the character that i fell in love with at age 12 but um i really enjoyed it and i don’t see how adults won’t like it yeah yeah which is what this guy seems to be implying yep yeah yeah i mean like uh i mean all i can really say about it is just that uh i don’t think the two out of five rating is accurate i i i would give it a better rating than that uh i don’t like to do i don’t like to do um one out of five ratings personally i i don’t like those um look i’ve gotta watch i’ve gotta watch the episode again but if i had to give it a rating um right now off the top of my head on a 1 through 10 scale episode 1 i would give a i would give it a solid 7.25 maybe 7.5 uh that’s where i would go um and um as far as uh the old you know comment of you know um this not being anything adults are gonna be into or whatever look i guess it just depends on if you’re an mcu fan or not because if you’re an mcu fan it doesn’t matter if you’re if you’re 13 32 57 or 80 or whatever um you’re not gonna care whether it’s animated or not you’re going to watch it and you’re going to like it damn right yep very true very true very true much indeed uh from my understanding mr jeff you have a trailer you would like to share sir i do uh and it happens to be the defenders tv series from networks if i remember correctly it is one of our most interesting possibly can be like you never know how long it’s going gonna be segments on our show where we actually uh watch trailers and then react to them of shows and movies that we have not watched yet and in this situation cyber and i uh i’m not gonna include sally because sally’s only you know 21 so she doesn’t deserve she doesn’t deserve to be guilt tripped for this but cyber have not watched this yet you know three years old i i’ve been watching marvel since i was 12 that’s not fair guilty oh wrong one sorry i’m not sure you’d believe me even if i told you but that shit’s happening bad people are going to take down the city people are going to get hurt and says stop you want to feel safe i have an idea why don’t you put on a cave and go run around new york at the end of the second season of the devil matters kind of lost he’s given up being this superhero matthew this other life human is your heart still with it but deep down he genuinely believes the city is better off with him you have interrupted a city-wide investigation jessica’s never wanted to be involved she doesn’t want to save the city she doesn’t care jessica jones who the hell are you my name is matthew murdock i’m your attorney cajun’s out of prison and he’s just trying to figure out what’s he going to do with his life right now i just want to help people i think there’s someone that you need to meet everything leads them back to new york who are you who are you i’m the immortal iron fist you what now the very existence of new york is at stake the four of us saw a path to the same place midland circle murdoch i need to leave now you look like an [ __ ] it’s your scarf who are you there’s people ancient criminal organization whose goal is ultimate power i can’t be a part of this if you ask me you already are these people are incredibly dangerous they’re incredibly evil it’s clear to them that the only chance they have of saving new york is going to be if they work together you four the devil of hell’s kitchen the smart ass detective the righteous ex-con and the kid with a glowing fist seeing all four of these characters together is epic thus four coming together will be thrilling for fans of all the shows it looks awesome it feels awesome we could easily turn our backs and just try and like take care of ourselves but it’s not about us that’s what being a hero is there are people who run from the fire and there are people who run into it it’s just a city you’ll get used to watching them fall nice ears they’re horns the thing about war is it only works if both sides believe they’re the good guys the truth is we’re not so different we fight to get back what was once ours but in the end and this is the end it’s just a city you’ll get used to watching them fall i think we’re safe for now we need to figure out our next move no there is no next move and there is no we what is that we’re not here to eat are those pork no the shrimp oh this guy’s got pork god you’re weird i’m not looking for super friends that doesn’t matter can’t fight these people not even with whatever dish your hand can do it’s cheap it’s not they’re hunting our friends our families and they’re not gonna stop there more death is coming and the only thing keeping manhattan from crumbling to a pile of dust is the four of you the war for new york it’s over not yet nice ears can see you formed a kind of bond i promise he was temporary electro they will disappoint you jessica like it or not we belong out there together i’m glad we found each other i’m not hugging you it’s been a long week well well well that was exciting trailers wasn’t it peoples oh i had no idea that sorry weaver was in the defenders i didn’t either cyber i was surprised as i i was literally that’s why i was kind of like dora and i was like oh like what like i i had no idea sigourney weaver was in that that’s that’s insane i mean with already a great cast as it is i mean you know between uh the gala plays jessica jones you know uh kristen ritter yeah she’s great yeah kristen ritter mike coulter uh you know all the characters they are all really great uh and like the only series i’ve actually completely watched has been uh well not completely watched but like jessica jones is the only one i’ve actually watched like a full like a full season and almost this the whole second season um and you know of course i’ve done the one season of daredevil so far i haven’t watched any defenders i haven’t watched any of iron fist or penis sure or any of those so i mean those two trailers looked really like made it looked really fun the music was really great the presentation looked really awesome and uh definitely something i’m looking forward to watching eventually now i know cyber why they why i’ve been told that you’re supposed to watch the defenders after daredevil season two because you can tell from the trailers that that’s where they’re at with their daredevil series you know what i mean because you got electra in there you know what i mean like uh did you see the uh the old uh japanese lady um or whatever is in there too yup yup yup oh and uh also um they you see uh like uh foggy uh yeah what’s her name from daredevil or in there too yeah deborah ann wool rosa rosario dawson uh they showed uh what’s his name scott glenn too the guy that taught matt murdock everything he knows uh in that trailer too yeah i thought that was really interesting that they that he returns to yeah he’s kind of like the uh like from what i understand like from like what i’ve seen in the um in like the uh just in like the the youtube videos i’ve seen of the fight scenes and stuff like that he’s kind of like the uh the mentor slash like uh like um you know uh kind of like partial leader of the whole you know gang you know what i mean yep yep i i think you’re correct because i mean even in the in the first season of daredevil he kind of is you can see he’s you know matt’s you know instructor basically his mentor in those few episodes and kind of like and then they leave it at you know just that one episode we don’t get to see him again but i was wondering if he was going to return and that shows that he does so i was like really shocked because that i thought he was fun i thought he was an interesting character in the episode he was in scott glenn is great oh yeah i always enjoy him what about you sally what’d you think about the two trailers well now i need to watch another show i have another show on my list ha ha looks great i have way too many to watch because which of the shows have you already watched i’ve seen that there’s two episodes of daredevil and that’s about it well you’ve got like i haven’t watched it into the field i was saying girl here i think since i was like 12 and that was when season of mom was happening how did you know about jessica jones i i tried to watch that show with my mom and she hated it so we had to turn it off it was i saw like the first 15 minutes maybe of episode one of judge the good jones and then i haven’t watched it since because i like david tennant a lot and he’s he plays a villain right yeah he’s really good in it i enjoyed him so do you miss it are you excited about seeing the defenders now yes you guys most definitely most definitely i can’t wait to watch it now i mean like i said i i have to get i have to i mean i have to finish the second season of daredevil first before i can watch it but you know and once that’s done then i can watch that and you know the other series i gotta finish watching too but i mean i think these netflix shows were really done well i mean i some of the criticism they had for iron fist i’ve heard and the defenders i was really shocked by because even watching the trailers for either of those they look like really good series and i’ve also seen you know positive reviews on both of those series so uh it’ll be interesting to see those two you know and then also watching punisher too you know um i’ll tell uh i’m kind of actually wondering if um you know i had kind of just assumed uh from like hearing other people talk about it that iron fist was gonna be terrible you know but like i’ll be honest with you i have a feeling that i’m actually really gonna like iron fist then i’m gonna think it’s good you know like i have a feeling um and it seems to me that like it looks like to me that um uh on top of finishing daredevil season two i think you’ve got to watch iron fist the first season uh like to really get chronologically in order to watch the defenders oh okay you know like i mean yeah like that makes sense yeah you kind of got i mean unless like unless you just want to go in like kind of just having a basic premise of who the characters are i think you basically technically have to watch luke cage season one and jessica jones season one you know going into the defenders yeah i would that would probably make sense because you know they’re i don’t think they probably introduce the characters and defenders they’re just already heroes no they’re all established yeah see so yeah that would make sense that you’d have to watch iron fist too um to in order to go into defenders and be able to be like up to par and where the story line is well yeah because just like daredevil it looks like there’s people and characters and actors and actresses from the different series that are going to pop up during the defenders yeah yep yep yep yep yep i don’t know i’m curious as to where so groaning weaver if she’s specifically just defenders um but uh it’ll be interesting to see if you know she actually pops up one of the other series before watching the defenders that’ll be interesting to see well i mean i couldn’t really tell i couldn’t tell from the trailers that’s one thing i will say being a uh as cyber knows being a trailer watching son of a [ __ ] over here as i am uh i love watching trailers it’s like one of my favorite things to do um i uh like one thing i can honestly say one criticism i i would make about the defenders trailers is you can’t tell what the premise is of like the show you can’t tell you really can’t tell like what the story is like like all you know all you can tell is is that sigourney weaver is the evil is the bad guy is the villain other than that you have no idea like what else is going on or like what their you know what she’s doing like what she’s gonna do to new york city or whatever but i i really like the whole like concept that like um you know if you want to pretend that these shows were cannon to the mcu even though they’re not uh although they may be eventually at least daredevil maybe um you know if you want to pretend that that like issues were candid it makes sense that they would come together to save new york city on like a street level because this would be something that would be like below the avengers sally like at the point that the avengers are around this is like right after the battle of new york like you’re here so like the avengers are too busy with like hydra and like big that you know big like enemies and terrorist stuff yeah yeah like you know to like to like deal with like uh new york city crime lords and stuff like that yeah they definitely are and i also don’t see the avengers dealing with new york city crime lords like ever they they wouldn’t get involved in gang yeah yeah that would be people that would be more like like spider-man or the punisher yeah yeah yeah most definitely yeah i would agree yeah you don’t see you don’t see these characters doing you know going that high of a level because you know they’re more of like neighborhood like spider-man is you know neighborhood even though spider-man goes but so and so yeah yes jeff what did did it did you think at all or did it occur to you that maybe like the punisher might be on the defenders and before you knew uh i honestly want to say no because the punisher really is kind of a you know a solo artist he he tends to do things solo he doesn’t really work well with teams so i mean even the fact that he’s a part of daredevil season two um i i’m really shocked by that because i feel like in some extent he’s probably through that season he’s probably gonna be just kind of like showing up and helping out here and there but at the same time i just i don’t see him at being a part of like a group group uh but i’m not sure i i from what i’ve seen you know since the defenders came out i’ve always only saw the four characters being the defender so i don’t know how it is in the actual comic books but he could be well i’ll be honest with you just for one second i did kind of like maybe imagine or think that maybe they would throw the punisher into the defenders just because of the fact that his netflix series came out before before the defenders came out so i thought maybe they might like you know just like i didn’t think they’d put them on the team i thought maybe he would just end up kind of like uh like guesting like as a guest appearance like you know with the defenders you know what i mean um but honestly cyber you’re right i mean he is like kind of a solo guy uh and honestly um it wouldn’t have worked out too well well i mean i don’t know jessica jones is is somebody who i think is not afraid to kill somebody you know what i mean like she’s not i don’t think like if she thinks somebody deserves to die i think she would kill somebody you know like i don’t know like i didn’t wash them so i don’t know if she ever killed anybody in the show um but um as far as luke cage goes and iron fist and of course daredevil we know for a fact they don’t believe in murder they don’t believe in killing people you know so like uh you know punisher would have been kind of a bad fit for that whole like you know like reality um but i like as an aside from the defenders um i really love the fact that uh you’re in season two of daredevil cyber and punishers in it and just like i did in the comic book like you know reading the comics back in the day when i was a kid i always loved when daredevil and the punisher would team up because they were they teamed up a lot you know like just because they both work on new york city so like you know like they would bump into each other and it’s really interesting like seeing you know uh daredevil with frank castle and like their different their different mindsets and how like cyber kind of like how the kingpin and the daredevil have that dichotomy that flip side punisher and frank castle kind of have that same type of that same type of like relationship with daredevil because honestly that murdoch daredevil is like a step away sometimes from just killing somebody mm-hmm yeah he wants to yep most definitely most definitely i mean uh i would agree with that and also to go back to you know about peniser and the defenders maybe he does make a cameo or appearance in the series we don’t know they just might have not shown it in the trailer so i don’t know he possibly could still pop up in defenders down you know in one of the episodes and possibly could be you know so i mean it would be kind of dumb for them to have brought the punisher out brought him in daredevil 2 season 2 and kind of not have him be any part of the defenders at all so i think that would be dumb so i think they probably he ended up in it somehow and we just don’t know what episode or whatever and they just kept them out of the trailer because they wanted it to be like a surprise because sometimes that just what makes you know some you know characters they pop more is when they keep it a secret yes yes and there is of course the reality too that uh whether they want to admit it or not and whether they want to like talk about it or not i have to believe that kevin feige always always always had a plan of some kind to bring um to bring uh what’s what’s the actor’s name that plays frank castle in the netflix series um john i feel like i feel like i don’t know i don’t know what kevin feige was thinking but i feel like even back then there was a plan of some kind to bring him into the mcu and i think it’s possible that they did not want to put defenders because they did not want to over expose the character yep i would agree i would i would agree very much so i’d like to ask sally uh sally on did you say that you watched some of daredevil like two episodes yeah that’s all oh yeah really all right well i’ll tell you what you gotta you gotta you’ve gotta sit down and watch the rest of daredevil because cyber will tell you it’s like a literal masterpiece of a show i gotta watch it i like how he’s blind and he still fights like rubbing people with the abilities i love that that first season is insane i mean i was like it kept you in your seat wanting to watch more and just the the craziness of the kingpin and just like how it took the story and how it transformed matt murdock into basically being daredevil it just it does a really good job with bringing that to life and i just want to see a character with like more disabilities like i have high functioning autism and i would um i fangirl really hard over the mtu so like a character with autism who would like do autistic things like stimming and like and like hyper fixating while also being a hero would be very cool to see maybe we could have yeah alternate version of spider-man that’s in a wheelchair swinging around in a wheelchair then he smacked into a building and gets [ __ ] killed why why would he die because he’s a wheelchair okay no you can’t navigate properly i mean he can navigate but uh wheelchairs are wheelchairs are heavy you know i mean like that’ll throw off like your your trajectory when you’re with your website yeah they’re happy i know but why would you want spiderman to die that’s so mean i’m talking about like mental disabilities and like some physical disabilities but we’re going to get moon night sally moon knight has mental like major mental issues midnight i gotta hear i gotta see that i gotta google it oh you don’t know about moon night oh yeah moon night’s coming out in a couple months well not a couple months but yeah moon knight has um i can’t remember the actual uh uh clinical name for it but moon knight uh mark spector has the uh has a condition where he cannot remember who his actual identity is because he not not multi not multiple personality but he like he he um he pretends to be different people different characters in order to like uh like be in order to get information on the mob and on crime and stuff like that and everything he has different like uh you know different like um you know uh characters he plays and at some point he actually gets confused as to who he is yep yep yep i’ve i wrote a little bit about moon knight and yeah i do i do believe they say he’s schizophrenic okay yeah i mean and then on top of that he also um the what the reason he’s called moon knight and what makes him moon knight is the fact that um i can’t remember his name on top of my head but an egyptian god like saved his life at one point and then lives in him like like for the for after the rest of his life so not only like not only is he pretending to be different people he has like a egyptian god in his mind talking to him all the time yep wow very true sounds cool yeah hopefully they’ll stick pretty true to the comics hopefully and it’ll be it’ll be a good show i feel it oscar isaac’s rock so it’ll be fun i think he’ll i think he’ll do a good job i think all right so that was a wonderful discussion folks out there in live stream land i want to thank everyone for being on the show tonight like to thank you sally for coming on for the first time we really appreciated you and enjoyed having you on you did a great job i’m doing a podcast with anybody it was so cool you did such a great job we did a great job we hope to have you on again and once again hopefully we’ll get to see more content from your podcast which is the i see you in the mcu podcast if you haven’t checked that out definitely go check out her uh one her her one video she says she has put up which is you know still fantastic you know one video is still better than none i think not a video yeah not that it’s just my voice oh her voice sorry guys just your voice so yeah definitely just the podcast voice it still go listen to it then you know let’s listen to it not uh watch it but we’ll listen to it uh but yeah that’s great thank you for coming on it was really a pleasure it was fun having wise on uh he was very enjoyable like we said earlier it was a joy to have him on again and uh don’t forget about isabella and uh thank you isabella for coming into the comments and giving us some great information there uh uh we enjoy all your comments thank you for telling us about the schizophrenia and that awesome coming you know good she actually she was she knows [ __ ] i don’t know she knew that kanchu was the moon knight got the the egyptian god for moon knight yeah that’s that’s great it’s awesome when you’re when your kids actually know more than you do i don’t know who should they do usually they do because they learn they learn what you know and then they add on to that so yeah but when it comes to the mcu like you know being the comic book mcu guy i am it’s kind of embarrassing when like your 17 year old daughter like you know knows more about characters than you do that happens get over it it happens so thank you isabella for commenting and being a part of our show tonight i want to thank vincent 2 for coming on and giving us a couple uh comments too as well of course i want to thank my co-host and crime duo friend there jeff sloboda there you know of course you can find him you know on youtube as well on the mcu’s bleeding edge you can also find us on our website the uh you can also check out naruto because he keeps showing his shirt about naruto baby he’s in love with naruto people and uh of course you can always you know have fun with anything that mr sabloda does he has several other improv interesting platforms that he’s on besides you know you know uh youtube of course you know you got rizzle you got uh tick tock you got you know all kinds of stuff you know and uh he’s such a pleasure to work with i enjoy him very much he’s my he’s my cohort my awesome friend you know he’s just enjoyable yeah and uh yeah he he’s just great you know and then of course i i i don’t enjoy it i don’t enjoy it that much but cyber is starting to become a quasi parent for me in a way because uh he uh he literally and it’s not an age thing at all it’s just literally the fact that um cyber and i are such good friends now at this point and he is so intuitive uh and i’m so obvious that like he just basically he’s very aware let’s just say i’m like my faults and like my um like the things i’m good at and not good at and stuff like that and whatnot and so like uh you know kind of interesting because sometimes um you know i don’t even have to say anything about it or even like talk about it or describe it cyber just knows that like uh you know i [ __ ] something up or whatever or like i uh i procrastinated too much on something or whatever premonitions premonitions anyways though folks thank you for watching thank you for being a part of our live stream i like and if you want to check out my other content of course the cybernetic shark you can find me on tick tock rizzle as well you can also find me on instagram facebook all those great places but you can check out my solo content on youtube as well where i do movie reviews parodies all kinds of cool stuff like that too as well so definitely check that out but please people definitely check out our website and it’s it’s a really great site we put a lot of work into it and you get to see what all cool you know upcoming things we’re gonna be doing some cool like little uh tidbits and stuff like that on certain uh recent mcu content so yeah definitely check it out people it’s really worth the uh the view and watch and uh and definitely a good read so definitely check that out people so want to thank everyone for watching you guys have a great evening and uh does anybody else have anything else they’d like to say before we leave these fine people read my fanfic at agent lady america sorry jeff no it’s okay and ao3 all right i want to take a second to thank uh sally very much for coming on and everything and whatnot and this being her first time i really want to just um you know welcome her to the mcu’s bleeding edge um i’m positive uh for a fact that we’re gonna have sally back um and she’ll be on here on the panel and um you know and he’s a very positive smiling face to have on here with us you know so um and i just want to also take the time to uh thank very much uh genuinely and personally um cybernetic shark my friend for um for being my friend first of all uh because i’m not exactly the easiest person to like be friends with sometimes um but um and for um you know being somebody that i can rely on uh you know like uh because i’ll tell you right now everybody uh especially you kids out there um these days the way things are going in this country um you can’t always rely on people you know these days uh so you know it’s nice to um it’s nice to know with cyber that i always know exactly what to expect you know from him and what i’m gonna get from him as a friend as a co-host across the board you know like uh you know he may not be splashy he may not be flashy but he is consistent and he knows what he’s talking about okay also he also uh i will admit it cyber also is is extremely more experienced than knowledgeable when it comes to um actual film fair and like reviewing films and reviewing likes cinematography um he really has the experience and like the knowledge that i don’t necessarily have yet or like i’m working on getting to really critique films you know that are kind of maybe in a different category than like the avengers you know like a drama for instance or like you know something more serious so we’re very lucky to have you cyber and um i really appreciate your friendship i appreciate your friendship sir so thank you guys once again sorry i appreciate being able to fangirl about the mcu for two hours thanks guys you’re welcome you’re welcome so that was a great oh cyber i just want to say i really appreciate the guy on rizzle who i said could not [ __ ] sing at all or whatever the other day uh i just i just want to put it out there for all you white knights out there that have been trying to get after me on rizzle i’m not sorry he’s not sorry people so once again thank you for watching our live stream you guys have a great night and we’ll see you next wednesday first episode two of what if peace peace peace

The What If…? Episode 2 Review

well hello well hello well hello everybody out there in live streaming world this is of course jeff aka true knowledge mcu’s bleeding edge with as always cybernetic shark my co-host my reliable good buddy who keeps me in check and busts my balls occasionally when i’m when it’s needed um we’ve got arch the main loan representative of the podcast of champions the ambassador of the podcast of champions it’s a good to see you guys sorry i was last week but good to be back oh man don’t worry about it don’t worry about it and don’t don’t think i forgot already that you want you want to talk about the peggy carter episode so like we’re going to make sure we you get time for that oh we’re going to vincent is here for the first time vincent say hello hello everybody my name is vincent van spock and welcome to the mcu’s bleeding edge vincent you can turn your audio up just a little bit brother um and that way we can sound we can hear you a little bit better but vincent is somebody who actually has been a supporter of the channel um the podcast he is he’s been in the comments section before and whatnot and uh you know been a part and participated in the show and i met him on the platform clapper uh cyber’s actually on there too we’re both on there um among the multiple multiple platforms that cyber and i frequent um of course uh cyber alt and i also are on rizzle that is our home platform uh you can always find us on there um he’s cybernetic shark he’s a veteran youtuber um he’s also a podcaster and he among many many many things uh covers film and tv and is a huge massive mcu fan as all we all we all are here um as i mentioned already arch uh essentially um r arch stanton as he’s called uh on uh comes from the podcast of champions who is a really really good friend to the mcu’s bleeding edge um and arch basically has become uh what i would almost call a uh regular uh part of the team at this point i mean uh it’s almost kind of awkward when arch isn’t there so like you know we missed you last last week buddy yeah man stuff came up but uh yeah i like i like talking to you guys it’s it’s always fun to get on here you’re you always bring different topics and stuff and it’s just just a fun chat guys i like having like being on do you have anything to say about um last saturday’s podcast of champions shows that we did oh uh you mean just in terms of oh i forget you were you were i forgot you weren’t with us were you i missed those two man yeah yeah i’ve been i’ve been a little bit busy last week or a week and a half or so so yeah unfortunately i wasn’t there that’s right okay did you have a chance did you have a chance to watch them i haven’t yet no no i just got back in i’m still finishing up episode 12 um the last part of that uh that we did recently and then i’m gonna get into uh taking a look at producing uh whatever it is you guys did on saturday so i really can’t wait to watch it i heard it’s pretty good well i will make sure that uh for once as i’m like continuing to try to like learn how this stuff works i’ll make sure with that when i do the description for this youtube video i drop some links for um some of the episodes of the podcast of champions youtube channel um that way you guys you know out there have a chance to kind of jump over and kind of see what they’ve got going on over there because um i can honestly say that i guessed on there regularly at this point and i feel very welcome to being being on there it’s almost like a uh uh you know it’s a it’s almost like being a part of a team um and i uh i’m i’m also active on um which is the fandom um that arch and the grand master um basically i believe you know put together initially if i remember correctly arch oh yeah yeah so i didn’t come in right out of the gate on that one that was that was uh grand masters or as i call them wallaber’s baby um but yeah it’s a forum for for all sorts of fandoms um we we’re largely mcu do all kinds of things if you’re a big dcu fan if you’re a star wars fan if you’re a trek fan or or anything else um we’ve recently done several episodes of the podcast that um we did a five part series on dc uh we just did a whole coverage of mcu phase four and uh we’re doing a lot of other things including reviews of episodes and all types of things so anybody that wants to to come on and check it out participate in in the show if you have something specific you want to talk about we’ll we’re glad to discuss it so uh come on by we’d love to have you yes and i will drop links also in the description for i’m going to you vincent um do you want to kind of just introduce yourself and maybe just let people know a little bit about yourself and um you know inform everybody as to kind of who you are you know what all you’re into how you know how you factor into the fandom yeah absolutely um so like i said beginning my name is vincent van spock you can find me online on youtube at vincent van spock that’s my username there you can find me on tick tock vincent van spock there and clapper as well as vincent van spock um i’m not as active as i have been in the past but i’m hoping to get back into being active in these types of things pretty soon as far as like my fandoms go i pretty much love anything marvel of course that’s why i’m here today um i love dc i love star wars i love harry potter if it’s nerdy and you can watch it or read it or whatever it’s it’s my life so um in fact i’m so into specific fandoms i have two harry potter things going on uh one of them’s gonna be local here in vancouver washington where i live where i’m gonna be doing a harry potter themed play um called puffs and basically it takes place during the same seven years uh as harry’s journey except for it’s starring some people that are not in the books um so you wouldn’t have heard of them like in any of the books or anything but yeah it’s called puffs it’s a lot of fun it’ll be here in vancouver washington and then the other thing i’m going to be doing uh in la they are requiring people to be in the audience as they put it for a harry potter themed quiz show that i believe is going up on hbo max and as of right now i have an invitation to go do that uh films in september so i’m looking forward to that as well well um vincent i would highly suggest that you consider uh uh going on to and signing up man the uh the the sign up process the is very simple it takes less than two minutes um and then you know grandmaster just approves you which takes less than you know nothing and you know as soon as he sees your your profile he’ll activate you i think you would actually really enjoy participating in the fandom on there i think there’s a lot of things a lot of threads up there that you would really dig into like you know getting involved in the discussion and whatnot yeah i i think i’ll go sign up for that as soon as we’re done with this yeah most definitely and i will um i will uh text you messenger you or whatever and give you the the you know just just remind you and whatnot you know what it’s called and whatnot but i just wanted to throw this out there i’m trying to talk you guys into doing a lord of the rings discussion recently mostly centered on the new picture they have for the show that’s upcoming uh i saw that coming out and it really got me uh pumped up to uh to talk to some some lord of the rings since we haven’t really gotten i wish you would have told me about that before the show and you and you could have told i would have got that picture we would have we could have thrown it up yeah it’s not official yet i don’t know if we’re going to be talking about it or not but i’m trying to i’m trying to angle for that because i’m i’m really excited about tell you what like i mean i’ve got to um i i have not been paying attention to what’s been going on with the amazon order the rings deal and whatnot like i here and there i paid attention a little bit but i don’t know exactly where things are at right now currently but um you know uh basically i’d be very interested in jumping in on it on if you wanted to do a show on the lord of the rings man like i would all be all about it yeah we might do that i’ve got the picture actually here on my desktop i don’t know if i can send it to you or not but we can talk about it later if you like yeah most definitely most definitely um let me just check really quick and see what’s going on in the chat oh want to become famous by fowlers primes and viewers on big problems yeah okay well guess what we won’t be doing that anytime soon but uh we prefer organic growth we don’t really get down with the entire um paying for like views deal or whatever so like i’ve actually looked into that a little bit to be honest with you just because i wanted to know what it was all about and it looks like a bunch of [ __ ] to me to be honest with you it looks like a joke but like uh whatever yeah like it sounds really like a really logical idea for me to pay for like a thousand listens to like the podcast when like they only give you that thousand listens to one episode so like what happens to my other like 37 episodes or whatever that only have so many views and then like one of them has like ten thousand all of a sudden it’s not gonna look good so you know like that’s that’s why i’m a little i’m a little hesitant but um cyber’s all about it he’s already told me he’s he’s down for paying for views and uh and and and listeners for the live stream no i’m just kidding i’m joking cyber i’m giving you the people’s eyebrow there i’m just playing cyber come on now anyways so before we get into this episode two of what if review that is absolutely the crux of this live stream um i just want to just take a quick second to just thank all of you out there who have been diligently watching these live streams once they actually become youtube videos um i have been very very pleased to see our numbers rising in terms of our viewership um our subscriber count on youtube keeps going up little by little by little before you know it we’ll be hitting 100 subscribers then before you know we’ll be hitting 500 and then before you know it we’ll be hitting a thousand so and i can see it happening it’s gonna i’m i’m hoping sooner sooner rather than later but we just want to thank everybody out there um you know i want to thank everybody for being on the show i want to thank cyber for as always being somebody that i can rely on to always show up um you know and make this [ __ ] happen um and just uh those of you out there you know family members um you know friends uh spouses you know wives um who support our content and everything in any way uh we definitely really appreciate you so okay getting into uh before we get into what if episode two the t’challa as star-lord episode arch um before i go ahead and throw up a a trailer slash promo for for episode two just so we have something visual to work with what were your thoughts on the first episode of what if since you weren’t here for the review last week uh yeah no i really enjoyed it i i think right now i would describe this series as a casual fun watch it’s not something i think you’re supposed to get at least at this point too serious about like we’re we’ll we might talk about that a little bit more later but um you know you’re not really worried about you know inner connectivity or anything like that you’re just um they’ve got uh they got a series of like you know clever ways to use similar scenes in a different way um such as like the first episode the one that strikes me is the train scene so the the one in the film where bucky famously gets lost uh conceivably forever but he ends up getting brought back as a winner soldier that plays out entirely differently where it’s just a complete ambush so i like it when you get to those scenes so far in this series and you’re left going oh yeah i know this scene but how’s it going to work this time so i think they’re doing a pretty good job of playing with those and those are what’s really keeping me interested as you know i’m a big fan of the the continuity in the mcu i know a lot of people are but um i know that’s that’s something that some people it’s not the big thing for them like they can you know they love going to watch completely independent films um which is fine too but uh i really do love and get into the continuity of the mcu so the fact that this doesn’t have a lot of that um isn’t it’s less it i don’t mean to say this in a bad way it’s just it’s slightly less of a draw but they have those cool moments that they that they’ve been really creative with in terms of of using scenes and using characters in a kind of clever way that keeps me invested in it most definitely um vincent yes sir what were your thoughts on episode one brother since you weren’t here last week either we would love to um maybe just you know segue a little bit here and get into that you know that that peggy carter episode what were your thoughts well my initial thought was step on me tall lady um as she uh missed miss carter and captain carter oh my uh it’s quite interesting to see her get really big and um hulk out on us sort of um i never understood like the whole lady demetrescu thing from resident evil 8 that everybody was obsessed with her but i understand it now that i’ve seen uh captain carter uh but as far as like the actual episode goes i think it was pretty good uh it had some really cheesy moments to it um some things that were like oh okay yeah i get why you put that in there that’s that’s a fan thing you know i get it and then there were some things that were like really super cool um i loved seeing peggy fighting the what i’m going to call a hydralisk or something um that came out of the portal seeing that was a really awesome moment not having her villain of it be the red skull he just gets squished and thrown on top thrown aside because the red skull is captain america’s villain not peggy’s and so it it that was pretty cool to me i loved seeing the iron man version of skinny steve rogers that was really awesome the animation style absolutely loved the animation style it’s very realistic in spite the fact that it is completely and totally animation but it looks three-dimensional it looks like these are actual people kind of reminds me of a scanner darkly if you’ve ever seen that movie except for that’s an animation overlay as opposed to this which is actual just solid animation um so yeah otherwise it was pretty great episode i i gotta be honest with you i was not a big fan of like the fact that they eliminated red skull right out of the show like that just like bam like he’s dead like i mean um you know again i don’t want to be overly critical about this stuff because i do get that it’s animated and maybe they’re gonna try to like you know try some different things that they wouldn’t normally be able to do with live action but um you know like uh they made red skull out to be like a wimp like he just got killed by that monster like immediately i just wanted to be clear out there for everybody out there who who honestly doesn’t know this um and i understand where people might have a misconception but that is not schumacher in that episode at all that is not shiva gorak um schumacherath is not just a monster like that clumbers around and everything and whatnot and has no idea what it’s doing or whatever like schumacher actually is intelligent and like you know has like psychic powers and everything and would be talking to people and everything and uh you know using magic and stuff like that you know so that wasn’t schumacher um i forget the name of what exactly that hydra monster is called but um so um i mean i really don’t have that much to really add you know to any of that as far as episode one goes we pretty much had a very thorough conversation about it already and um as far as getting into um episode two why don’t we go ahead really quick and just watch this trailer and i’m also gonna throw up the what if intro because i think it’s really good and i want i want everybody to see it you know the stories but what if one thing changed everything you sure don’t seem too freaked out about all this kid the charla give me the toy where you want to be sounds fun expect the unexpected what if don’t forget to like and subscribe so no sorry about that everybody i thought that i had the what if intro with jeffrey wright on it might just be after the marvel credit it could be after that that could very well be it it could be just after the credits so let me just try one more time so nah that’s not it sorry about that guys i really wanted to play that too because i think jeffrey wright is just excellent excellent uh doing that introduction he really is and that’s actually something that i want to open up with um guys um starting off with you cyber since we haven’t really got much from you so far what um i know we i asked you about we talked about this a little bit already but like what what what was your take uh uh hearing jeffrey wright maybe the first time you heard him uh talk as the watcher and everything like doing the introduction for that first episode and then even in the second episode how did you how did you what did you think of that i enjoyed him i thought he did a good job i think he has a really great voice i thought he does a good job at being the narrator and being the uh character he’s supposed to be playing the watcher i think it’s a really good introduction to that character and just kind of giving us a you know kind of a voice with the you know comic book image if you’d like you say because you know i mean you kind of see him in the what if series so far you kind of see him but you really haven’t we haven’t really seen him seen him really in anything else so i mean the fact that they give us this great voice which jeffrey wright i’ve always enjoyed him in anything i’ve ever seen him in i always enjoyed listening to him because i just think he has one of those voices where he could they could put it on calm and you could fall asleep to his voice like type of deal so i thought that he did a good job in both episodes i think that in the second episode he improved on his performance in the first episode and i think he was even more enjoyable just really well-rounded i thought and i really enjoyed what he he brought to the table vincent how about you brother what did you think of the of what you saw so far of jeffrey wright as uh uh i think jeffrey wright’s a great pick for owatu um he he brings that calmness like you were mentioning there to it but he also brings a acting expertise uh to the table that you know marvel is really well known for at this point is to hiring these big name actors and people that bring in a lot of money and a lot of revenue and whatnot so i think jeffrey wright is a brilliant pick for it because of his voice it it’s really soothing and it makes sense in my head when i read comics with the watu in him so yes most definitely and i’ll tell you when i think of jeffrey wright i can never forget him in jacob’s ladder back back back back in the day when he was nobody he had a small role in jacob’s ladder um with tim robbins and that was a uh was it tim robbins cyber yep yeah 1990 yeah that was a good good good movie trippy movie man if anybody out there has never seen it it’s a great film i mostly know him from double 07. yes arch how about you man what’d you think of jeffrey wright doing the intro he’s awesome but now i’m just thinking of cyber hiring him to read in bedtime stories so the thing it reminds me of i don’t know if you guys have ever if you remember the diablo 3 uh trailer that came out it’s like one of the later ones that came out it was like this epic like thing in the guy who’s talking and it really reminds me of of that guy he’s like this fallen angel character who’s like hiding this uh i forget what they call it now uh offhand but he’s hiding this like really important artifact that nobody can get and he’s just like speaking with this oddly calming but intense voice and and and jeffrey reminds me of that um the one specific scene i think of in the opening to that was when he says uh i think he’s saying something like time isn’t uh linear it’s a prism and then the video just kind of cracks and you see all these different things and it just really it that that moment just kind of feels pretty epic to me and uh jeffrey really brings that out so uh yeah i really appreciate it i think of your um your like template that you do with the shatter and everything oh yeah that’s kind of like yeah that’s the first thing that pops in my head you know what i’m thinking about i don’t know i just popped in my head but he reminds me kind of like uh what they did with uh fish burn in the silver surfer voice uh way back men in the in the second uh and the second fantastic four movie uh when they when they had some receiver come in but jeffrey reminds me of somebody that could do that like this sage but sincere and and awesome warrior sort of kind of voice i could see him doing a similar sort of silver server type thing but he’s doing that with watcher basically so yeah i know he’s awesome well i mean honestly to tell you the truth i really feel like this was the perfect role for him and and if they were gonna if marvel studios was gonna was gonna work with jeffrey wright i really feel like this was literally the perfect casting for him i can’t i can’t imagine him doing anything else in marvel studios and it being effective or like hit or taking advantage of his strengths as an orator you know with that voice he’s got almost that like that james earl jones kind of voice that’s just like very you know dominating or impactful like you know when you hear it um but yeah uh honestly um and again i think that that this kind of lends to a conversation and a discussion that we’ve had personally i know all of us and i and that also you know on the show and that’s the fact that and i’d love to hear you guys opinions on this you know feel free to jump in um you know when it boils down to it marvel studios is the place to be if you’re an actor or an actress nowadays like this is they’re the pinnacle of like the industry like everybody wants to work for marvel studios at this point well not everybody i mean you know obviously what’s your name doesn’t want to be in the fantastic four um you know from jungle cruise i forget her name off the top of my head emily blunt yeah she she doesn’t want to be uh sue storm but um besides her everybody else you know julia louis dreyfus jeffrey wright like these like these like really like like iconic almost like you know type actors and actresses all want to be with marvel and marvel studios so they must be doing something right yeah i mean you know what do you think vincent oh absolutely i mean they if they don’t pull star power they make you a star and that’s that’s the thing is like you know a lot of these people like chris evans he was probably a b or a c lister up until he became captain america and then all of a sudden everybody’s wanting him for their movies so like he you know is the most recent that i saw was knives out and he’s a completely different character in that than captain america and that’s what makes him pretty awesome but you know before that he was just kind of like a minor character in uh scott pilgrim versus the world he did have he always knew he had talent that said oh yeah everybody knew yeah everybody knew that he had talent but then getting the starring role with marvel i think is really what broke him out and made people go i want him specifically um same with robert downing jr had a lot of talent beforehand and was oscar material beforehand and then he went into um the drug use and the rehab and all that stuff and he came out of it and people weren’t sure what was going to happen with him but then he hits iron man and all of a sudden he’s the best star in the world so i think if they don’t pull star power specifically then they will make you a star because everybody knows chris hemsworth now because of this everybody knows chris pratt because of this i mean yeah chris pratt was in uh parks and recreation but i think star-lord is what really made him a star cyber what was the movie that chris evans was in right before he did um the first avenger for marvel what was that movie where um it was like an action movie where he had some kind of like special super power or whatever like well that was after that was made after the first avenger that was push and that came out in 2013. that was a really freaking good movie yeah desmond huzan was in it too yes he was yeah what that was after captain america it was after captain america okay yeah he was good in that i mean that was a great movie i really i remember watching that and really enjoying that um you know uh i in fact i think i even stole it from a chick that i was like hanging out with at that point she had it and i stole it from her because i because i felt because i hopefully she’s not watching her how watching i was just about to say that no it’s okay i don’t mind i really don’t i don’t care if she knows that i stole it or not um she uh she stole one of my rush limbaugh books from me so like it was a payback thing because i i left the rush limbaugh book in her bathroom because like you know that way i could sit and read it and everything when i was there and she just like confiscated it one day and like i never saw it again so you know anyways so um but no um i feel like um arch you know i we obviously we’re going to talk about you know t’challa and episode 2 and what not what if but um you know what do you think what do you think on this whole premise that basically like marvel studios is the place wow at this point yeah i think vincent brings up a good point like uh himsworth has like become a major star um and i don’t know that i don’t think he would have done maybe he would have but i don’t thor is clearly a major jumping off point for him so as same with pratt pratt’s been had a lot of big roles with jurassic park and other things so it’s been a major jumping-off point for him um well you know i i don’t think like obviously just passed which is really unfortunate but that’s relative to this episode but he was getting a ton of roles as well like uh what was it uh seven eight bridges seven bridges what was it called uh he had that it was the one he had come out just uh it was like the last movie can’t come out anyway what was that what was that movie that bozeman was in as a cop or whatever where like in new york it was like seven bridges or something like that 21. 21 bridges uh so yeah i mean i i think a lot of i think a lot of them get a lot of push i know you guys were talking about this a few weeks ago as to whether or not it was some sort of detriment but i don’t think so i mean i guess you run the risk of getting a little typecast perhaps in some of these roles but i don’t i don’t know that anybody has i mean uh zoe saldana has been in a bunch of stuff although she was in a few things before she got the good moral role so i don’t that quite counts but she’s had a lot of roles i think a lot of these people do so it’s great exposure um i i can’t see it as anything but a good thing they make people’s vincent said a household name so that’s cyber um what do you think as far as this whole topic goes what are your thoughts but then also um what do you think you know being that you’re the more knowledgeable guy here on the on the panel as far as like um you know film and the industry and stuff like that and whatnot um do you feel like on top of the topic that it’s already out there do you feel like uh working for marvel studios for a long time sets you up in a good position going going out on your own after that well yeah any studio any big studio that has a big following if you become a part of that you become a part of the family and then you basically have your career set for you i mean that was very evident when you know as we’ve talked in the past year about you know robert downey jr with iron man iron man is what reunited his career and i mean from there on he started doing the sherlock holmes films he did the judge he did you know other films and so forth he did dr doolittle which you know he produced himself it wasn’t a huge hit but still i mean people didn’t care it was robert down in junior they’ll still watch it uh but i mean yeah a lot of these these actors they did stuff prior to becoming these marvel giants but yeah most definitely a lot of them the you know marvel thread for them was their big stepping stone chris evans chris hemsworth chris pratt uh you know karen jillian this made her she had done stuff prior to this but this had made her more of a household name as well uh same thing with zoe zeldana and same thing with you know many other of the people that have been a part of the marvel universe you know they have they have done plenty of films before this but because they already had some sort of star power from the previous experience marvel was able to basically accentuate that and make it even more big and so you know that’s you know if you get into a good company or a company that has a lot of backing power it’ll make you famous and that’s what marvel is doing with a lot of these actors because the marvel universe is so huge now and so popular that it has become you know one of the biggest conglomerates for the movie industry i mean you can i mean if even if you went back you know back to 2011 right when you know the first avenger was coming out you know along with thor uh before avengers hit i mean a lot of people probably said yeah i know a little bit about marvel you know there was the two iron man films and then there’s a couple new ones coming out but they weren’t like you know super excited like they are now because we’ve had 23 movies that you know have have started this huge climactic you know story and universe that is slowly expanding now with all these other films and so i mean it’s it’s become this huge giant you know expanding universe and so that just makes like i said makes anybody super popular so yeah i mean a lot of these people i feel you know this was really their big outing for them and what made them what they are well yeah i mean would you and you tell me i i believe i remember hearing that weren’t they actually just recently filming um uh uh sherlock holmes three with rdj uh that has been in the works uh since the second one came out uh over the years they’ve said oh yeah we’re gonna start working on it we’re gonna start working out we have a script we have a director stuff like that um i think it was the beginning of or the middle of last year they supposedly said they had they had everything together and that they were going to start filming um i haven’t heard anything else since then although they are but last thing i remember rdj saying um recently i saw one of his like post on twitter and like a lot of it was referencing sherlock holmes so i think they might be filming it uh or they have already filmed it and it should be coming out within the next year or so i hope so because i’m a fan of that that franchise i really am i think rdj is excellent in those films i really yeah both of those ones were good oh yeah great um oh and cyber what do you think about the um what do you think about the influence on the rest of the film industry with the superhero genre being as popular as it is when it comes to these contracts that marvel studios signs with these actors and actresses like the ones that they gave the original six avengers and whatnot what do you think the ramifications are on the rest of the industry with that type of deal going on i i mean i honestly don’t think there’s any ramifications from it i mean you know these people it’s solely a marvel studios thing and it’s not going to become a widespread kind of thing where well no i mean it’s our most studios have contracts that they create with the actors to do several films that is nothing new that has been going on for years now uh universal paramount uh disney you know fox before they became merged with disney and everything they pretty much any actor that was big at the time they would create a contract for the actor that usually either was between two or four movies so this is nothing new this is something that’s just always going on what marvel did is they just made it bigger is what they did they just extended it to like six to seven films where unlike the other studios where they only do a couple for them because usually when they have a contract when they bring somebody in they want them civically force a whole bunch of films they already have slated to come out or to be created by them so that they can get you know the popularity from it and bring in the money so i mean that’s pretty much what’s always going on but with with marvel it’s it’s just what they do and i think it’s a good idea i really do because if they basically lay out that plan like they do because like they have said in the past a lot of their you know uh documentaries and stuff like that and just like open shows and stuff talk about upcoming projects they say we already have had 10 to 15 years in advance of what we’re gonna do so i mean they already have what they think they’re going to be making and producing and directing and all that stuff ahead of time so when they have these actors sign these contracts for six seven movies it’s because they are making sure they have that actor that they have in mind for that role already set into the the role so that they don’t have to worry about going back and trying to get them again because they’re working on another project because if they have them in that contract then they have to they’re obligated to do that film so that’s kind of like why they do it like that so that they kind of guarantee themselves that actor or actress so that they can make that movie that they already been talking about like three or four years in the future excellent so just a quick advisement to uh arch and to uh vincent um for future reference after this uh episode of what if next time we get together week three um you know we’re going to start like doing a segment where we’re going to ask everybody to find one what if comic book story that they can bring up and talk about like one issue that they like right now what’s that said i could do that right now well right now would you be prepared or able to like put to throw something like that together during the show or or i have no idea i can look one up but i’ve honestly never i’m familiar with what if but i never really got into my my comic book experience was um going back and finding uh major arcs the characters had gone through and collecting those issues but i what if was was never one of them i went back and got key moments of thor and key moments of iron man and major long runs of daredevil and captain america but i never got any what ifs cyborg you got one laying around or do you want to wait until next time uh no i don’t have one so i have to look for one all right well i’ll tell you what we will we’ll half and half it because if vincent can do one i’ve got one prepared right now so like next week we’ll expect everybody to like you know take a couple minutes and go find one you know and you’re in your like you know homework or whatever and we’ll do a segment on that where everybody can kind of like pitch their you know their favorite what if or whatever one that they thought was interesting but um i want to point out really quick that these uh cyber and i are going to be launching starting um coming up with some type of uh dcu focused um new podcast or new youtube channel or something like that that is going to be um art you’ll be you’ll be happy about to please about that we’re going to be we’re going to be coming up with a new show essentially that’s going to be linked to the mcu’s bleeding edge but it’s going to be different and it’s going to be focused on non-mcu content so we’re going to cover the dcu um you know when we start doing reviews of the dc animated films we’re going to be doing it on that show so you know at that point if anybody wants to like you know give me any good ideas or opinions as far as like what kind of title i should go with just let me know because like i i could use the help um but anyways i you know arch you’ll definitely be welcomed down brother you too vincent so look look be prepared to talk some dcu uh so finally all right what if episode two very very very interesting could somebody tell me cyber did you see how long the episode was entirely 35 minutes 35 minutes okay so basically long story short as far as the premise of this episode goes the plot’s very simple um you know uh basically the the ravagers accidentally abduct um t’challa instead of peter quill uh because of the vibranium in wakanda it sets off their scans or whatever and so they think that that’s who they’re supposed to be abducting and um they’re stupid so they they abduct the wrong kid it turns out to be t’challa but he’s like happy about it like because he wants to see the world the universe or whatever so he’s all like happy and um you know it starts off kind of similarly you know to like you know the first episode with peggy carter mirroring the uh you know the first avenger we get like an intro scene where you see t’challa as star-lord just like you know guardians of the galaxy he’s going to get the power stone and then korath shows up with some cards and um you know things go a little bit different in this you know situation than they do in guardians of the galaxy it turns out that t’challa is like a robin hood of like you know uh outlaws or whatever out there like in the galaxy so korath is like kissing his ass and everything and like asking if he can be on his team and everything and whatnot and uh basically um starting off with that uh go into you um arch what do you think like i mean what was your take kind of on where things were at with the episode before we get the introduction of thanos and nebula and everything like that i i think the thing i thought was coolest about it is figuring out that it was an accident like how they got him and and i i didn’t think this through enough because i when i first heard about this episode i was like so he’s ego’s kid and then i didn’t realize that meant like somehow ego would have had to have like hooked up with the queen of wakanda somehow and like how do they not figure this out so anyway so i i i was glad that that wasn’t the thing because i hadn’t even thought about that oh yeah that would have made no sense and i was actually wondering if that was a conversation in the writer’s room at one point where they were like wait a minute we can’t do that because then you got to explain how this even happened but i thought it was fun that it was an accident um i’m sure we’ll get to the end i love the ending bit uh with peter quill actually meeting ego and i thought that was pretty interesting in terms of it actually made me wonder if this especially after watching the first episode and then watching this episode i i keep uh thinking in the back of my mind is this going anywhere long term like is there anything bigger going on here than just the episode to episode stuff that’s going on i know lord deathman who’s been on here a couple of times and his of course is on the podcast champions all the time but um he’s he was really a big proponent that he thinks there’s more going on to this series than we might think and i’m not i’m not totally convinced that’s true but it does really seem like they’re setting up something with the ego that we’re gonna at least go back and visit so uh that’ll be curious but i just overall i just love the interplay i loved how t’challa’s star-lord creates this whole different vibe he’s not the bumbling oaf uh nobody’s ever heard of and who keeps messing stuff up he’s this guy who’s bought brought this kingly calm and leadership to the entire galaxy which fits his character and i thought that was a fun story beat to kind of take the rest of this instead of the peter quill version of it well we’re going to get to chawa in four total episodes and what if there’s gonna be three more episodes with t’challa featured in the episodes this i did not know that’s really cool yes yes so um vincent what do you think what was your what was your take or what what what did you take out of i guess things in the episode with the intro before we get to the thanos nebula nightclub scene or whatever um and also what do you think of the fact that we’re going to see t’challa three more times in the series i think it’s really sad to hear chadwick boseman’s voice knowing that this is one of the last things we’re going to get to hear or see him in that’s new um i really loved chadwick boseman as t’challa i thought he was phenomenal in the role um i love how pure t’challa is in all of this like that he’s basically the reason why the galaxy is at peace and they’re working on feeding all of the hungry and all of that stuff and it’s that’s just so pure and amazing to me that they brought that to the characters still and especially knowing that they wrote that before he passed away that he did it that well so that makes me really sad um however like the rest of the episode i i really super enjoyed so far up to like the introductions of thanos and whatnot um the fact that um uh where was i going with that uh i’ve completely lost my train of thought oh i love yondu because yondu is one of my favorite characters from any of the movies i wish he was in infinity war and and game but unfortunately you know died in uh guardians of galaxy 2 spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen this 2014 or 17 movie um yeah uh yondu is a lot of fun michael rooker is an amazing actor i like seeing him in suicide squad as well i think he’s great in that even just for the little amount of time he has on screen i won’t go too much into detail on that um yeah it was really great characters really fun artwork i love jaimon hansu his reaction to meeting star-lord and being like a hero of his and fan girling out was a lot of fun um yeah i think it was just generally a really wholesome good episode to watch and i was i was smiling the entire time i loved it i loved it and cyber same thing to you what were your thoughts on the fact that i’m sure you probably already knew that the child was going to be in the series for another three times anything strike your you know your that you noticed or anything or paid attention to really i mean that intro was really good i mean yeah it was kind of mirroring image mirror imaging you know guardians galaxy vol 1 except with t’challa being taken instead of peter kwell uh i thought there was a lot of great humor in those first few scenes i love that they brought back sean gunn uh dishman who’s on two you know all these characters voices at least they had them come back and play their character voices and i just i i thought it was hilarious i was laughing the whole time this whole beginning intro i think it’s hilarious that brought taser face into this when taserface was only in volume two uh so i was really shocked that they had brought him into this but i mean they brought in thanos they brought in you know all these other characters and stuff but i think it’s hilarious that they brought him in too uh but i thought it was just a really great introduction yeah the whole fingering thing you know korath being a fangirl of star-lord uh i think that’s kind of like and kind of honoring i think you know chadwick bosman a little bit that’s probably why they had it that but that was freaking hilarious and just was made me crack up so hard uh and it just was a really well-rounded beginning to uh you know given us a little different take of what you know guardians of the galaxy could have been if t’challa was the star-lord character instead of peter quill being the star-lord character so i thought it was really great i mean there was there was really great scenery i mean the great camaraderie between yondu and you know even as a little kid you know not him being afraid of being taken by them and just kind of like that whole like the whole setup to what was going to be happening was really awesome too and i thought it was really done well and uh just a really great start to the episode yeah you know i’ll tell you um i really like korath is somebody that i really enjoy i like uh damon hanju i really do i always have um he was really really good in um oh man there was this film that he was on he was in in the 90s with matthew mcconaughey um where um i think it was called amistad or something like that um you know where he was like a slave um that like fought for his freedom or whatever like in court steven spielberg film yeah yeah 1997. that’s a great film yeah really he was in gladiator as well that’s the first time i remember seeing him oh yeah oh yeah yeah um yeah i’ll tell you what matthew mcconaughey was really good in that in that movie as a lawyer and that was when he was young all right all right all right yeah that’s right um so basically uh moving on from there we get into the entire scene where we get reintroduced to uh a kind of different nebula um we actually get thanos which surprised the [ __ ] out of me that they threw thanos into the picture um i did not expect that i found it to be a little bit like kind of like overdoing it to tell you the truth like as far as like you know like it was one thing when korath was like boy you know man crushing on like star-lord and everything but when like thanos was just like hanging out like he’s a ravager now or whatever you know like i thought that was kind of far-fetched but um it was funny it was it was funny um but uh basically um nebula has a wig now uh or whatever she has hair she actually looks pretty pretty hot um in the animated in the what-if episode i thought um and he still thanos’s daughter but thanos is a is a good guy now because t’challa like convinced him that his plans were never weren’t good so now he’s a good guy and um nebula and t’challa uh you know cook up a plan to go um steal uh from the collector um what was that substance called uh i wrote it down somewhere the embers of genesis which basically would like create food on like multiple multiple planets multiple worlds that would feed millions of worlds or whatever they said basically so you tell me guys i mean you already told me you know you already heard what i thought of like thanos popping up and everything and whatnot on going to you again cyber what did you think man like i mean did you did you find that just the whole thing with thanos funny i enjoyed it i thought it was awesome i wish this was the thanos we got infinity war and an end game i think this would have made those movies a lot better because then he wouldn’t want to kill everyone but i thought it was absolutely freaking hilarious i absolutely loved it i thought it was a great different take on thanos i love that josh brolin came back and did his voice yeah and like when he fights his former members uh later on that was really awesome too i just i loved the i loved the whole aspect of thanos i thought it was a great addition to that episode and i just thought it made the whole episode even more fun i really enjoyed it the dark order the dark order now is still there but since thanos became a good guy the dark order now works for the collector so um you know so uh vincent um what did you think man what was your take on the nightclub scene with uh drax as the bartender and uh us us getting the reveal of thanos were you surprised yeah i i’m not so happy with how they treated thanos in this uh very similar to a lot of people being upset about how they treated hulk during the infinity war oh he looked like a little [ __ ] didn’t he yeah exactly um so thanos got the the [ __ ] treatment in this one you know he they built him up to be this big bad that can beat the hulk and you know the black order they bow to him and all that stuff and then all of a sudden he has trouble with two of the black order when they’re fighting him and i don’t like that they they’ve made him out to such a [ __ ] you know if they had all four of the black order fighting him and he was struggling a little bit that i could get but because it was just two of them i’m like come on so that kind of irritated me but um i love seeing drax in there seeing that his family was saved that he got to live with his wife and daughter that was pretty cool um i love all the voices that came and did their stuff benicio del toro jaimon hansu chadwick boseman of course you know they brought all those people in that was really cool um yeah so it’s uh it’s a little rough what they did to my boy thanos but other than that i think it was it’s been pretty good arch what did you think of the version of nebula that we got oh i absolutely love that uh i i was debating whether i wanted to leave without her or thanos but so i i love i really i really wanted to see an in-game um nebula she had like she was almost there with the gauntlet and i almost wanted to see her wish to to to be the whatever ideal version of herself that she considers because that happened in the comics if you guys remember she was all zombified for like a long time and then all of a sudden it was like an issue five or six or something like that she she suddenly is his beautiful nebula like original self or whatever so i was almost hoping to see that in live action so i was really happy to see that here i i thought it was great um regarding the uh the thanos thing this is probably a prime example of why i just don’t think you’re supposed to take this series all that seriously it’s it’s a it’s a ground it’s a playground for them to do new ideas that they wouldn’t do in the films and they’re not interested in in doing in the film so they’re like hey you know what wacky thanos why not so i i you know i think that’s i think that’s fine because i just think you’re not really suppo you’re just supposed to have fun with these and i just don’t think you’re supposed to take them all that seriously which is great um the other scene that i noticed that in primarily in this episode was their whole plan to get in to infiltrate um the collector’s base involves starting a fight outside and then for some reason proxima midnight just completely abandons their posts like they have nobody else to take care of this but that’s what would happen in a cartoon somehow this scooby-doo thing just sort of works just sort of works out and it’s fine but it’s it’s stuff like that this show’s just supposed to be kind of wacky fun and that’s that’s fine i’m cool with all that as long as it’s yeah that stuff would not work in the films because you’d be like oh that doesn’t make any sense but it’s who cares it’s a cartoon so you’re saying that you’re just all good with it completely because like my attitude towards it is kind of like if they keep on going in this direction with these episodes i’m honestly going to start to get a little bit irritated at some point i don’t really care about what if and i don’t i don’t mean that to say that i don’t like the episodes i just don’t care where they’re going they can do whatever they want i don’t care like like it’s it’s it’s fun they can just have fun with it they can do any wacky stuff they want whatever i’ll just i’ll just watch i’m gonna have fun with it it’s not like something i’m really all that worried about if they come in and they just totally go like take a left turn with some character that’s fine yeah i want to go ahead and put it out there right now i’m sorry go ahead go ahead vincent i was gonna say that i understand that like what if scenarios are not for everybody you know these things are about as close to fan scripts as you can possibly get people on the internet doing fan fiction that’s about what these are if the writers of marvel was doing the fan fiction so they’re a little bit higher quality than what you would find on you know 4chan or something but they’re going to be a little bit less quality than you know earth 616. well you know i just want to put it out there i was on um oh there’s cyber i was on um there you are cyber um i would anyways uh it was uh i guess let’s see on um last night actually well it was last night i was actually a a guest on a podcast uh that i cannot off the top of my head remember the name of unfortunately but um i was actually on a podcast plugging the mcu’s bleeding edge and doing a segment um talking about the multiverse and what if and everything and um essentially uh actually the uh the guy gerald that like i was on his show his podcast is actually carried on like multiple multiple radio stations so it was actually kind of like a high profile kind of thing but um oh and you know what i was on tv the other day too guys arch i didn’t tell you that earlier i actually was on tv the other day really i was on um our friend wise um who is a friend of the mcu’s bleeding edge i’ve known him for for a while back now since i first started content creating he’s he’s a podcaster his podcast is called stuck on my mind and he invited cyber and i onto his radio station we just have not actually uh figured out how to add our show to the schedule yet so we’re not we’re not being played on there yet but very soon we will be and uh he also um is on a t like an actual tv channel um and like they have actual advertisements and everything it’s very professional like um you know like i had to talk to a producer before i got on the show like before i actually like went on and everything you got all these connections man this is great yeah i was on tv man it was really interesting um but um anyways so bottom line um i just wanted to kind of get into the fact that my take like you were talking about arch is that i really really really don’t believe that we’re going to get this we’re going to see a bunch of live action stuff that’s going to come out of what if i don’t i really don’t see it happening um i know there’s a lot of rumors about it and whatnot and everything and if any of you guys want to chime in on this you know feel free just raise your hand up or whatever and let me know that you want to get in um but like uh you know i feel like i just don’t see it happening unless something really stands out or something or catches fire or something like that with one of these episodes i don’t think that’s the direction they’re gonna go because i don’t think they want to get too crazy with this multiverse stuff because you can overdo it you know we’ve been talking about that pretty recently in fact our phase four uh mcu discussion was about the multiverse and how far you can go with that concept before it starts to just become meaningless like if it starts to become this thing where just literally anything can happen at any time then it’s like well what are you doing like like there’s no suspense there’s no there’s no wait till a lot of stuff you’re doing so i i’m i don’t think it’s super super crazy where it’s just stuff showing up from out of nowhere but we’ll see like i believe i haven’t checked it on this a lot of you but i’ve heard that they’re doing a live action captain carter i don’t think all of these things are going to come back out only to um i think anybody else want to jump in on that cyber vincent yeah i’ll go in so i think what they’re going to do is have kind of like two timelines or maybe you know multiple that basically converge on a second timeline um i’ve seen some different trailers and tv spots and things where they show like a lineup of the avengers that involves the t’challa star-lord uh what they call party thor which should come up in another episode uh captain carter and they’re all doing that lineup from the original avengers movie where the camera pans around them in a circle and so i think they’re gonna have those characters converge on a timeline and then potentially if something comes from it where some people are just like i am obsessed with this character and what if i need this project to be live action they could pull from it and be like oh yeah we’re gonna do a live action captain carter series like you mentioned earlier um or they could do you know something else like do party thought have a different actor playing a younger version of thor from that universe it could be any number of things and then eventually what uh ash meant there or talked about earlier with the secret wars um if they did something like that then they could bring in some of the live-action versions that originated from what if and how even bigger crossover than was in the end of end game yeah i understand what you’re saying uh cyber honestly don’t think they have anything planned for live action from the marvel what if series at all i i don’t believe they have anything planned uh i have not heard any rumors that they plan on it uh i have heard though uh going back to what art was saying about the live-action captain carter ever since agent carter was on shortly after that show was ending haley atwald had said that they were thinking about doing a a movie about her um but that kind of fell to the wayside so i don’t know if that’s like that same principle or that same talk that they were talking about earlier like a few years back um but that possibly could be possible and especially with the kind of like um reigniting of captain carter because of this what if episode we might end up seeing that because i know hayley will just said since this episode come out she says there are talks in the works for me to make a reappearance in the mcu so that might be what they’re talking about well i mean we’ll see what happens i guess but i mean like um i guess if they were going to bring her back it would make sense that they would do a movie that makes sense to me i get that but that would that would be the right way to do it you know like if they were going to do captain carter or something like that um that they would do it in a film but um anyways moving on with episode two so essentially like i mentioned before um nebula and t’challa uh hatch a plan to steal from the the collector um the uh again i forget what the hell i keep training was called the embers of genesis and essentially basically um when they go there um among the things that happens is that t’challa actually finds his necklace is his to his like wakanda necklace his vibranium necklace from from when he was a kid starts to like light up and everything and whatnot and stuff like and it just happens that there’s a there’s a wakandan [ __ ] like the collector has and basically he finds out that like his father and his family have been looking for him in space and everything i guess you know which was cool i dug that they’ve been trying to find him um and basically um we end up getting into a position where there’s a double cross with nebula and then um you know at one point t’challa gets locked up like in one of the well howard the duck pops up which is cool as hell i thought that was really tight um howard the duck popped up was which was great but um basically uh long story short with the whole thing t’challa ends up like as like you know one of his like uh the collectors like objects and he like um nebula comes back and like he breaks out and he fights uh the collector and and in this version of like of of reality the collector is like a badass like he’s ripped he’s like built like and he’s got all kinds of like marvel easter egg weapons just like hanging out like all over the place like thor’s hammer like freaking um uh uh what’s her name um the fourth hell is hell is like crown and um and sword or whatever uh captain america shield um you know a bunch of different stuff so apparently in this reality you know like all those people must be dead um but basically going i mean honestly because like this whole thing happened pretty quickly and then we get the end of it where you know um uh t’challa you know like let’s you know uh rondu know that he knows that like his family’s been looking for him and wakanda wasn’t destroyed like they’re you know wakanda’s actually still there and everything and yondu lied to him um and then we get the end you know aspect of the of the show where you know thanos gets his ass beat by like two of the dark order like we talked about um and they have like a you know a running away scene and everything and there’s fighting and nebula ends up being a good guy at the end so out of all that like you know deal um going to you vincent um what did you you know obviously other other like besides thanos getting his ass beat um like you know and looking like he was a wimp and he couldn’t even fight which i also like did not like at all um what did you get out of that whole deal like what stood out to you like with the the scenes with the collector for instance i think the overall theme of the episode was nature versus nurture when it comes to like your family and how things will turn out for you um so we see the family that star-lord chooses in this episode and in the original guardians of the galaxy as being more important than his actual family uh in the original guardians of the galaxy that’s what it’s supposed to be is that the family you choose is more important than the family you’re born with but in this it’s more of the family that you choose can be as good as the family that you’re born into and i think that was a very strong message that came across in this and um one thing that i wish that they hadn’t glossed over so much was um yondu lying to uh t’challa that kind of irritated me that he gave forgave him so quickly but then i went and sat and thought about it for just a second and i’m like they’re right to write it that way because that was t’challa’s nature um you could tell that throughout the episode that forgiveness love kindness those types of things are what t’challa is trying to bring to the universe and so i think he would have forgiven him very quickly and so i i do like that aspect of it as well so that’s you made really some really good points there i think it’s very important to point out that it really was you know refreshing and really an interesting spin on star-lord the star-lord character that asked with with t’challa as star-lord he actually even convinces yondu to be a good a good guy you know like um so you know it’s it’s an interesting dynamic but um arch same question posed to you you know like out of that whole part of the episode you know that meat part where we have like you know the battle between t’challa and the collector um you know and all the howard the duck um you know what did you really take out of that what stood out to you i feel like these are like full-length films like in 35 minutes and i think you can only do that in animation there’s there’s something about animation where you just don’t spend as long on i don’t know why i don’t know how it works in animation that you just can get through material much faster but it does uh like if you did the same story in live action it’d be an hour and a half like no problem um but i mean basically the entire first avenger film in the first episode they just ran back through stuff you can just get away with montages and quick cuts and characters only saying a couple lines to get the the point across and i think it makes for um i don’t know i guess it contributes to you know my this these shows are for like you know a little more for fun than to really get emotional depth out of these characters not that it isn’t there because it is um like you know each little thing they do about you know him forgiving yondu or uh you know him you know coming to terms with his family like those those those moments are there but they’re so fast you’re just kind of like on to the next thing or like nebula’s double then triple cross and you’re trying to figure out what’s going on there they’re like just just trust me this is what’s going on and then you just kind of moved on to the next thing there’s not really a lot of time to absorb those things which is fine i just think that’s the way this is structured and you’re just supposed to have kind of fun with it um and then i’m glad you brought up power of the duck because i thought that that was probably my favorite part of the episode not that he was in there but how they used him like they get him and he’s supposed to be helping out but then they stumble across a bar and howard it’s like hey man it’s happy hour that’s it that kind of the only thing with that for me was like how does how does it make any sense that there would be a freaking bar there who cares that’s what i’m saying like this is just it’s what if man just go with it just go with it yeah there’s a bar there and that’s and howard just he has to sit down and get a drink and that’s it he’s out of the episode didn’t do a thing that’s it yeah i thought it was great it’s called fantasy people yeah if you take the if you take any of this too seriously you might want to go get alive no anyways but yeah i just it’s it’s it’s all all fantasy people fantasy arch did you enjoy how the story flushed out like at that point in the in the episode did you like that what did you think of the uh the fight scenes with t’challa and the collector and uh you know nebula jumped in and yeah i thought they were all fun like uh the the the fact that he had hella’s powers for a second and then yondu comes flying in and that worked out uh i mean for you know we can talk about how you know whether or not thanos should have been able to to beat uh the you know the two black order members or not i mean i didn’t agree with you in the live-action version there’s no way they’re taking him out but it’s what if and you know it’s whatever i like it reminds me of actually in the first episode i have a similar thought where the uh the hydra tentacle monster whatever like um crushes red skull in like an instant but then peggy can just push this thing back and again again i it’s it’s something that in this context of this of an animated show i’m just not worried about like it’s if this is live action i’d be like what the [ __ ] but i mean it’s it’s not so i’m not that worried about it i did not like that at all i didn’t think that that made any sense that peggy could push that freaking monster through the portal maybe it doesn’t but i’m not i’m not i’m honest i’m seriously not watching this show for it to make sense i’m really not i’m just watching it to have a good time these these these uh the fights were fun um that’s it that i i like it’s actually my favorite part of these shows right now like i said earlier is when they take a similar scene and you kind of know sort of what to expect but then they do look like a clever little twist like you know you know star-lord’s walking in there to steal the orb and you know um i’m forgetting his name right now uh hanzo’s character is is coming in to uh to stop him but then oh he likes him he’s a you know he’s a fan of him and you know it’s just they they just kind of flip what’s going on with the scene in ways you wouldn’t expect and that to me is like what’s interesting about this show i’m not too i don’t care if like thanos couldn’t beat the guy whatever like i just like the the clever use of the scenes well yeah i mean i mean it is fun uh cyber um same you know same part of the you know the episode the uh the middle to like the end of it what you took out of it but then also if you want to also talk about maybe a little bit about um how things close out with the episode as far as them going back to wakanda with the ravagers and everything and whatnot and like that whole deal i mean it’s all it was all done really great i really enjoyed the episode like i was saying before i thought every single part of it was fun that was enjoyable i thought it was hilarious and fun uh you know getting a little bit into you know the thanos fight i mean yes you know in live action reality yes i’m sure thanos would have beaten his own two you know goons basically easily but that’s how it changes in what if is the fact that it’s supposed to be an alternate reality so hence they would make thanos different than the thanos we know from the live action so i understood why they did it that way yeah i want to see thanos beat everyone up i thought he did i thought he did a good job of defending himself i thought he did really fun and i thought that was a really great scene and just really enjoyed i mean then going on you know you had you know nebula turn it around you had uh you know them going back to conda and seeing you know everyone i think it was hilarious that they have one of the condoms there’s talking to thanos and thanos and she’s like all of a sudden she goes that sounds like genocide that was freaking hilarious and just that i was like that was super hilarious and that whole it’s rare yeah and i thought the whole ending sequence was really cool because you got to see more wakanda and you got to see that same vibe that you got from like black panther and stuff like that and how you know t’challa he’s such a different person than you know peter quill is peter squill is very emotional he’s all about his emotions where t’challa being the you know king that he is he’s very poised he’s very you know meticulous he’s very uh you know in control of his emotions and so you can see the difference in how they took the you know if say t’challa was the guard in the galaxy film versus the peter quill version you can see through that ending sequence how different the child and peter quill are and i thought that’s what made that such a great episode is because you got to see this whole other aspect of what could have happened not you know that it is going to happen in live action but that this is what another alternate reality could be and i just thought they did a really good job with that i really enjoyed the episode i thought it was a lot better than the first episode and i just thought everything about it was really fun i would agree with you 100 i believe that also that that the second episode was much better than the first episode i really did feel that way um i feel like um of course also we did see a scene at the end where peter quill is working at like dairy queen or something like that or whatever or and um like uh you know ego shows up um to like get find him or whatever you know does anybody want to elaborate anything with you know to that or add anything to that whole scene or you guys think go ahead aren’t you anybody think we’re actually going to like maybe see something like you know more with that like later on just a little personal i think i definitely think so but just a little personal tip i have been to that restaurant like it’s just outside of atlanta on the east side it’s so it was so cool watching that scene because i i’ve gone out of my way to a couple of filming locations around atlanta before when i was traveling through on work and and i’ve been outside of that one it was like the trippiest thing to look at that and go i was basically sitting right where that camera angle is like looking at the building so it was kind of cool the uh you mean it wasn’t actually in missouri it’s not actually in missouri it’s in atlanta you can go there anybody it’s around atlanta it’s right outside it’s not too hard to get to um be uh there’s a couple other locations we can talk about them later that i’ve been to but they’re it’s pretty cool stuff there are a lot in atlanta the um the uh oh yeah no i definitely think they’re getting back to this i i i just felt the way they ended this with i forget exactly what uh they said but they you know they had they haven’t really touched on what peter was doing but then they need to make a clear statement that peter’s just a normal duty or has no idea about any of this he’s just a completely random guy has no idea he’s he’s half celestial and then to have ego show up and be like yeah here i am like i feel like they’re almost telling you they’re going to wrap that up somehow i feel like i does anybody anybody disagree i feel like they’re going with that oh no i totally agree i think they’re going to have a full episode around that maybe not this season maybe this season or maybe second season who knows i mean they’re setting up other things for season two so yeah um i do think that the way that’s gonna play out is that with peter not having met the guardians of the galaxy and gone through the adventures and the changes and whatnot that he’s had experiences with them i don’t think that he’s going to be able to resist um egos like wanting him to spread his seed as it would um and i think that it will start to take over the maybe the planet or the country or whatever and somebody will have to fight him as well as ego off i think it’ll be the two of them versus somebody probably dr strange will show up or something but um i think that’s where they’re going with that one yeah i think that i think we’re gonna see dr strange either two or three times altogether in the what if series uh which makes sense that he would be a big part of like the series you know you would expect that um well i’ll tell you what guys um let’s change the change things up let’s change the pace hey uh we’ll talk to you later isaac um you got you’d be good man have fun at school man isaac is a young fan of the mcu’s bleeding edge he’s a supporter of ours and uh isaac we appreciate seeing you again as always brother um so let’s go ahead and dive into our final segment which could be who knows how long you never know uh but we’re gonna go ahead and all right who has actually seen the iron fist netflix series arch have you seen it okay arch has seen it cyber you haven’t seen it nope vincent you haven’t seen that nope nope i haven’t seen it okay so art you can handle watching these trailers right absolutely all right all right arch doesn’t like trailers vincent trailer hater that’s true well don’t put it on your truck then you have not been home in days you barely sleep when you are home how many times a night you light that fist up i see how much you’re pushing yourself just trying to keep the peace what am i supposed to do i didn’t ask the iron fist i’m fighting for what i believe in no matter the cost what are you fighting for i’m trying to do what’s right i didn’t expect to see you here brother we have family matters to discuss you were trained together i fought my brother there is no changing what happened you feel that you can just walk through this world as if it belongs to you the iron fist is not a weapon to be held it is to be used now you’ll give me words of mine brother you will suffer the iron fist that was one of them we can stop him but i need help you’re not alone but we can’t save everyone i can’t just sit here and do nothing i have become the thing you never had the strength to be history doesn’t decide what happens next we do we should do this more often dinner out a movie date night hi i’m danny rand i’ve uh been away a long time let’s go you don’t belong here i’m danny rand guys i just want to talk welcome to ranch enterprises i left here 10 years old in a jet with my parents i became the lone survivor danny rand back from the dead why’s he waited this long to show up how the hell did he learn martial arts where’d you train conlon my father instilled in me a love and respect for this company that has never faded this is my home rand is my company this city is no place for danny right we put in practice and discipline no giving up no giving it what happened to you why are you really back here some bad people have gotten on the inside criminals i know what they are but they can do to fight them we need someone with special skills i’ve been training my whole life for this this is my destiny it’s time i’m going with you no you’re not you need me the change is coming then become what you were meant to be i am the iron fist the hell does that mean was that rosario dawson from daredevil absolutely yes no [ __ ] they do a lot of crossovers in all of the netflix shows and and they’re i think they’re all great like misty knight is in this who’s primarily a luke cage person i think they do a great job with the crossovers and throughout the the netflix series all right well let’s get some fresh reactions from these trailers now i’m sorry i played them out of order guys obviously that was like uh season two first and then season one so that was my bad um blame it on the hennessy baby um but uh anyways cyber what are your thoughts man are you are you any more excited about watching iron fist now or like or could you give a [ __ ] less i mean i honestly already wanted to watch it to begin with i mean and i mean watching the trailers i had seen the trailers before so this was not my first time watching them uh but i even though i haven’t watched the series yet but still at the same time i mean it does excite you i mean watching trailers like you know you love your trailers and uh we you gotta watch them you get excited you wanna watch the show so i mean watching those trailers definitely got me more excited about wanting to watch it um definitely watching him out of order really confused the hell out of me it didn’t confuse me but at the same time i thought it seemed like that was the second season versus the first season when i went how you directed them there but uh still yeah it got me excited i’m looking forward to checking them out eventually and uh i think it’ll be a fun show to watch that’s right everybody just so you know just so we’re clear again everybody here but arch has not seen iron fist yet so like we’re working our way to it uh cyber and i are both on uh season two of daredevil um and vincent you’ve seen you you’ve watched daredevil already haven’t you yeah i watched daredevil when it first came out each of the seasons you just haven’t watched iron fist i iron fist and jessica jones are the two that i never got to watch i did see luke cage punisher daredevil and the defenders oh well dude at that point you gotta go back and watch those shows man yeah i probably need to i especially want to watch um jessica jones because i love david tennant and kristen ritter the two of them are phenomenal actors so it’s it would be cool to see them working together yeah kristen ritter is great as jessica jones she really is i really think that they should bring her into the mcu like out of the people that from the netflix series that i think they should bring in i think that she’s one of like the two or three that deserves to like be in the mcu yeah like seriously and she would be a perfect fit for the she-hulk disney plus series i love charlie cox as daredevil too i think he’s phenomenal and john barenthal’s punisher we’re going to get charlie cox daredevil in the mcu like it’s weird i hope so i mean they just haven’t released any any details on the contract on negotiations but i wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already worked it all out you know what i mean they just haven’t let us know yet you know what i’m saying like what do you think cyber i think they probably already have a contract figured out well i mean if he he would if he’s already going to be in the she-hulk series and if he does make his cameo in spider-man far from home uh or no way home i should say uh he already has a contract already done yeah i mean if he’s doing anything he’s already had a contract done yeah yeah and like let’s be honest here we’re talking about kevin feige in marvel studios here arch so like you know at that point i’m sure that they can figure out what they’re what they want to do with their devil no absolutely yeah if they’re bringing them in they’ll have a longer term plan with them um i don’t want to spoil the these series at all for you but uh yeah definitely check out check out jessica jones that was actually one of my favorites of of the uh of the whole group daredevil was was an awesome run of three seasons uh jessica jones uh especially the first season was magnificent david tennant is awesome i don’t want to spoil any of that at all but it’s it’s pretty incredible and i really like what they do with the second two seasons seasons two and three they get really personal with her there’s a pretty solid twist on season three that i really enjoyed um iron fist luke is interesting vincent’s already seen it um uh i would say first half of season one is really really good i really enjoyed season two latter half of season one’s a little curious it’s not bad but it’s just interesting with what they do with it i’ll just say that if you guys haven’t seen it um the iron fist is interesting um just to kind of set you guys up with this because this this is the one series they got a little bit of pushback um a fair amount of pushback i’ll just be don’t worry about the spoilers man the show came out three years ago we’ll be okay no i know i just don’t i don’t want to say too much but so what else what i’ll say about it is that um if if this were something they were doing in the films you would get um something probably more akin to the immortal tournament or something like that that we that was in the immortal iron fist series that came out in the comics where it’s he’s really super mystically powered and he’s fighting other super mystically powered beings here what you get in the show and i’m not sure if it’s a show or if it was because it’s a show or if there were budgetary concerns or if they’re if they just really i got the feeling that they really wanted to to start from sort of a grounded level and build him up and so it does come off as is as a little not a ton of happening all the time it’s it’s uh there’s there’s a little bit of you know family drama and work drama and he’s he’s he’s super naive fish out of water guy which makes a lot of sense in the context of what’s going on in the comics of course he’s like this near tony stark level billionaire fully capable guy who’s also super powered but here he’s kind of like coming to grips with his superpowers he can kind of barely use them he doesn’t know anything about american business he’s he’s making decisions that don’t aren’t really business sensible because he’s he’s an idealist uh so but as long as you approach it as he’s this light-hearted guy who’s kind of learning and he grows he does get more powerful and there’s much more action in season two so i do i think it’s definitely worth a watch just as long as you know what you’re getting into and you’re not expecting crazy badass guy well i gotta ask though that like those trailers were very light on like hand-to-hand combat i noticed you and i right right so is that the deal like should we just should we not expect like daredevil level like hand-to-hand combat to be going on in the series there’s there’s some really good scenes like they do a really good hallway scene where you saw like for a second you saw like an axe flying past his face that whole scene was really good um there’s there’s a number of other really good ones the very end of season one has some solid stuff there’s a couple they keep the uh kung fu in it much more i guess what you would call realistic especially in season one where it comes off more as an actual fight you would see in kung fu and those things don’t tend to be these epic draw you know huge brawls where people are flying all over the place and you’re fighting a a thousand guys it’s much more like how you know two guys would actually fight in gun food than it is it’s it’s a kung fu demonstration more than it is like a big superhero brawl just say now so vincent um that was the first time you saw those trailers so how do you feel i mean are you feeling like more like excited to see like the series or whatever or like yeah i um so i’ve never really been too familiar with danny rand ironfist um i think i’ve seen him in like a single episode of a spiderman cartoon at some point and then i saw a death battle where he lost to kung fu panda so that’s about all i know of uh danny rand’s iron fist um i i’ve also seen a couple of clips thrown into conversations like this about mcu things and it always looked like the kung fu was really slow to me like like they just didn’t work it enough to get it at the speeds that it needs to look good on tv um maybe i’m wrong about that i haven’t actually seen the show but that’s just what i have seen looks really slow i’m kind of a kung fu fan i love all sorts of bruce lee stuff i’ve seen a lot of jackie chan movies and it’s all very big over-the-top speedy and solid strikes like when they strike it’s it’s they don’t move up and down when they do it and stuff like that so this the fighting that i saw in this trailer as well as some of the other clips i’ve seen in the past didn’t look as good as clean as crisp as most kung fu good kung fu movies do so to me that’s kind of my biggest concern as a kung fu fan i’m looking at the shengqi trailers and i’m thinking that’s good kung fu like he’s striking hard he’s striking fast um they do some really cool moves where like he you know drops the dagger and then picks you know grabs it in midair and comes back with it and i think he does that a couple of times in the trailer and i’m like that’s good solid kung fu i love seeing that um iron fist hasn’t done that for me yet i haven’t really wanted to see the fights well spoilers i was just watching the cosmic wonder earlier today on youtube and he actually went to the premiere for shang chi and he said afterwards he said that the kung fu in that movie is like ridiculous that’s awesome that’s really awesome he said that the kung fu was like a real highlight for like the film with the film you know what i mean so i believe the cinematographer the director and the fight choreographer all come from crouching tiger i could be wrong about that but i think that’s the case and if that’s true it’s gonna have some really epic fight scenes oh yeah oh yeah i think that i mean i mean he had nothing but positive things to say about the film uh let’s be honest here like uh it’s um you know it’s um uh before you know it it’s going to be the end of uh the month and uh what is it what what is the third of um september uh shane 13th 13th 13th 13th and you better believe arch you’d already asked me before are we going to do a shang chi review um here on the mcu’s bleeding edge and you better believe that me and cyber will sit down and [ __ ] you know get after it one night on the phone together and we will plan one out so that we can make sure that we do one without question i i hope to be there day one so oh you’ll be there arch don’t worry about that brother you’ll be there um i’m sure we’ll all be going to see it like like basically as soon as it comes out so you know um that’s one that i’m definitely gonna have to see at least two or three times in the theater maybe three times i might have to see that one am i correct in that we get four uh marvel movies over the next four months so shang chi venom um what is after eternals and then spiderman in that order yes that’s awesome that’s really cool i’m looking forward to that yeah yeah um as far as the eternals goes um as i’ve already pointed out on i really feel like at this point um after seeing the first trailer and how depressing it is that they really might need to like have angelina jolie or salma hayek just like pull one of their titties out in the next trailer like man there’s gonna be so much epic stuff in this movie they’re gonna have celestials man this is gonna be like huge and epic and visually stunning and expansive it’s gonna be great man i mean i’m not gonna turn down angelina jolie or some hayak but i mean you know i don’t i don’t think they need that i think it’s gonna be pretty awesome well yeah i mean you know i’m i’m just kidding i’m just kidding look what’s wrong cyber you and boobs what do you want me to say man i’m um we all love them but we don’t need to talk about it all the time i’m representing i’m representing what i’m representing my masculinity baby um so anyways are you no but are you look i’m still optimistic we’ll see what happens i’m wondering when they’re gonna drop the next eternals trailer like you would have thought they would have put another one out by now i’m wondering when they’re gonna drop a spider-man trailer we’re four months away and we don’t have a single trailer i know that’s crazy what the hell is going on with that that’s crazy braggy said he didn’t want to release one and until it was close enough so that they weren’t giving away too much because i guess all the footage that they have to make a trailer it just it reveals too much stuff so they are trying to push it back as far as they can um from the last thing i heard we might either get it with chiang chi or we might get it with the eternals i’m not sure yet but what difference does that make sophie releases it three months in advance he’s still three months of whatever spoilers come out is there some difference there like the sp like six months like somehow everybody hears about it but three months they don’t i think there’s something that’s going to be revealed in some other project whether it be what if or shang qi or something that’s going to be revealed that they need to wait wait until that happens to say this is here’s the spider-man trailer guys so it could be who knows yeah he didn’t he didn’t go into a detail on that but yeah there’s something that needs to i think happened before they can release the trailer i think like vincent was saying what are your opinions i mean um my take on um my take basically on spider-man 3 is that spider-man 1 and spider-man 2 were good movies for me but they were very anti-climatic like they’re not ones that i would put up in like the top echelon of like mcu films at all i wouldn’t um but that’s just my take do you guys feel like it’s possible that like this spider-man 3 film could be so epic that it could actually could be like a like a like that it could actually like evolve and like you know jump start the spider-man franchise to the point where spider-man 3 could actually end up being like a like a massive massive like game changer film i think it has potential to but it’s going to be very tough to get it there um yeah so like i mean think about end game they had this huge build up to it and they had all these actors that are like well we had all of these actors that we’ve killed off are they going to come back in this movie is that even going to be possible and then you built up so many actors over the entire course of this show of the marvel mcu that they had to bring most if not all of them in in order to satisfy the crowd now they’ve got these rumors with spider-man of um toby mcguire might be in it andrew garfield might be win it uh mary jane watson from the original spider-mans might be in it um you got alfred molino confirmed you’ve got jamie foxx confirmed so i think a lot of people have this expectation of what this movie’s going to be like and for a lot of people it’s not going to meet the expectation no matter what they do don’t forget dr strange is going to be in it and so scarlet witch yeah so all of these confirmed people and so it’s giving a lot of people all this hope all of this like this might happen this might happen and oh all of these scenarios but i don’t know that it’s going to meet everybody’s expectation in the end because of all of the build up arch yeah i think people i i agree i think people are getting way too carried away with theorizing about this film not that it couldn’t happen but guys uh you know like not some of the stuff you’re talking about might happen but 90 of it may not i mean i i i i go back to the the quicksilver and one division thing i did not get on board that train the fox first crossover train at all i was constantly encouraging people not to get on that train and it and it didn’t happen and it was never going to it you can’t take your oh maybe it’s possible thing and just like try to will it into reality like you just you really really really need to sit back especially with with something like this where people are just convinced there’s going to be roomy crossovers and amazing crossovers yeah you know what i mean maybe there will be i’m not saying there won’t be but if i wouldn’t be surprised if they they all just have cameos or they’re all just jay jonah jameson different versions with the same actor at best i i i’d be a little surprised if they’re going full on like other franchises suddenly count in the mcu i if you’re thinking that i’d i’d advise caution i’d seriously advise caution cyber your thoughts i mean honestly i mean there has been so many different theories now that they’ve been talking about who’s gonna be in it this and that um i did see an article within the last month that is from a source that has made other uh inquiries into other movies and has said certain things that it has come true and so this guy has is a pretty reliable source and he he has basically confirmed that they’re probably going to be going with the spider-verse is what they’re doing with spider-man 3. um and that toby maguire and andrew garfield are both confirmed to be in the film just recently just recently they were showing deborah ann wool on that deborah wool but um kirsten dunst and um yeah deborah and wall i was right deborah and will from you know two other franchises popping up um from mcu content that were in la filming something that was very secretive so i mean this whole concept of the spider-verse is very logical for where they want to go with the mcu especially because of dr strange 2 and the multiverse the madness i really think that spider-man three another reason why they’re keeping us so hush-hush is because it’s really going to lead a lot into doctor strange too and that the huge that the deborah and wall thing makes sense if what we’re gonna get in spider-man 3 is is matt murdock if that’s what charlie cox is going to be basically it’s just matt murdock the lawyer that wouldn’t he have her as an assistant with him possibly or he could be daredevil in it we don’t know you know he could be you know both characters we just don’t know that we don’t know the extent of it yet but um it being a part of the multiverse of madness the possibilities of it being multiversal are very logical and i think that’s another reason why this one is so hush-hush is because of that because it’s going to reveal too much of what’s probably going to happen in dr strange too and even feige himself said months ago i think even beginning of the year when they were filming spider-man 3 he was saying that this will tie into doctor strange too so i mean the fact that that’s already confirmed that the only possible way i feel that they can make it go with that is to do a spider-man into the spider-verse type of deal with that whole scenario yes so i mean that’s yeah i don’t need to cut you off but that’s a really great point that that’s really i think that like nobody had mentioned at that point and up until cyber did about the whole connection with doctor strange too and i think that’s very important i think that um you know it is it’s a part of the trilogy you know like one division spider-man three doctor strange two like that’s the that’s that’s the three-parter so like you know at that point um i don’t see how they not they don’t do the spider-verse um and honestly um even like uh even um the director of loki um said that that she had talks with um uh the uh with sam raimi and with the director of spider-man 3 um just to like get on the same page about the multiverse and like how they wanted to handle certain things and like you know and so there’s even connections with like the loki disney plus series to this stuff you know which is crazy but um listen everybody we are going to go into closing the show out mode and start doing all kinds of crazy plugs and podcasts of champions talk and um you know uh personal uh plugging you know from like uh cyber and myself and uh whatever vincent wants to plug but let’s start off to say goodbye to everybody and let everybody know your causes and where you come from arch do you want to like say anything about sakaar or uh yeah you’ve already mentioned it several times tons of just nerdy goodness over there man like uh we’re just it’s a it’s chat board uh everybody’s pretty active uh we do uh pretty much weekly uh video uh talks very similar to this one all the time we do a lot of show reviews uh sometimes we’ll have entire breakdowns over a specific longer topic and we’ll take a few hours to go over all of dc or all of star wars and and their shows that are coming up and those types of things uh like i mentioned earlier we’re hoping to do a lord of the rings talk there’s a show coming up on that pretty soon on amazon coming out so we’re hoping to talk about that and and some thoughts we have on the rest of the series but yeah uh you uh check us out it’s really easy to sign up um we uh talk about everything and you’re more welcome to come on and chat with us live uh very similar format to this anytime and if you have a particular topic you want to talk about just bring it up let us know we’d be glad to get on a chat with you about it that’s right i mean honestly cyber has mentioned multiple times that he wished that he could he could get on the saturday show at some point um we’re gonna have to try to work something out at some point cyber um with the guys over there at the podcast of champions so we can try to like work out a schedule where we can get you on there let’s see if we can do like a weekday weekday call at some point just just for cyber yeah there you go whenever’s good for you yeah i mean hey or like i always say i said anytime it like you know if they can get on early in the morning and i’m on late at night that works too for me so you know just gotta work it around that you know because i’m available i just don’t do early mornings unfortunately i can’t just i’m sleeping at that time nobody wants to record early in the damn morning unless you’re a shadow biz i’ll i’ll get with you on a schedule sometimes uh cyber when we’re doing our next call i’ll give you on your schedule there we go do you want to say you want to shout out anybody uh do you want any family or your wife or you know um my mom my wife uh pretty much the only thing i’m 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The What If…? Episode 3 Review

hey hey hey people out there in live land how we doing tonight something like shock here with the podcast of love here people no i’m just joking not the love you know we know what we need but anyways anyways welcome to the mcu’s bleeding edge tonight folks here out there and the amazing youtube restream twitch wherever you guys are watching from thank you for coming on by stopping by and checking us out we appreciate y’all we have a wonderful cast tonight to talk about the what if episode three that we’ll be talking about tonight uh we have of course a couple of veterans that are with us of course we have the awesome mr jeff sloboda here with us uh my co-host and master uh thespian i would like to call it the mcu and then of course we have arch from podcasted champions back with us too awesome to have you uh thanks for coming on by arch you have anything you like to say sir i don’t know happy to be back love talking to you guys so i’m sure we’ll get to some plugs and stuff later but let’s get to it awesome awesome and we have returning finally thank you god for the great perry our other co-host that’s been missing in action for a while it’s great to have mr perry back uh say hi perry hi perry well not actually say hi ferry to the live people oh it is it is great to be back i thank you guys for checking in and uh i’m just excited to come back and talk some marvel just some we got great stuff coming up to talk about i’m so excited let’s just let’s do it awesome awesome great to have you back sir and then we have two new people uh coming to us on our podcast tonight uh mr travis and mr john cessone is that you saying it’s uh we have uh we have vowels at the end of our last name on long island we’re all right there we go yeah that’s why that’s why i was able to pronounce it automatically yeah we have these two awesome guys joining us for the first time on the mcu’s bleeding edge uh they are both awesome and uh been fun to get to know uh they have a podcast as well and why don’t uh either john or travis why don’t you talk a little bit about it to give people a little bit of knowledge of who you guys are yeah yeah yeah i mean all about it uh ladies and gentlemen boys and girls cree and squirrel of all ages my name is john and i am from the mcu beyond infinity podcast a place where fellow marvelites have assembled to rate review discuss theorize and wax intellectual about any and all things related to the marvel cinematic universe joined as always by my trusty co-host and ravanger brother in arms travis i did that without the notes this time travis yeah yeah yeah and you really should amend it to mention how much we talk about fast and the furious and report for the serial killer we do we do we it’s for an mcu podcast it is it is i we we have our podcast where weekly we discuss the latest installments of the marvel cinematic universe um obviously there’s been so much new content with the disney plus streaming series this year it was a really good time for us to kind of jump on board we’ve had very little off week some weeks it’s doubled up with our content um so it’s been really great over uh over the past couple months not only to get to talk marvel with travis but other things like like uh movies about serial killers sorry michael rooker and uh the fast and the furious and twilight franchises as well divulges into many a tangent so and we love green we’re so happy to be here too thank you guys so much oh yeah very much awesome great uh good travis oh no no i’m saying uh yeah so we’re happy to be here huh awesome awesome well it’s got great to have you guys here we’re looking forward to just you know talking m.c marvel stuff with you guys and getting to know you guys even more it’s gonna be great i think it’s gonna be just a great show all together especially that we got the whole trio back together and then just having the great arch with us you know of course like i said purchase from the podcast champions if you guys have not checked that uh amazing podcast out definitely check it out they just released a new episode uh just today all about a great episode uh it was really enjoyable really fun so guys definitely check that out and also don’t forget to check out their awesome free forum called uh uh i’m having a hard time it’s a car thank you oh it’s a car but it’s a it’s uh all kind of geek culture stuff so anything you want to uh chat about we do a lot of mcu stuff but dc star wars star trek anything else in the in the realm of geekdom that you want to talk about we’re we’re open to it so uh check it out and anybody’s welcome on the podcast as well it’s it’s open we’d love to have a guest so anybody that wants to show up just uh check out the site uh we’d love to have you on love to chat awesome yeah that’s so great yes the car.nat guys uh i don’t know why that slipped my mind especially when jeff goldblum’s character from thor ragnarok is probably one of my favorite characters and he lives on cigar anyways but like we were saying we’re gonna be talking about the what if episode tonight episode three which is a very interesting turn too for this you know i mean this is only the third episode of this series but i think it takes a really dark turn as a lot of people i’ve noticed saying on their uh either in facebook you know social media lands like that a lot of people thought this was such a dark turn especially from what we’re used to seeing in the mcu so to start us off i mean this is kind of an interesting start we kind of get the watcher coming back and you know setting up the story for us you know and saying that you know this is an alternate you know version of what could have happened if the avengers did not assemble and uh we right at the get-go we get you know iron man nick fury and black widow uh basically imitating the same exact scene from iron man 2. and some things unfold in this little thing that are completely different from the original iron man 2 film so to start us off guys what do you guys think about that scene and kind of how it unfolded and what was your reaction when what happened to tony versus what actually happened to him in the movie how did that make you guys feel so let’s go ahead and start with you perry since you it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you sir it’s been a while i always do that and nobody else laughs so i’m so wow honestly like i’ll take a two second thing just to say thank you you’re welcome thank you for doing that because i do that all the time thank you appreciate it uh so about the episode so yeah it it kind of threw me off because i was like i was i was sitting there you know i i don’t watch too many of the promos for like the next episodes and stuff because i kind of like to go in blind a little bit when it comes to like episode by episode um and i feel like sometimes those like promos can give away too much um but so i went into this one completely like blind i didn’t see any of the like videos or any like the promo shots and i was like i was just kind of shocked i was like oh okay all right all right okay now what’s good what’s going on here and uh and it was great to have um it was great to be like sitting there and kind of be thrown off a little bit you know like because usually like with marvel it’s there’s there’s like the feel you know you get it back and forth you understand kind of what’s going on especially with the last two episodes you were like sitting there going okay i see where this is going okay cool that’s a that’s a nice little surprise this one like you were saying cyber it kind of like takes a little it takes that dark turn you’re like oh tony stark’s dead like oh okay where do we go from here he was he was like the start of it you know where do they go from here with building the avengers like what’s next like and then obviously like it just snowballs with the other avengers and you’re just sitting there like okay so like what’s gonna happen next where are they gonna take that and i thought the episode was really cool because it kind of felt like um it kind of felt like a murder mystery with like superheroes like it just felt like one of those things where you’re like they’re trying to solve the problem and it’s like it’s kind of like clue you know like was it the maid in the kitchen with the knife you know so it was cool i liked it a lot it was uh it was a great it was a it was a cool stem off of what they did the last couple episodes where it kind of felt like it was like oh feel good like what if this happened and then it was like what if this happened and everybody dies like you know so it was good it was good i like that yeah it was it was very very different like you were saying especially from the first two episodes this one definitely didn’t feel like a carbon copy of the previous episodes i feel of other films so that was nice to see a little difference most definitely uh so moving on to uh john what was your thoughts about that scene that beginning scene with the iron man 2 kind of like parody that we dealt with i um sorry my mic’s kind of backfiring i’m not sure if you guys are familiar with uh fury’s big week did you guys remember this when it had come out in like 2012 but a lot of the mcu have it yeah i’ve never been crazy about the majority of the mcu like tie-in material whether it be like the novelizations or the spin-off novels i know they did the uh thanos quest spin-off novel but one of the exceptions of that was fury’s big week which kind of was one of the first things that put the marvel cinematic universe into perspective and they actually had released a official timeline for the first time leading up to the avengers the eight weeks prior to the avengers 2012 release they had released this comic um every wednesday call furious big week where each day of the week was one of the events that had occurred throughout the first phase of the marvel cinematic universe eventually tying into the avengers film and at that time i wasn’t bought and sold into the mcu the way i am now i went into the first avengers movie rather pessimistically and looking back on that now i obviously a [ __ ] fool is it cool the curse on the show by the way guys yes i know i know i put pants on just in case i stand up so normally we do this over an audio medium so i had to put on a shirt this time normally we like to keep it g-rated man but now that you already opened up the [ __ ] uh stream or whatever like you know let it go to [ __ ] i know um but but yeah starting at the the beginning with tony stark again iron man 2 is something i think a lot of the fans of the marvel cinematic universe don’t look back on too fondly it was one of those missed opportunities for the marvel cinematic universe it was their version of demon in a bottle tony stark doesn’t have like iron man as a character doesn’t have a ton of like memorable comic book runs one of the ones he does have is the demon in the bottle run by uh david michelini and i think uh john romita senior had done it at the time so that’s the classic iron man run they kind of botched it in the film so kind of getting this like redemptive kind of look at it looking at it in a different light was something that was really nice uh one of the conceits with what if uh it’s hard to not compare it to dc’s elseworld kind of spin-offs is ellsworth always did this really good job of giving us these holy unique stories where marvel always kind of said like well what if this happened just a little bit differently and it was always this kind of like retread of these events i was really happy that this episode right from the bat was saying this is not going to be a retread we are going to tell a wholly unique story with the what if set up like what’s going to happen again perry you said it kind of best i i was cackling in my head like the agatha christie avengers almost that murder mystery of the avengers very very nice setup for for a what-if premise completely agree completely agreed definitely agree there how about you travis what were your thoughts on that scene okay uh they’ve already kind of touched on a lot of it where i like that this wasn’t just a rehash of the movies it’s just it uses the bare minimum of each of these movies as a jumping off point even more so than the last episode that uh yeah and the murder mystery element definitely appealed to me i did wonder like i had heard that one of the concerns they had was that they weren’t allowed to introduce anyone new to the universe so i i didn’t pay attention to the opening credits to see who was in there uh but yeah i’m i’ll go ahead and spoil that this was my favorite episode so far because of it’s just a [ __ ] dope episode uh and i also like uh them using iron man 2 as the jumping out point because marvel has a tendency to revisit some of their uh least liked films to make them more enjoyable in a way like towards the dark world they went back too well to on a number of occasions you know and i’m i guess for that one i don’t think iron man 2 is as good as that really in some ways it’s kind of generic it’s got the best suiting up scene though travis yeah yeah the best of any tony stark appearance yeah yeah other than that though it’s kind of adjusted there and it’s perfectly fine they introduced black widow and all that but yeah like it’s a favorite of arches just to point it out like this is my favorite arch we’re like huge fans of dark world and we defended and talked about it a lot so i’m a huge dark world fan too i love those men yeah we’re not completely at odds in the beginning there was darkness and from the darkness came the dark elves so we’re all in agreement i don’t like iron man 2 it’s just one of my least favorites and ninja i like everything in mcu pretty much though so it’s which is your favorite child or least favorite i guess i just want to point out that the voice actor like in the trailer for tony stark didn’t sound right to me but it sounded better here for some reason uh i know that’s another thing since they’re not able to get everyone back uh but yeah yeah that’s about it it’s the same voice actor from the uh spectacular spider-man show that you like travis the animator who did tony stark on that show oh really i don’t even remember yeah tony start being in that show yeah i would agree yeah he definitely sounded better in the episode versus in the promo like like you were saying travis i totally agree with that so let’s moving on how about you uh mr arch what were your thoughts on that beginning scene sir uh first of all i love that donut shop uh it’s it’s one of the settings i actually have visited uh in real life to uh i was on that lay one time and and i’ve told i think i’ve said this on the show before but uh i was really excited to go in there and sit in that seat in that donut shop and spoilers there is no seating inside that donut shop so that that’s always like a mind bender for you went there in real life yeah i’ve been there in real life yeah oh wow that’s amazing it’s pretty near lax so if you ever fly into lax it’s pretty close just just worth it to swing a couple blocks down the road it’s in the donut district of l.a it’s like there’s that cd kind of donut and diner district at la which is like a real thing yeah you know i don’t know anything about la to say exactly but it’s seriously like five or six blog it’s like a two or three minute drive away from las vegas oh that’s so cool check it out if you’re out there it’s randy’s donuts it’s it’s a cool place but there’s no seating inside just just so you know um so i i just always that’s cool but yeah i didn’t think it was a cool setting the thing i took away i’ll i’ll just kind of keep my my thing pretty short here but um with everything you guys are talking about the thing i thought that was really great about this episode which really made it as good as it was because it’s my favorite so far as well was that the whole opening scene is misdirection like you they’ve kind of already got us accustomed to the fact that we open and we start off with the choice that changed everything and you you’re led to believe that this death of of tony here is what changes everything but it’s not and i will i will let somebody else pick up on what that actually is but by the time we get to the ending episode we realize that the choice that was made that changed everything happened who knows how long ago like 10 15 years ago we’re not really sure but it wasn’t really it didn’t really start with this death of tony stark that was a that was a symptom of what really happened so i thought that was kind of the coolest part of this episode this is figuring that out and it really added like a whole different layer to the mystery that’s actually going on but um yeah other than that i just really loved going back to the old sets um as john was talking about like uh i i thought the whole episode really like made that that week like you realized if you hadn’t read furious big week you realized how close those events were that they’re just going from that you know where thor’s hammer was to to the to the college that hulk was at to the diner and you realize that these things will all happen basically right after one another and if you’re just watching the movies you probably didn’t really pick up on that so i thought that was kind of cool that it just felt so close and so familiar i love the incredible hulk as well i love going back to that setting at the college and they kind of recreated that battle sequence in a little different way so i i thought that all that was great hulk blowing up man i kept who who else wanted to be to do a slow-mo shot or go back to the puddle of green goo or whatever it was after paul just sat there and exploded i really wanted them to show what the heck just happened there but that was that was pretty grotesque i’ll just add that very much so very much so how about you jeff what did you think about that beginning scene well i can tell you one thing i didn’t like hulk blowing up like that i thought that [ __ ] i thought it was stupid as hell i was like are you kidding me like you couldn’t kill hulk off better than that like whatever like i mean how would how would you kill hulk jeff well as far as [ __ ] on the swatch you don’t like little things going inside of big things that’s like i i have it in my notes in so many different places like talk about little things going inside of big things like like sue storm like sending her little force fuel bubbles inside people and then like bursting them and stuff like i love that oh man i i didn’t care for the whole thing with the hulk i got to be honest with you i mean i would like them doing something different but um basically i mean like what everybody else said i i like i agree with everything that everybody else had to say basically i mean there’s not that much to really tell you know it’s just that um i didn’t know what to expect from the episode because i mean like like everybody already said it was a totally different direction than the first two episodes of the show so it went you know there was a different style to it on when tony stark died i didn’t really know what to think like i couldn’t really in my head come up with an i like any kind of really good idea as to like what happened to him or what was going on at that point um i felt like it was like like cool fan service that like it was iron man 2 and it was the donut shop and everything and whatnot like i really i like that visuals and everything the animation looked really cool during all that i felt like i really thought the animation was really solid um and um i really like nick fury like animated i think he was pretty cool like uh i like the fact that um the the whole show revolves around fury and black widow you know like even though it’s not scar joe doing the black widow which which is kind of disappointing for me that she they they couldn’t bring her back to have her do it the girl who did do it was pretty good so i liked her i thought she was all right she’s a good comedian her name is lake bell she’s actually in this movie called um i’ve heard of her yeah she’s in that movie in a world like making fun of the movie trailers and she has this [ __ ] funny part where she does like russian star wars dialogue and she does a um like these are not the druids you’re looking for in this good russian accent and it’s it’s a highlight of a very good movie she’s very sounds incredible yeah it’s great she’s she’s a good actress but the voice didn’t sound anything like black widow yeah so i was like i was pissed off by that i mean i like like belle is an actress but i didn’t care for her performance as as uh black widow i didn’t think it was that great well that was one of the that was one of the things i’d that kind of annoyed me that majority of people you know they had quite a few of them you were able to do it but a few of the certain ones were just like at least find somebody that sounds similar but like that didn’t sound anything like scar joe and like at least tony sounded somewhat similar you know so i i was at least happy with that but still that just that kind of you know that mean kind of the main character other character besides nick fury talking throughout the whole episode that just kind of you know it got annoying after a while i thought well well they said that they couldn’t that that they just it didn’t work out to where scarjo could come back and do the voice work like for whatever reason she couldn’t do it has nothing to do with the lawsuit or anything like that it’s just like the way things worked out um but um basically i kind of think that like the reason that they didn’t try to find somebody that to mimic scar joe was they thought that that would have been kind of like you know not the way to go so that’s why they went with like a totally different kind of voice with the character you know but like again like i said i i like that aspect of it i really enjoyed the shield aspect of like iron man 2 and like the avengers and everything like i really like the whole shield aspect of it so like that was cool i missed that stuff i missed the uh shield and the governing organization and fury and helicarriers and they i love winter soldier but they like they blew their wad a little quick with getting rid of shield for for a minute so it was nice to revisit that well you know yeah totally agree there totally agree so as we move on into the episode so we we have that great introduction you know they think you know because you know black widow basically had injected him with that serum they think she was basically the killer right now so we have basically have her being transported away and you know basically that she’s in the car and we actually get an interesting kind of cameo i thought of rumble is actually in that van with them so we get a little bit more of that shield camaraderie we’ve just been talking about there and i thought it was great that frank gorilla was able to voice the character and i thought that was this was an interesting scene because like she’s like you know this is not gonna contain me she says and then all of a sudden she’s like can you hold these handcuffs and then she starts beating them all up and stuff and i thought that was like kind of like hilario hilarious how they like did it kind of like and then all of a sudden they’re like oh man what’s going on back there and they stopped and like oh man it was kind of just like one of those like kind of scenes you were like okay that was kind of funny but the same time you’re like it was kind of dumb at the same time but it’s like didn’t you foresee that happening so that was my thoughts on the scene what were your guys’s thoughts so let’s start with you travis okay uh that was a bit silly but i’m uh running it somebody waiting for this cartoon it’s like the very first episode where some of the action is very over the top they wouldn’t do it live action but cartoon different mediums or different rules a little bit i uh the action bits or the like the rapid punching reminding me of donnie and hitman films i don’t know if anyone else has seen those but they’re fantastic and it’s just yeah yeah uh very similar uh with all the rapid face punching uh but yeah yeah also uh the they didn’t get a mech audio wise but the guy who plays like rock rumble’s second in command also was visually represented he played uh kg beast in batman vs superman uh yeah i always that got showed out in winter soldiers it was nice to see him back even if it was just kind of visually i’m wondering if he got paid for it but just out of curiosity yeah that’s really all i had to say about that scene huh nice nice thank you uh how about you perry what did you think about that scene yeah i think it was like one of those scenes that just like is it’s it’s the cartoon scene you know it’s like the the animation scene you know it’s part of the like travis was saying it’s it’s it lives by different roles and like the animation like in the animation realm you know and it uh it kind of just i think it also levied a little that like tension of like all right so tony stark’s dead black widow’s going to jail like what like like it it takes a little bit of that serious like dark turn and then all of a sudden you’re like okay like it’s back to like that mcu kind of like all right scarjo’s just gonna or black widow’s just gonna knock her yeah she’s just gonna kick her to kick her kick and punch her way out of this just like this like superhero should you know so yeah i enjoyed it yeah i enjoyed it it was it was it was like a fun moment in between like the the blowing up and killing of all of our favorite heroes yep i would agree i would definitely agree there uh how about you john what did you think about that scene it it kind of reminded me of the um the elevator fight in the winter soldier with the confined space yeah yeah and and there’s this extra kind of looming weight knowing where we are now with rumblo being there and knowing that shield had been infiltrated so far in advance and this is hydra this is not shield so there are these maniacal forces behind the curtain here not just apprehending natasha for where this agatha christie style who done it the clue who done it as perry said before with the the whole kind of conceit of this episode but also knowing that hydra is behind the curtain also so that’s almost like its own mcguffin uh to begin with and i i do have a theory because they name check uh pierce alexander pierce um robert redford’s character here and they’re like oh we’re gonna bring her to pierce blah blah blah blah so i do have this theory that i’ll kind of wrap up towards the end of the episode but i do want to plant the seeds here about who the mastermind of this entire thing is so very much so very much so it was a very shocking actually kind of uh i kind of knew like who it was after this certain words were mentioned towards the end of the episode but at the same time i was like i’m like who what who could be doing this who can do this but yeah that’s a great little seed that you planted there john yeah how about you arch what did you think about the uh that scene uh yeah no it most reminded me of the truck uh escape sequence from winter soldier actually which of course would come after this but the one where maria hill is uh posing as a guard and knocks a couple people out free sam and natasha and steve of course so that’s what it most reminded me of uh of course they’d never get to that point uh after these events but um it was it was interesting nonetheless the uh perry sentiment that the the biggest thing i picked up on from the first three episodes here so far is that the animation world people are acting differently than they would shoot these scenes in live action they just react differently they say things differently and they’re doing it in an animation sort of style that uh wouldn’t they wouldn’t fill these in the same way or talk in the same way in live action the uh the other thing the only other thing i i’d note is just that there’s a ton of cameos in this you guys mentioned the strike team but you know the store there’s hawkeye they get betty banner back in here there’s bruce there’s there’s a ton of people in this episode and i i thought this scene was the one where i picked up on that like that there was just a ton of people around i love seeing the strike team back so i thought that was all cool yeah nice thank you yeah i i would totally agree with that because it like you know like perry was saying it was a good like kind of buffer scene between the craziness that was going on the exploding and stuff like that so i mean that’s that’s what kind of the scene did and i mean this scene actually made you think a lot you know brought a lot of memories from other mcu projects to your mind you know like everyone’s been mentioning you know you got the shield thing going on you got winter soldier thoughts going on and stuff like that so i think that’s a really great thing that they’re you know that they kind of are refreshing things as we’ve mentioned before you know recycling material that we’ve already gone over but trying to make it pressure that people want to re-watch it so i think that’s you know kind of what what if it’s kind of doing what did you think about that scene jeff well i think like you said there’s a lot that plays out like you know when when it goes down you know with the the whole truck scene um i really did honestly think that it was going to be like a steve elevator deal like that’s the first thing i thought was like that’s that’s exactly what they’re setting up you know what i mean um and honestly like um live-action like combat hand-to-hand combat is just so much better than animated hand-to-hand combat you know like i’m sorry but it’s it’s not the same thing but um it was all right like it was interesting you know i like the direction that the episode was going at that point like i was into it and everything and um you know uh i mean again my main thing is just that these episodes are so short i guess they have to do that i mean because of the animation aspect of it and everything i guess i get it but this one this one i think clocked in at 35 minutes with the credits um so you know like uh it was it just it seemed it it almost felt kind of rushed a little bit to me um i really enjoyed the the episode at the point that black widow broke away from shield and everything and whatnot i didn’t like the way the whole thing went down with hulk um i wish they would have done that differently but um how would you have killed hulk i don’t know i mean i don’t know come on you’ve had a few minutes to think about it i wouldn’t kill hulk at all maybe the abomination could have popped up and like beat his ass or something i was hoping to see him you know me too that’s why i don’t know what the abomination was going to pop out but but no i mean uh i’m gonna look i’m gonna i’m gonna go ahead and you know how like like uh like when you’re like when they’re on when they’re when they’re doing congress or like the senate you they just go ahead and like let let let the people know that they’re gonna like save their time for later on in the show or whatever or like later on during the forum i’m gonna do that right now and go ahead and bank the rest of my time on this uh this like go around and save it for the eternal trailer and the uh shane chi trailer okay for three or four minutes later on in the show oh okay all right thank you jeff for that information so great i’m so glad you told us how you thought hulk should die anyway anyway so as we move on okay so we have that scene all of a sudden we kind of it transitions uh i don’t know if anybody else notices but did you guys notice how the watcher kept popping up in certain scenes you saw him in the background kind of watching that was really cool i liked that i thought that was a really cool aspect that they brought to this episode and i love that you know he was like big and center and you could see him in that he was like i’m watching over us i’m telling the story that was really cool job of placing him though cyber they did they did a great job of like blending him in really well i thought so too i thought they did a really good job with that and i and i just really enjoyed that it kept showing ua too you know for for a change to see him a little bit more and give jeffrey wright you know a little bit more kind of like screen time a little bit too just to kind of you know because he’s so great at playing the doing the voice in the narration but you know as we move on in the episode okay all of a sudden we kind of jump from that whole situation iron man 2 uh kind of deal winter soldier kind of idea and then all of a sudden we’re into four and we have thor coming down after being banished from asgard and kind of that the whole scene where you know he’s at the camp trying to get his you know hamburger back and we have nick durry and barton talking to each other and stuff like that would get reintroduced to barton and stuff like that and i thought it was really interesting how they incorporated that into the episode as well kind of give you that you know that thor aspect and the hawkeye aspect and stuff like that and you know as things go on in the episode you know all of a sudden it’s like thor is shot with narrow how the hell did arrow kill four is what i want to know that’s one thing i was kind of taking away from this surprise jeff wasn’t mad about that one because like how i was wondering about that i was wondering how the [ __ ] he got killed by one arrow by like like me yeah exactly maybe ant-man or maybe he was really really tiny and then he just jumped off the arrow which is a bit they do all the time hawkeye shoots them and he jumped and he climbed through his ear and then he like ripped his heart or something i don’t know comic book stuff yeah it’s true comic book stuff that’s the way i rationalize it personally i like that explanation yeah yeah i mean still though i mean you are a semi god and you’ve been through battles for thousands of years you’re 1500 years old you know you know and one little arrow takes you out finally like i just that was funny but at the same time it’s like i’ve said this every episode so far they’ve done something in each episode where we’ve had a very similar conversation about but this doesn’t make any i i think it’s the animation style of it i think it’s the what if style i mean i think they’re just gonna do stuff here and some occasionally something’s not really gonna make sense but i think you just i think for this series you’re not supposed to worry about it you just go with what they’re doing and don’t like really go but the power levels aren’t right yeah let it happen yeah that’s good for the series yeah very true very true so so as you know that happens that you know barton supposedly slips and then he’s put into custody so when that all happened what were your guys’s thoughts completely on the scene you know not talking about the thor and the arrow thing if we don’t want to talk about it but just in that general in that whole scene what you saw and you know basically happened throughout that little portion of the episode what were your thoughts on it especially when all of a sudden barton is put into custody and what were your thoughts so let’s start with you uh uh perry please yeah at this point is when i started to think something fishy was going on uh that’s when i was like kind of like all right there’s something there’s something more going on here like i i that’s when i was starting to uh like tried like my brain was starting to try to figure out okay all right what’s going on who’s doing this who’s doing that that’s when i started to get like those murder mystery vibes of like all right something like a little puppet master behind the scenes is doing something because like this can’t just be like freak accident after freak accident i’m like that’s that wouldn’t be as entertaining you know like they can’t get to the end of it and be like you know [ __ ] happens am i right guys like all the people that were supposed to save this planet are now dead pretty much yeah not how that goes so i was like all right i was like all right what can be possibly going on obviously i would have never guessed it like that wasn’t even close to like anything i was thinking like oh they started the experiments on like the scarlet witch early and she was like manipulating people i was like that was like the first thing that my mind went to and i was like oh maybe that’s going on oh maybe like loki is i i would then i was like all right loki’s doing something loki somehow got to see part of the future or something and i was like oh maybe he saw his failure and now he’s like stopping it before it happens kind of thing and so like that was when my mind was like starting to like try to think of all the solutions and try to beat it and then all of a sudden i was just like i’m not gonna guess it like like let me just let me just enjoy this like brain like stop trying to figure this out but that was that was that point for me where i was like alright something else is going on here like this that like the tony thing wasn’t just like wasn’t just the freak accident it wasn’t going to stop a tony kind of thing very much very much so how about you travis what did you think about that that whole kind of like that little con thing that happened there okay i want to point out that i enjoyed the colts and stuff where he talks about uh uh i can’t even think of the wording they use but just point out how handsome hulk is and how it’s an accurate description and how he smells all the hair yeah yeah yeah yeah he sniffs his course after his hair yeah yeah it was very uh very enjoyable they’re fun uh i did wonder how many people were murdered there because i mean if a god puts your head through a really you were dead uh generally speaking uh it granted or an animation so this it doesn’t count the same way but uh i also thought at this point how screwed they’re going to be in a few years uh around the infinity war and all that yeah this one that started to really sink in uh and yeah yeah i didn’t have any issue with uh hawkeye’s arrow killing for it i i had already developed the rationalization that yeah it he’s not powered up at this point uh he’s just like a buff dude uh yeah that’s that’s about it right oh well i don’t want to mention the uh the watcher mentioned it earlier and i really liked that part about this episode you’re just putting them in the background more and those panels uh or those screenshots are looking like comic book panels those panels you said it yeah you said it yeah it’s very nice i hope we see more very much so in the next episodes yeah i totally yeah i would agree with that it kind of made me think of the hulk from 2003 you know the panel thing that they did with that you know because i know a lot of people make a huge deal about that like oh it made the movie so confusing and stuff like that and i remember going to see it in theaters and going i think this is cool i like it that they’re trying to make it look like a comic book that you know that’s what they’re trying to do here and i think it was just ridiculous how everyone made such a big deal about it you know an artsy fartsy film like no that’s not an artsy party film that that that’s what a comic book is supposed to be like so it made sense it made sense how about you john what did you think about that whole uh incident that happened there i love that you brought up angley’s hulk and i feel like i could just like turn the entire podcast into like why i love angley’s hulk and i’ll pull out my my senior thesis on like why that’s like an amazing movie but i won’t um i do want to bring up some more eric banner was [ __ ] awesome it’s awesome i love that movie i think lee is one of the most interesting directors who just works on his own terms and it’s so funny that he seemingly gets these blank checks for these like bizarre passion projects like bizarre bizarre passion projects from um the the oh my god life of pi to the the um winter storm sense and sensibility crazy stuff regardless um the continuity of the mcu in this being so strict is so funny there is a quick line where they’re talking about how um no one can lift the hammer and hawkeye say not even um jackson and he does crossfit when they were calling out to the guards in the thor movie coulson was saying uh jackson so-and-so so-and-so go to the side like they were calling out guard names from the first thor movie um and mentioning these things which is just like nonsense continuity stuff that only people like us would probably like be like oh i got three hours before a podcast and work i gotta watch the one second of that thor movie to like figure out if there’s any easter eggs sure enough i did do it that’s what i do and uh and yeah it was it was great i’m so happy to see colson back um again clark greg rules and he was done kind of dirty by ike perlmutter and feige and that whole beef with the marvel studios and marvel television so it’s just nice to have coulson back in like the mcu proper and not just be a nod and loki like nope he’s dead sorry confirmation didn’t happen you know totally agree yeah i i think it’s great that carlson we’ve seen more coulson and you know greg uh given his voice to it and stuff like that i think that’s great uh you have something to say mr jeff yeah i was going to say that like i really hope that they that they do decide to do an a hulk solo film with um mark ruffalo because um i don’t know how they’re gonna do it i don’t know how it’ll work i don’t know what hulk they’re gonna give us if they do go in that direction but if i understand the situation correctly they have the rights now from universal they do yeah they they’ve got the rights that to name more and they’ve got the rights to the whole yeah i was gonna say they were fishy and then make a name or pun but yeah nah neymar was gonna be a black panther too i know yeah yeah that that’s a rumor so black panther too like seriously that’s what’s going to save it like with them losing like chadwick boseman bringing neymar in is going to like totally um you know make up for the loss i think um but no like um my point was just gonna be that uh um you know it’s it’s interesting how um like the you know there’s never really been a really good hulk solo film if you think about it that’s been like really great like that people have like really enjoyed like overall there’s you know a lot of people don’t like the you know the the the angley and of course a lot of people don’t like the um the edward norton hulk movie and um so i just think it would be really cool if they did actually do something with with uh with hulk and give him a solo film i’d love to see what they would do at this point like with marvel studios i think it would be interesting very much so very much so i just want to give a shout out to cosmic man here in our comments saying aang please hulk rules uh we all agree here we agree that it does rule thank you cosman for that comment one last thing cyber you know if they would give out if they would give us some animated nudity some female animated nudity i would really like that that would be great like i’m sure you would you when you’re new to this sir i thought you’d well yeah that yeah yeah that was pretty interesting huh 1986 yeah that was interesting yeah jeffrey jeffrey you’re such a bad naughty boy i like animated nudity like like the way that like uh the the animated chicks look man i’m sure you do i have i have quite the sight for you to go look at after this have you heard of the thing in the description oh he does yes yes very much that i will provide it in the link below yeah all right so moving on uh uh who did we talk to last it was john so next is mr arch what did you think about that whole scene in iteration yeah well i was gonna uh until uh cosmic man and uh following up on what john said when he was worried about uh a whole deviation of angley’s whole care go watch the hit the uh vmc’s bleeding edge uh hulk review because we did an edward norton hall review oh cool i mentioned english hulk jeff threw out a comment to that and it did in fact deviate and do a full 45 minute angly hulk review right right in the middle of not dead i’m on the mcu beyond infinity podcast we’ll talk we will talk about it for the rest of the episode it was a straight-up tangent but it’s a good review you guys should check it out as far as that scene goes uh you know i thought it was great um the uh let’s see we were talking about hawkeye getting in there you know i had a thought i just totally just lost it here um it wasn’t the hair comment i did love the hair comment though that they kept going and they kept going back to that but um let’s see you were talking about catch me up man catch me up give me give me give me a lifeline here you were talking about uh uh hawkeye and then the whole scene with with him just being in there what i’m missing something here so thor dies the word does die come down and prime and so basically the whole scene we like talk about the lester’s hair we’re talking about you know him getting hit by the arrow like we were talking about that and then all of a sudden he goes to you know he now is captive he’s stuck in the thing because they think that he killed thor um mentioned that he was uh he was kind of like predicting or making some guesses on what was going to happen here and i actually didn’t i started to have an idea sneak in but i try to kind of watch all these movies without trying to guess my way through them i i used to do that a lot i used to have fun like trying to like figure out what was going on but i started just kind of like relaxing and just like letting it happen and letting myself get surprised so i thought that was great i did have one idea sneak in as i was like it’s gonna be like somebody invisible or something and i i didn’t even come close to getting to the to the right answer but like all of a sudden it hit me it’s like it’s like a ghost and i was like wait a minute maybe they did pick up on ghosts because ghosted you know it had worked with him at some point so i was like maybe it is or especially when we get to the top natasha fight later i don’t know if that’s going to be a question you’ve got coming up but there was clearly something invisible going on here and i was like maybe it is ghost that that’s where i i wound up at just it was obviously wrong but that’s what okay yeah very much so yeah and totally yeah event yeah we will be talking a little bit about that scene here eventually but um so uh real quick we’re just gonna throw up the promo uh for this episode just to kind of give you guys a refresher and then we’ll get back to it guys jeff mr jeff all right that’s the moment i am loki that created a whole new hero that’s weird reality is not a straight line well that doesn’t sound ominous at all every passing moment is a chance for a new offshoot a new variation space time reality what if we could rebuild it oh i’m counting on it journey to face the unknown and ponder the question what if awesome thank you jeff for that so you guys never just like think what if you know do we think what every day question mark every day yes anyway so thank you for sharing that with us mr jeff that was a little great little kind of reminder so as we progress on so you know we all of a sudden barton dies we have no idea why he was he was in containment you know all of a sudden he’s just dead and there’s nick curry and coulson talking in the morgue with thor and you know barton there and then all of a sudden it jumps and all of a sudden we’re being introduced to all of a sudden out of nowhere loki wow i was like so i this one just got even more thor right off the bat and i thought it was kind of interesting that you know they kept going very forish here so uh as as we keep going on here you know as we get introduced to loki him and fury are having exchanges you know basically loki’s there to get justice for ford being killed and uh we kind of have like it keeps going back and forth a little bit there you know we have a little bit of that and then show goes back to shows natasha going to see betty ross to figure out you know why did that injection kill tony and then we get all of a sudden bruce is all of a sudden there and they kind of start to reenact the incredible hulk scene here and i thought it was kind of interesting they kept like kind of going back forth they gave us a little bit of this and then gave us a little bit of that uh you know as they progressed with the episode but i really enjoyed that they brought kind of like the incredible hulk into the episode and gave us kind of like that you know kind of a little bit of that scene that we got to see in the actual incredible hulk film and i thought it was really interesting that while that’s happening all of a sudden loki’s using i believe is supposed to be the tesseract i’m assuming that’s what he’s using to basically turn the whole area that they’re in yeah using that power and so we have this all going on at the same time and so it’s kind of like back and forth this whole section here like i think it’s probably a good like i know five six minutes of the episode i feel uh of this going back and forth between what’s going on and that’s when we get to the part also where hulk all of a sudden explodes and dies when he shouldn’t have died anyways we’ve already established that so my question is for you guys is what were your thoughts on kind of how they did that with the episode like cutting between those kind of scenes and kind of putting that in together and kind of keeping those together with that that simultaneously story going on so what were you guys thoughts on that let’s go ahead and start with you uh mr perry yeah this is where uh this is where my brain was like oh [ __ ] this is like this is not looking good like that’s the moment of like uh like where you’re you’re thinking to yourself all right like all right they got the hulk like all right let’s see like you know they still have people they still have people and it’s and then all of a sudden it starts moving like faster paced like it’s going back and forth it’s showing like okay loki’s here he’s he’s got the rage you know he’s like here to like avenge his brother which obviously he has other uh he has other ideas in mind of what he wants to actually do but i digress um and then you cut to the hulk and then you cut back and then you cut to the hulk and it’s like and then you’re like who’s who’s gonna stop who’s gonna stop like this whole situation from happening like what is gonna stop this from happening uh because at that point you’re like all right the only person on earth that could stop loki at this point or stop like this whole situation from happening or put up any defense just turned into a green green goo and is like just gone and you’re like all right let’s sit back and see how this plays out because that that was my moment i was like i have nothing i have nothing to like i i was like if i was nick fury right now i’d just be like white flag like waving it like i got nothing left in the tank for you buddy um and that was kind of like my that was kind of like my mindset with it i was like what is he what’s the next step um and then we’ll we’ll get to that next point where uh like i don’t know how it slipped my mind but it did um like who the next person he could call up was but uh it that whole thing was like yeah that whole thing was like it just felt like uh like the train was like moving pretty quick and then all of a sudden like the brakes broke now you’re like all right now what do we do does somebody do we get spider-man to jump in front of it and hold hold the webs out at this point like what do we do like like shit’s gonna hit the fan like what do we do you know yeah exactly yeah totally agree there because like you’re just kind of like watching that and you’re kind of going holy crap there’s so much going on but at the same time you’re like i can understand why they had to fit that all into that scene to kind of get the story aligned you know that was really interesting but i just want to go over here to commons for a second here uh we have uh uh mr cosmic man also had wrote to us mr fixit after mr jeff had mentioned i want to see the hulk where he’s a bouncer grey hulk and then jeff says hell yeah to the mr fix it and then we have another yep yep and then all then we have a john andrew oh i was i was replying because somebody in the comments i believe it was mr cosmic man uh mr cosmic man had mentioned uh the logical step would be do a whole car movie which i think would be something really fun it’s the immortal whole comics are one of the first times in a long time that hulk is not only front and center for marvel but immortal hulk is the number one selling comic book right now it’s been the number one selling comic book for a year and a half you know it survived a pandemic it’s a really [ __ ] good run and it’s a really interesting take on the character and if you’re going to bring ruffalo back into the fold doing a little body horror like in the mcu like we’re seeing a little bit more and more of it in superhero movies in general i think that would be like the fun fun [ __ ] move you know what i mean so i was just giving a shout out sorry i just wanted to shout to john because he’s a big captain marvel fan i am it’s not captain marvel in the episode for like three seconds right i’m preparing for this well they did that because like it’s so bad acting like an actor that like they didn’t even want like she did like several minutes of animation they cut it out of the [ __ ] episode yeah i’ve been preparing i’ve been preparing for you and i have discussed carol that’s all they gave her damn jeff don’t kill john in his first outing here thank you very much dude i know people don’t like carol danvers i know people don’t like carol danvers and um she’s been like done dirty as a character where she was done dirty you know throughout a lot of the 90s and when comic books were selling really well so a lot of people remember her as this kind of like either kind of like power girl eye candy [ __ ] smudge what do you think about about all my uh captain marvel [ __ ] talking archer marvel too are you cecilia are you a fan of carol because like the the kelly sutaconic carol danvers is like sincerely like one of my like it’s a beloved run and i know people where they’ll say like that is one of the best comic books in the past 20 years and that brought in a market that comic books had lost for a really long time that kind of got scared away after the boom in the late 90s and then civil war happened and then you know civil war ii happened and bendis took over her and then [ __ ] the movie came out and all this [ __ ] with brie larson happened and and i see both sides where there’s been a bit of almost like character assassination on carol danvers as a character brie larson as an actress some vilified some kind of like justifiable you know i understand both sides but i think carol’s a cool character and i would like to see the carol that i like and the girl that i love actually brought out in the marvel cinematic universe so it’s got potential they have a good actress she’s kind of a [ __ ] yeah but she’s also really good so would just show her titties oh my gosh it would be sweet and i mean i was i right before here she posted a picture on instagram where she’s like shooting bows and arrows and i was like man brie larson’s super hot too you know and i agree show some titties that would be cool but hopefully she just shows up i just like the character jeff you are going for the world record of how many times you can mention breast in a episode of the podcast i think i think it’s a it’s an important topic i’m sure you do anyways moving on my screen smoke show come on anyways moving on mr travis what did you think about that scene sir i uh i’m a bit lost i yeah i’m during matt great some with the carol talk and all that loki talk about lady sit for 10 minutes oh yeah yeah she just dressed on oh yeah i was watching this with a buddy and they didn’t even recognize her as if but yeah yeah yeah uh the battery stuff i uh the likenesses in that portion besides thunderbolt or a little dodgy like banner himself looks like an extra uh other than like a few shots where he kind of looks like ruffalo in the eyes but uh and then uh betsy ross uh i’m kind of fine with that one being not like the movies because i i don’t really like tyler’s take on it so uh yeah whenever they eventually do bring her back if i’m playing with another actress uh yeah i uh i thought thunderbolt looked good uh i didn’t look like uh william hurt yeah i don’t know if it was him playing the character but uh i liked it was not okay i like the uh the hulk explosion i’m a horror guy i like when people explode into gore even if it’s green and pg 13 and all that uh i’ll take it how i can get it oh yeah it’s probably uh up there on the glorious deaths in mcu other than like uh the first avenger propeller guy that gets blood misted uh but yeah yeah uh i think that’s oh uh we got our first mention of nanotech here right and that’s kind of when my mind went to uh him as a potential uh villain here i didn’t know if they really go that route uh because it’s not technically a new character but yeah i uh i was pretty happy with it was michael douglas in the opening credits i i i don’t know yeah yeah i believe i believe he his name was um i’ve like watched the episode like four times now so i believe i met i noticed it during one of the times going through that his name didn’t pop up there it was like at the very end of the credits it’s crazy we got michael douglas and kurt russell in a animated disney plus series it is really wild those are two like giant prolific actors you know very much so very much so uh how about you arch uh just a quick rundown of about that scene what did you think about it yeah i i just like the setting and going back and visiting these things like uh like it’s like little stuff too like the the fact that the pizza uniform that edward norton had been wearing to get onto that campus was laying there and that’s that was kind of natasha’s flu but it’s i thought that was the most interesting part actually in a weird way i can’t describe that it’s it’s the ruffalo version of the character but that was edward norton’s movie i just found that kind of cool and quirky and stuff like that i actually love actor changes by the way like i would love to see like a long running series where they just change the cast like every single movie but it’s like 10 movies a bunch of different people playing them and i think you ever seen doctor who yeah yeah yeah like like that like quite the show for you buddy into the plot to give us an excuse for it to happen every once in a while it’s great i i think it’s cool to like have changes like that i think it’d just be awesome to like continue like a running series like that but um yeah i don’t know like uh i love that again i’ll reaffirm i mentioned the beginning but i do love the hulk explosion i i just wish they had panned back and you just saw like ribs sticking out everywhere it was absolutely disgusting like i think that would have been pretty cool kind of kept waiting for that to happen i love betty being there um ross being there yeah i love the whole thing man i thought it was a cool nostalgic throwback so i enjoyed it nice nice i would agree too how about you jeff was it cyber was that that was not liv tyler was it no no some some stephanie something her name was uh she i have no idea who she is but yeah that wasn’t her at all no to be honest with you um the the um that part of the episode didn’t really do that much for me like i mean it you know it um i felt like um you know uh the only thing that i thought was interesting is was when black widow was attacked um and at first and we don’t you know we didn’t know who was who attacked her i was thinking that maybe it was the winter soldier you know what i mean like that’s what i was thinking like that and like you know and then um you know i’m not gonna i don’t wanna like you know get too far into the end but um i just kind of felt like um having it turn out to be friggin um you know uh him kind of surprised me like it was it was kind of like very it wasn’t very impactful for me that he was like the bad guy getting not getting too far into the end i think him um that just basically gave away everything sir i was already accusing him so yeah oh my goodness so yeah that that’s a good point that’s a good point jeff that’s very good point but we’re gonna move on here we’re gonna finish this episode up here since somebody gave us the clue but so basically after that whole incident we see black widow she’s trying to do some research and then all of a sudden like everyone was talking about maybe it was ghost maybe it was you know somebody invisible attacking her and she gets attacked and basically gets killed on her screen that she was looking at was alexander pierce by the way i’m laying some nuggets for the theory i had towards the end so very true versus that was on there along with hope van dyne hank pym and another one and uh so as as that happened you know they’re basically they have all the caskets and stuff like that and pure reason has gone into um this diner and coulson’s there and they start talking and you know basically coulson says oh you don’t have any other avengers to contact and and fury’s like no there is one more and he goes out to the car and he opens his glove compartment and he pulls out uh you know the uh 1990s pager that he got from a certain movie and basically referring to captain marvel and i thought that was kind of an interesting night like saying oh there’s one other i could talk to and uh thought that was kind of interesting and then all of a sudden he’s like oh i gotta go talk to somebody basically i got to go somewhere and he’s like i’m not sure and coulson’s like okay and so then all of a sudden he goes over and he and he bumps into none other another thor thing the the defender the the destroyer and i thought it was cool that they brought that into the episode i thought that was really cool and you know after that instant after that happens and it cut all of a sudden just shows all of a sudden nick in this you know uh graveyard i’m like what actually what just happened like what’s going on like and all of a sudden shows hope and dying so in this universe hope and dine is dead uh kind of like how they think that her mother is dead in the universe that we’re used to and so basically as we get to the end all of a sudden who pops up other than somebody that jeff gave us the clue to mr hank pam so after we find out that it’s actually hank that stunted this whole time that he’s the one trying to get revenge and all this kind of stuff which took an interesting turn which i’m sure a lot of us were kind of like oh maybe we kind of probably figured out a little bit some of us might have been like oh no i don’t know who’s gonna be you know i thought it was it kind of blew me away because i wasn’t you know until they said like i was saying earlier i think until they said hope something and i was like when he’s they said like oh the names hope the names hope from black wood i was like are they talking about hope and dying that’s the first thing that came to my mind and so then when it showed hank and he’s actually the bad guy i was like holy crap i like i kind of figured this out from the get-go so i wonder what are you guys thoughts of when you saw that it was hank pym that was the you know bad guy at the end of the episode so starting with you travis what did you think about that i uh was pretty happy with it i liked that he’s in the yellow jacket costume pretty much a modified version of it i like the shoulder pieces which kind of nods to uh the comic version of the other judges where he’s got the silly uh black bits onto the shoulders uh i like that douglas is getting to be the lead uh villain here uh he’s just support in the movies which is fine but uh yeah yeah and yeah i thought it was a very interesting turn having hope being an agent of shield following in her mother’s footsteps who also apparently passed away in some way in this universe uh yeah it was just they couldn’t have told this episode what if hope vandaling was uh an agent of shield because then you would figure out who the uh the suspect was pretty much immediately uh and yeah just taking a character that we like and i like how crazy he looks it it’s [ __ ] cool in my opinion and it worked for me and um we didn’t talk about it in the previous episode but like the beating that he gives uh black widow is kind of brutal for uh man and woman violence even uh which is a recurring team good episode really a great episode so far in my opinion nice thank you thank you uh how about you perry what did you think about that when all of a sudden pin popped up yeah that that that was like the moment of like oh this is really interesting because it wasn’t even like a character that was on my radar of like uh who it could be and like you said as soon as they said like hope i was like oh that like that’s when it started to click i was like oh hope and dying let’s see like where this goes a little bit um and uh yeah it was it was like a cool it was a cool twist for me i didn’t uh i wasn’t i don’t think i was like i wasn’t like blown away in like terms of like oh my god crazy twist but like i was like oh that’s a creative way of like incorporating it in i wish they had like planted that a little bit more in like the beginning a little bit um but then again it wouldn’t have been quite the surprise but it also maybe would have felt a little more like uh like justified i guess you know because uh it when you just get that kind of information using like exposition it can kind of feel like they can do any anything you know instead if they had like tried to like story wise plant that seed a little earlier it would have felt like the story was moving towards that but also this is a 30 minute episode they’re trying to tell this this whole like movie and a half worth of like story into 30 minutes so like i try not to get too like critical of that because it is what it is and it’s an animation it’s just for fun so i wasn’t i i don’t mean for that to sound like crazy critical or anything but that that was kind of my thought process was like oh like this is interesting there’s this whole new like backstory to like the van dyne family that like uh that happened in this this this universe and that’s interesting and it led to this which felt like a good twist but it kind of also leaves that door open for anything can happen which is also good and bad i guess for me story wise very true very much so yeah i would agree very much how about you john what did you think i liked how the like the whole premise and conceit of this episode up until this point was basically that it was this murder mystery who is it that’s taking out these core avengers before this entire thing goes on and then we get obviously a reveal at the end that we were kind of expecting not necessarily expecting it to be uh hank pym but expecting a reveal of who this killer is going to be and up until that point i pretty much had assumed it was going to be like bucky and it was going to be a winter soldier thing because a lot of the roads were kind of leading to it being something like that but we also get the real reveal of the episode that we weren’t expecting the like double twist of like what was the what if you know this entire thing we thought it was what if the avengers got killed you know during fury’s big week but then the actual what if was no it was what if hope van dyne decided to join shield and then it spiraled this like 8 or 10 or 15-year spiral of events leading up until this so like what else was different about the universe up until that point like obviously a lot of hank pym was different which is a dope reveal because hank pym is the one kind of avenger like classic avenger where whenever that guy had a bad day or something kind of bad happened to that guy he would like end up becoming a bad guy for a couple issues and just be this kind of like [ __ ] up dude and again travis was talking about how that fight sequence where he was smacking up black widow was pretty brutal hank pym is uh is like infamously known for his first appearance as yellowjacket because he sniffed some [ __ ] like magic uh science stuff that he was working on and it drove him crazy and he dawned the yellow jacket costume showed up at the avengers mansion threatened uh janet until she married him and then like beat her up on their wedding night and then the uh the the um the uh crime circus shows up at the wedding and like knocks him unconscious he remembers he’s hanked him and he’s it’s all good but the kind of things that i was thinking at before is a lot of this seems like they’re hinting for some sequel baiting and we’re going to get some continuations of these series uh last week’s guardians episode is like oh i think we’re gonna get you know this kurt russell ego plot somewhere i think they might be setting up some sequel b for whatever you know the reveal of the new adventures are and i’m hoping that alexander pierce is the bad guy because i noticed they were talking about the mission where hope died and it was in um odessa ukraine and that’s where natasha says in the winter soldier where she met um someone had shot out her tires and then she got out of the car and she got shot in the stomach and then the bye-bye bikini line bit from the winter soldier that’s what she first encountered so what if someone said hope you’re gonna go instead of natasha you know what i mean and setting up this entire thing the mentions of alexander pierce him being the puppet minister with bucky like what if what if piers basically sent bucky to assassinate [ __ ] hopes uh you know what’s his name’s uh daughter x amount of years before with the intention of like taking fury down or some sort of maniacal [ __ ] it’s solid comic booky [ __ ] storylines coming in like little 30 minute increments and and i [ __ ] adore it i i really like this episode more than the previous installments too nice nice thank you how about you arch yeah i think everybody’s covered it pretty well but i’ll just i’ll just add a couple of little things here um one this episode is is uh the best so far at building up a much more complex plot than you thought was was really gonna happen the other two were good and they did they did some unique things but they were largely kind of like slightly different versions of things we’d already seen the first one almost was a kind of a copy of really the first avenger almost verbatim i mean there’s different things they do some interesting things with it but this really offered something else like the moment she says hope i was really on the oh it’s hope van it’s the the villain is hope van dyke but then there’s another layer to that and you’re like oh no no hope’s dead it’s dad and you’re like wow this gets really complex you’re like wait what all happened in the past and there’s there’s this really underlying complex plot that happened there that you’re kind of like trying to like think about afterwards so i thought i thought it gave you a lot to really digest um uh about what was really going on even the ending i don’t know if you’re gonna get to this in a second but the the old you know the final showdown with hank and what’s how that really plays out is i wasn’t i mean i guess if you were really thinking about it you probably could have guessed your way into what’s actually happening there but i’m like wait what is fury doing how is this happening and then you realize he had this kind of like uh plot with loki so there’s really a lot of of me at the end of at the end of this episode i thought it was really great um just to john’s point um you guys have had uh deathman on before and if you’ve ever talked to deathmate once a car at all he’s he’s a really big theorist in terms of this show building to a larger plot both within itself and possibly in the larger mcu i don’t know how far i’m going down that road at this point i i don’t know if they’re doing anything but certainly last week’s ending with ego makes me think that they’re gonna get to more stuff i don’t know if there’s like a big overarching plot or if they’re just going to have a follow-up episode that has to do with things we’ve seen i don’t i don’t want to go down that path too far yet but there could be some stuff kind of simmering there we’ll see but most definitely most definitely most definitely how about you jeff what did you think about when hank pen popped up uh you know like i said it was i mean it wasn’t it was an interesting way to tie off the story and like arc said you know like um the the the it was the best plot that we’ve gotten like the best story um we’ve got and like you know on all these episodes or whatever this has been the best one so far this is the one that kept me the most connected and like tied into and everything to where i really wanted to watch it i watched it twice um which i didn’t do with the other episodes to be honest with you um i did watch this one twice and um you know like uh like i said i mean um i don’t know hank pen looked pretty cool um like and dirt like that in that final theme versus like fury he looked pretty cool um you know like in his armor and everything and whatnot like i thought it was pretty tight um but um basically i’m just i’m just jacked up and ready to um start uh watching uh the eternals trailer yes i know you are and we’re getting to it so we’re to finish us off here uh basically you know once we see a sing pym he fights nick fury all of a sudden there’s several nick fury’s biting him how’s he keeping up how’s he doing this and all of a sudden we find out that there’s this awesome uh basically he made a pact with loki and that loki is helping him with this and you know basically they stop hank and they you know take him away and then loki decides he’s going to stay on midgard and then all of a sudden we get this giant scene where it’s at the white house and he’s like basically taking over so i don’t know if that’s like a bigger plot that they’re going to be going to and eventually down the line with what if or not but that’s definitely i feel that’s kind of like an ego thing too like what they did with the sec last episode and then after that it you know it shows nick fury and the caskets with uh coulson and all the you know avengers that have passed and then all of a sudden right before the episode ends all of a sudden we see captain marvel pop up and you know is ready for business and i was very happy they had it where it was a long-haired version captain marvel which i hate the short-haired version of captain marvel i don’t think it looks good i think it looks horrible on brie olsen is when they had her and uh end game uh but i think that it was nice that at least they kept it that version of danvers because i don’t know i don’t know if like because in this universe this is so different it could be not part of what happened within game and so forth so because it’s a different multiverse but i thought that was really cool and i really enjoyed it so that’s pretty much what the culmination of the episode ended up happening for us i mean did any of you feel the same way about uh about seeing captain marvel just briefly what you thought about it her all of a sudden popping up right at the end uh starting with you john i might make muted because i was cackling because i i was excited to see captain marvel i i again want to see captain marvel done some justice i want to see carol done some justice in the movies and she is a really cool character she’s a little kind of like overpowered she’s gotten kind of pushed to the forefront as hey check it out this is important and then like i get all that stuff but i um i think deep down there’s an awesome character there and i’m assuming that one of these episodes is going to be a captain marvel episode i don’t know if we’re going to get a continuation of this i would really dig it because i think this episode planted a lot of cool seeds for some more and i would like to see this captain america captain marvel who else are they gonna recruit so um yeah i i was excited and i’m curious um who do you guys think the other avengers in this squad are gonna be because we have we don’t have the maxim offs yet you know we we don’t have vision yet we we don’t have a lot of these superheroes that were just brought up brought back you know because of you know tony stark or all of these you know characters that were just killed off we’re going to be seeing them john in the eternals trailer we’re going to be seeing it oh yes the memorable icarus characters are going to be avengers yeah maybe icarus will stick who knows i would like to see salma hayek in uh in an avengers movie someday that sounds dope as [ __ ] so hopefully these characters work yeah how about you travis uh what did you think about uh captain marvel popping up right at the end there oh uh it was fine i didn’t it it felt like a just a way to uh either sequel bait like uh john has mentioned or a way to offset the down ending of like loki in charge of all the birds pretty much uh not that i really needed to offset the down ending i like those but uh but yeah yeah i i don’t have a preference between long haired captain marvel our short hair i like mohawk captain marvel with the helmet personally and sash and that’s what i want from my captain marvel but uh yeah yeah it was fun how about you perry yeah i thought i thought that was like a it was a nice little nod you know like it was a nice little like say like there’s still one and then it shows like captain america in this and it’s like there’s still two you know it’s like that moment of like you know just playing those seeds you know like giving them giving us a little bit of hope for like the future of earth and not just leaving on the note of like yeah it’s all gone like it’s all done the earth has taken over loki won this one guys like it just it was cool it was cool because it’s it sets up like that that like uh david versus goliath kind of battle going on and that would be that would be really cool to see that play out was um captain america the seventh day of fury’s big week didn’t it end with them finding the shield and the last page of that comic was him brushing off the ice too right i think so yeah yeah because he was the last one um uncovered and then it was injured was the next day right yeah yeah yeah great how about you uh arch yeah i thought it was fun um i for all the reasons you guys just said just uh uh on a side thing because i know captain marvel kind of sometimes tends to be this weird conversation somehow first of all i really enjoyed the movie i thought it was i thought it was great i thought i had a lot of like subtle goodness that goes on in it um uh the one thing i was going to get to eventually here is like i don’t care what any actor does personally i just don’t give a [ __ ] so like they could be completely like opposite of whatever i think like socially or politically and i don’t care i don’t [ __ ] care so like i think a lot of objections to bree are like this personal basis thing i don’t give a [ __ ] so uh i just think she’s awesome as as the character i think one thing i’ll i’ll say about her that just in terms of the actual films i thought she i think she has a damn wide range you can watch that movie and she’s like happy she’s commanding she’s sad she’s like you know frustrated she’s angry she’s like deeply contemplative in certain scenes so i think she brings a lot to the table i really do solid role um i come from a captain marvel background back in the 90s when she was still miss marvel and she was wearing the black leotard thing with the gold lightning bolt thing so that that’s my version of captain marvel i do like the the outfit that they present her in but i when i think of carol danvers i’m thinking of when she was still miss marvel yeah a lot of fans think of her as like that error particularly she was like pushed up you know i just want to put it out there that like i i bust balls about captain marvel but like i’m telling you right now as a fan when i was in the theater when i was watching infinity war and it got to the end credits there and like fury’s you know beeper dropped and it was the captain marvel logo that popped up on that thing i was as pumped and like excited about that [ __ ] as anybody in the theater i’m telling you right now yeah very true so before we get to the eternal trailers jeff you have any thoughts on the captain marvel pop-up no i just wanted to ask you do you want to start off with shang chi and then we can talk about that and then we’ll do the eternals or do you want me to just do both of them right in a row we’ll do one at a time sir all right okay here we go play him at this throughout my life the ten rings gave our family power if you wanted them to be yours one day you have to show me you are strong enough to carry them you are a product of all who came before you the legacy of your family you are your mother and whether you like it or not you are also your father i told my men they wouldn’t be able to kill me if they tried glad i was right here’s just a criminal who murders people be careful how you speak to me i thought i could change my name start a new life but i could never escape his shadow my son you can’t run from your past is this what you wanted you got this thank right you all right thank you trailer people yeah so we just want to give a proper uh send out to both arch and perry they both um have other obligations to get to so they have left us tonight we appreciate having them on it was great to have perry back on it it was great to have archers they’re the champions we’re still here but we still have a great cast here still my wife hold me twice go to bed go to bed and i say no watch good watch good watch now he just said how can i help you hey it was good to see you perry and we love you arch yeah that was great getting to talk about that stuff i i’m always curious too they were talking about 90s miss marvel i was like oh i love these guys yeah so that was great great having them so um back to the shang tree trailer so that comes out next friday actually and uh i when i first saw the first trailer for this i was psyched as [ __ ] to see this film the second trailer made it even more exciting i cannot wait to see this film uh i i love the fact that we’re getting more into the mystic arts uh for the mcu uh it’s another great character that we’re finally getting being introduced to the mr shangchi we get the proper version of the ten rings in this film uh we get a more proper version of mandarin uh it just it looks like an amazing film i can’t wait to see this so what are you guys thoughts on this trailer did you guys were you excited about it are you guys looking forward what what are your thoughts and let’s start with you travis okay uh yes i am excited for it i mean uh this is a general rule for anything marvel puts out but uh this in particular like asian film is kind of uh my bread and butter um so yeah you see asian actors get this opportunity to become uh big stars potential uh is exciting to be because there hasn’t really been a uh adventurable asian star in a while uh in hollywood so i’m hopeful for them who’s the current now in your opinion travis you think it’s like donnie yen who who’s the current big breadwinner is the guy who plays han in fast and furious maybe well i was taking a rinko kikuchi from pacific rim she’s uh uh the closest thing and that’s obviously not like uh i mean yeah daniel is popular but i don’t think his movie’s really still based on his name other one uh but yeah i’m excited for that uh i mean i’m also excited for abomination series um uh very uh fish-like i’m it was one of the oversights in the first movie i like my comic book characters to look comic booky and silly a bit i don’t need like detailed explanation for why he has used like that uh but yeah yeah i didn’t i’m i’ve been avoiding reviews but the general’s consensus seems to be that the trailers don’t do it complete justice which makes me happy i’m excited about tony along as the mandarin and making this character probably better than the comic book version right and giving him a bit more nuanced character uh yeah it should be good um i would agree i would totally agree uh what what about you jeff what do you think about this what are you looking forward to it i think that i’m freaking getting my shank tickets right now baby open them right now i just paid for them and i’m just wait oh i’m all set all set baby i got two of them because you know like i know and you know cyber that between now and then i’ll meet some new chick that i want to take with me that night anyway humble yeah yeah right no that’ll that’ll legitimize you know like uh our evening you know what i mean before the debauchery comes in so like anyways um you know how would you like to talk about shanghai with me he knows what i’m talking about he knows what’s up but um no but uh basically i mean i’m like super super stoked for this movie like i’m telling you i mean um i don’t understand why like wong is like trying to get down hand to hand with [ __ ] like the abomination like i’m not surprised he was getting his ass beat because like the abomination’s a beast like i mean i’m telling you right now if um if professional magic if the professor or whole version of like hulk that we got an end game fights the abomination is gonna beat his ass it’s gonna be like daniel’s looping hulk’s ass again same thing i’m telling you right now but um no um what i think is just that i’ve heard a little bit of like doubt on on youtube and like um in the media a little bit about shang chi that maybe like it’s just gonna be like not so great or whatever or you know like it’s being hyped up too much but um i feel like you know as always i’m always confident and optimistic when it comes to anything that marvel studios produces so like at that point i’m gonna go freaking watch that damn movie and enjoy the [ __ ] out of it i’ll tell you right now i don’t care you know what anybody says about it i can guarantee you right now i don’t even need to see it yet i’m gonna enjoy the [ __ ] out of it and it’s gonna be great and like i’m gonna leave the theater happy and like positive about it and everything and you know like i’ll tell you right now i don’t know what i’ll be rating it but i know i’ll be happy because i like all the different elements that they have going on in the film i do like i like the uh the comic book stuff um i like the way they’re doing the 10 rings like as bracelets or whatever like that [ __ ] is awesome it looks dope as [ __ ] like seriously coming off and on like the the mandarin’s arm like that [ __ ] looks awesome um with that that image that you see when the trailer first starts and you can see him with with the rings just like hanging in there suspended in the air and everything like that was awesome i love that [ __ ] but um no i’m like seriously seriously stoked for this i really am like um i can’t wait to see uh what it’s gonna be like when we actually get to see the whole like martial arts tournament deal that they’re gonna be doing that’s gonna be really cool i keep forgetting that this movie’s like an enter the dragon or bloodsport or the quest and at the core of this movie is essentially like bloodsport and magipore that is fun you know and they didn’t make it a white guy karate movie travis it’s an actual asian guy karate movie which is nice too we have a sub-genre film that we refer to on the mcu beyond mini podcast says white guy karate movies uh which are like blood sports and things like or the quest pretty much anything van damme was was in for a little while um yeah it looks so fun yeah i also agree with jeff about the uh the way they’ve adapted the ten rings themselves uh like the old martial arts film like it specifically obviously it’s a diagram fighter one of them was gordon i mean he wears a band similar to that yeah like a master killer film um absolutely and and they had the the five and five um it was the the eight poles that you were talking about and it’s like this this trailer definitely feels a little like i don’t learn anything about shang shi as a character though you know what i mean like i don’t know anything about this actor everything is kind of just a generic action movie line and as a i’m wearing i wore as a joke today a fast furious shirt that says familia and the dom toretto cross as a guy who likes big dumb action movies this looks like a really fun big dumb action movie but one of the like the linchpin that makes marvel a little different than a lot of these big dumb action movies like bloodsport or uh i i don’t know i just saw snake eyes and i kind of like snake eyes i walked out of theater happy the the there’s a level of quality that we obviously expect from the marvel cinematic universe and disney and marvel studios and that is at its core about the characters and about the lore and i do you guys think that you know this trailer kind of just shows more of the action bits it appeases like it looks like a generic action trailer in a lot of ways with these cool cosmic elements do you know what i mean but that’s okay though yeah i agree i agree but i i hope at its core it’s it’s more towards like we get a cool character that we’re going to be excited to see pop up as well and and develop a franchise out of shanghai that would be really fun i feel i feel that the first trailer is very generic the second trailer is a lot more in-depth and a lot better and i don’t feel generic at all i think that this actually shows that it’s going to be a really well done film and also i mean the fact that it you know the rotten tomatoes already come back on it’s 86 right now yeah 56 reviews so that’s that to me is a good sign if the critics are saying that already about it and i mean with it only come you know only a week away almost you know you know friday will be a week that it’s coming out from uh you know usually if a film is you know subpar you know usually if the critics say it’s subpar usually it’s a pretty decent film and i usually enjoy it so i have a good feeling about this film i think it’s going to be one of those ones that’s going to kind of like surprise people and i think they’re going to like it more than they thought they were going to and i feel that’s what this is probably going to be one of those films this year you know of the marvel films besides spider-man spider-man everyone’s going to love because that’ll be a guaranteed hit yeah yeah that’s gonna be a guarantee you have john watts back anyway so i mean that’s the key right there it might be like it might actually be like a blockbuster like that one might actually make solid money in the box office yeah i think it will i think it very much will especially coming out christmas time and uh but yeah i think like that chiang chi out of the four that have are going to be coming out this year will be that surprise hit where they weren’t expected to do as well and it actually does i’m really hoping without the disney plus release too that it gets some really good second and third week numbers in and this becomes this and eternals especially i think are going to need it because they’re not like a very well established existing ip or an ip that’s beloved like even ant-man could come out now and do kind of well black widow was you know a character established in the past i’m hoping that like guardians or some of these you know the first ant-man film we get some good second and third week block box office returns and and this movie becomes like a word of mouth thing it’s basically what i was trying to get at you know that 20 bucks right now that shang qi will be a better movie than the eternals i i would agree with you on that i think so too i might like eternals more but um i think shanghi is going to do better at the box office and be the the popular favorite i think yeah most definitely i would agree with that uh just to throw a shout out to isaac in the comments mr skywalker uh hello to you sir and yeah that’s awesome that you changed it to your favorite jedi character uh luke skywalker from return of the jedi version of him that’s great uh good to see you here in the comments also just cosmic man thank you for your comments too as well um shane she was a nobody in the comics now he’s solid gold in the hands of feige which i would agree and then uh he also he also brings out the pen uh part he’s like mandarin we’ll finally get justice i would agree there with you especially because i’m sure a lot of people i think most people agree that the mandarin version we got in iron man 3 wasn’t what everyone was looking for even if it was ben kingsley or you know the ben kingsley version or the you know guy pierce version still at the same time it’s like okay you know that wasn’t really the mandarin but still you know we’ll finally get a decent mandarin hopefully in shanghai here with what what are your thoughts on the mandarin guys i you know oh [ __ ] oh yes dude he’s [ __ ] sounds like a beast what are your thoughts on i’ll rephrase the mandarin twist from iron man 3. like how do you did you guys feel at the time of that and and i don’t care all i care about is that tony wong is playing mandarin now that’s all that matters to me yeah they brought it back they brought it back i i like i love iron man 3 that’s why i was asking and and i know a lot of people it’s a sore subject and this is finally like we got it like you know there’s a big fanfare for the mandarin right now yeah yeah i’ll go and say that uh the men congregation of course wouldn’t bother me if the diapers version was better uh that was just like a nothing character to me uh and then i did the lame dragon tattoos it didn’t do it for me visually he breathes fire on gwyneth paltrow in her underwear he does he does but also at the time i was disappointed because i didn’t think they’d ever take another crack at the character i didn’t realize they were going to make these movies until we die pretty much uh what do you guys think about neymar going to be in black panther too man like are you guys excited travis you are you excited i literally have my name or avatar right now uh yeah i’m excited i i know that’s why that’s why i asked you yeah yeah yeah there it is i hope they don’t go full living with him because i wanted to stick around for a while and i i know uh in the comments in the reason that him and black panther have such such strong issues it has to do with the flooding of wakanda i don’t think you can uh have name or do anything that evil and then redeem the character yeah taiga titi killed asgard did he not yeah but no one like we didn’t spend enough time in asgard to really care about those people everyone’s just asked guardians yeah killer wakanda would be a touchy thing right now that would probably not be the best thing yeah yeah i i’m excited i hope he is as arrogant as he is in the comics that’s one of the things that i enjoy about neymar he’s too hmm he’s a mutant too yes yes i’m not like i almost never think of him as mutant but yes he is uh so yeah i guess he will technically be the first mutant uh unless we count that guy from black widow that i don’t uh oh the bear guy major yeah major yeah yeah very true you’re also getting the the best well one of the best of many the best fantastic four side characters with name war ii and knowing that fantastic four is going to be closing out this phase namor you know jeff you mentioned you know he’s also an x-man but he’s also like one of the best fantastic four and longest-running fantastic four recurring characters what’s that he’s never he was never an x-man he was he’s half mutant oh no he’s a mutant man he’s an atlantean born with a mutant gene right yeah he was a member of the x-men at one point but he’s not like a regular member yeah whenever they’re doing the uh the hope summer’s the storyline with the company held it and he’s never again he’s currently allowed on krakowa for the uh for the hellfire gala so he was invited to emma frost big big party on the curricula travis do you want to see shirtless uh tighty whities timely comics or shoulder pad namor which would be your most preferred or like open leather jacket with big shoulder pads is what i would personally like yeah i i don’t i know it’s a classic and everything but i don’t need like green uh scaly uh speedo really that like maybe it’s like a brief joke but put some pants on the guy you can have those these scaly like the so there’s my avatar right now something like that where are you here like that certain armor or whatever yeah yeah i’m going to give him a ridiculous color like he had whenever he was messed around with the x-men that’s fine that’s cool but i want him to dress uh regally well with it being marvel you know and uh you know how how they do like how they did with aquaman uh you know with the dc universe anyways they’d how they did it um i mean i feel like just with how the rest of you know like how or that you know they looked and all that stuff in you know how they try to keep it you know away from certain things i feel that neymar will probably be dressed a certain regal way because of how they want it you know they want to keep it you know aesthetically pleasing to the eye you know what i mean so even though you probably want you know like that type of you know version of neymar you’re probably not going to get it unfortunately yeah i loved the aquaman movie uh even though it did make me a bit sad because it made me think that it showed that an article man slash name or the type of movie can be a big chess but dc guy did the punch first so yeah marvel’s not going to attempt it for a while probably because they only be seen as a ripoff even though anymore came through but using the character in black panther look what marvel was able to do with mumbacu literally a character called the man ape who is like not only kind of forgotten and just like oh leave that character alone like having these other tribes and these other kingdoms kind of with their own kind of regalness and their own kind of royalty travis like i think introducing him as black panther and having oh we have to go visit this cocky king for help or something along those lines and you know it’s a good way to to introduce the character as this as we would like to see very comic booky um kind of jerk basically we want to see this kind of kind of rich royal like [ __ ] that is namor oh before we get off the top of memory i want to respond to cosmic men in the comments i haven’t figured out how to comment over there it is more complicated than it should be probably but yes savage submariner would be a [ __ ] joke like that hell yeah very much so so to finish to finish off our podcast we’re gonna just drop the eternals trailer real quick and just give a brief few thoughts on that mr jeff five years ago thanos erased half of the population of the universe not the people of this planet brought everyone back with a snap of a finger the sudden return of the population provided the necessary energy for the emergence to begin how long do we have seven days we’re eternals we came here 7000 years ago protect humans from the deviants why didn’t you guys help fight thanos or any war all the other terrible things throughout history we were instructed not to interfere in any human conflicts unless deviants are involved by who we need to find the others i haven’t seen some of them for centuries hi hello this is what the end of the world looks like at least we have front row seats you know what’s never saved the planet you’re sarcasm we have loved these people since the day we arrived when you love something you protect it you can’t protect any of them i bet you’ve built the perfect safe house what’s this even made of vibranium fall collection ikea all right so that was a fantastic trailer oh boy this was such a great this is such a great trailer um i mean you know as travis men or as john mentioned here he’s like i could just watch some of hayek riding at horse for three hours uh you know i mean it’s really awesome uh i think it’s enjoyable i i liked how this trailer basically gave us a little bit more of what we were looking for for an internal trailer showing us some action some celestials all this kind of stuff we got a little bit more of the other people that are part of the film we got to see them in action such as man the johnny we have to see brian terry henry kind of do something too as well uh i mean we saw a little bit more of angelina jolie kicking some butt uh but uh i mean definitely i mean the first trailer was very richer matic-centric i felt like we all we saw with him pretty much and then uh the uh i forget the asian ladies uh name that was in captain marvel um but she is a character that we saw get killed off in captain marvel and then return in this as a different character uh but i really enjoyed this trailer i thought it was it made me have a much more better appreciation for wanting to see this film now uh versus you know that first trailer because that first trailer i felt the movie looked like garbage not a huge fan of chloe’s owl i don’t think she she’s not to be a superhero type of film maker especially with you know her winning best director and screenplay for you know her nomad land which is basically almost like a documentary style type film um you know she’s really good at cinematography yes i give her that um but that first trailer did not do it for you this one definitely did what were your guys’s thoughts uh how about you jeff what did you think this time oh basically uh that um icarus looks a lot like superman like like zach schneider’s superman yeah yeah yeah exactly what he got how he looks yeah and um i thought that angelina jolie looked really good uh she i guess her her ability is that she can just create weapons out of thin air like with like energy and [ __ ] like that um like that’s her ability uh and i like that i think it’s pretty cool um i think that um i don’t know i mean it was nice to see some action scenes like it definitely changed things up for me a lot to actually see that i we still didn’t get to see black knight really doing anything like you heard kit harrington talking but like you didn’t really see him um and he wasn’t like like the black knight so you saw him hanging out in front of a laundry mat i would have seen the black knight actually like using his sword and everything like that would have been cool i would have dug that mini blade yeah that would be cool yeah that’s basically it that’s that’s about the only thing that i really thought like seeing it again it’s just that like they should have they should have shown the black knight more like i mean um honestly from a comic book standpoint it doesn’t even make any sense to mix like the black knight with the eternals like it doesn’t even like work but it is what it is i mean at least you got to see more of you know kit harrington in this trailer i mean it was a lot more visible this time around you know what i mean so i mean you had him talking to uh gaba chan asking why didn’t you guys you know help with thanos then you saw him with the bus when it got turned into the butterflies or hearts or flowers or whatever the hell it was uh by that other internal um which i thought you know even though it wasn’t exactly the black knight and everything i still thought it was nice at least they got to show him a little bit more in the trailer a little bit more visible i definitely thought how about you travis okay uh i’m happy to be finally going to see the celestials that’s what i’ve been waiting on since just announced uh the eternals i don’t care about these characters yet i’m hoping they can change it but the celestials i find super fascinating uh i think the designer role is good i’m a little uh they don’t really show you much of the legs that’s the one area where i’m not completely in love with their design but i think they wanted to make them look less human the judge i think yeah he is designed looks like he’s on the searcher but i i’ve heard that they’re going to kind of uh call him slightly different uh do you think rob lightnell designed the celestials and that’s why we only see them from the uh knees up and we don’t get to see their feet yet oh yeah possibly they develop pouches at some point uh throughout the movie yeah the uh maybe they’re robots yeah the style of the movie looks more uh high brow sci-fi like something like uh a rival or blade runner where it’s going i don’t know if it’s gonna connect with general audience the same way that most marvel movies do i hope it does but we’ll see uh i uh i do know what’s next they say the reason i didn’t interfere with the whole thing i was thinking was because they only interfere in deviant issues but in the comments that notices it has the deviant chain so uh a slight change from comic book folder but the comics aren’t the movies that um changes will be made this in general i’m kind of curious to hear what john thinks about it because these girls are feeling more like dc rules where they’re basically gods and they do things that are on a whole nother power level they really do right and uh they’re communicating but travis again like someone in the comments right now um cosmic man shout out cosmic man with the with the good info and and um and disco submariner which hopefully we’ll uh write a song about someday we wrote a discover song on our podcast so um but the later kirby stuff is very almost highbrow for comics and really heady for comics and the new gods and all the work that he did over at dc travis that you’re kind of referring to where it’s like they kind of feel more like dc characters they’re they’re really powerful almost overly powerful with a very complicated very mythological based um origin story and actually jeff you you were saying like i don’t really get like where from a standpoint would like the black knight fit into all of this stuff but they mentioned these things in this trailer the emergences right do you hear this guys yes so they have these events in the eternals lore and like the lord of the marvel comics called like the great cataclysms and you know it’ll like yep yep and and a couple of them have occurred and that is where our boy neymar uh founded the uh city of atlantis yeah exactly a lot of neymar’s origin is tied up in all this but a lot of like again a lot of the marvel origins of the entire world and earth are tied up in stuff that was you know written by jack kirby in the late 70s and it’s really heavy sci-fi [ __ ] um but again one of the great cataclysms happened around the time of uh the middle ages and morgan le fay and like merlin are actual superhero characters in the comic books and you know the ebony blade is tied into all of that so the eternals have [ __ ] around in the middle ages so um how much of this are they going to explore i have no idea do i think that this is going to connect with audiences like kingo is not baby group you know what i mean like i don’t think my mother is going to buy a you know kingo toy with sexy um camille nanjiani on it the way that she bought like a baby groot toy and put it on their desks so some of the risks and stuff that marvel’s throwing out the wall in the past like the guardians these relatively unknown characters you know they they they stuck to the wall for a reason because they’re kind of adorable and they have these defining features how much of us in terms of like being a general audience are going to stick to these you compared it to arrival and blade runner 2099 these kind of more high brow concepts i have no idea um cyber you mentioned um not liking chloe zow is that correct you don’t really dig her no wow okay yeah have you seen oliver i i think she’s a a really good filmmaker i think it’s so weird that she is making a marvel film that’s that’s kind of why i you know not necessarily my first pick you know yeah i checked out her other two films that she’s directed uh after i saw nomad land and i just thought no man land was very overrated i did not care for it i thought if they were gonna make a documentary about the nomads i totally would have gotten the film but this movie was made like it was supposed to be like a drama you know type of film and it did not have that feel for me at all and i love oh you know uh what’s her name mcdonald’s mcdormand yeah from our friends of dartmouth yeah yeah i love her as an actress i think she’s fantastic i love dirt at three boards outside ebbing missouri i love during fargo loves one of her best living actresses yeah one of the best living actresses yeah and so like seeing her in that film i didn’t feel like she fit in it even michael strahan in it i think he didn’t fit into it like these are great actors and actresses that you know are amazing in any movies but they could not keep me attached to this film i was just so bored to death with this film and it just felt like it should have been a documentary yeah you know if it made it if they if she had made it as a documentary i would have enjoyed it way more yeah shout out to cosmic man with the good information too by the way with the uh the kirby tying things into the origin because that’s very much what the eternals kind of did you know jack kirby did a lot of that cosmic stuff over at dc when you know him and stan had the kind of infamous fumes in the 60s and he left to go work for dc and he did the new gods and we got darkseid and orion and all this great cosmic stuff and mr miracle and then once he left dc and he came back to marvel to play nice you know he kind of tried to do the same thing there and um it’s it’s just really big stuff and like you were saying cyber like chloe zao isn’t like i don’t think of her as like a big director i think of her as a very personal director i can see not enjoying her films they’re very well shot do you guys like the natural lighting that’s going on in this um in this because it doesn’t look like it’s filmed on like stages or cgi you know the cg obviously their cgi those gargoyle things are supposed to be the deviants correct yes former gargoyles cool um but it doesn’t look like it’s filmed on a backlog in atlanta it looks like it’s filmed like you know out in an actual set like it’s cool you know i just hope it connects with people because i think i’ll enjoy it i like these kinds of movies i just hope it connects with people most certainly uh you have something you would like to add travis yeah yeah one last thing about details that i’m excited about uh is just the world building i like even if i don’t like easter as much i’m getting some of the origins of the mcu that is interesting to me in the comics the celestials a hand in the mutants and everything like that i don’t think we’re getting mutants here or anything like that but just letting uh general audiences know more about uh how everything came to be in this universe uh it’s exciting to me even if they don’t get to make another one uh i i do think they should be applauded uh for taking a risk for this one especially how often they’re criticized for being uh yeah very much so did you have anything to say jeff yeah just that um i think that uh honestly um it’s it’s one of the it’s a weird it’s a kind of like a weird topic just because with the eternals i don’t know what like the um what the big demand was to like do the eternals like nobody really was asking for it to begin with you know what i mean so um humans was already taken again we didn’t know if we had the x-men yet yeah yeah yeah that’s good hey you know what um i’m sure you guys have probably already heard like how this how how people are are framing things to where like now this could suddenly be how they would do mutants sure like right off this whole like concept of like the the cosmic energy off of like the snaps and [ __ ] like that absolutely i mean we’ve seen the infinity stones grant so much power in this universe as it is and marvel and comic book storytelling in general has this tendency to use mcguffins like the infinity stones or the mother boxes or something along those lines or the uh the captain america serum for the ultimate universe in like 2000 like the entire universe was framed around you know trying to reinvent captain america that’s where all the mutants came from in the ultimate universe so i could very well see the mcu doing like something you know with the infinity stones and just basing the foundation of how they introduce all these new kinds of powers and stuff as the macguffin or the catalyst because travis right they’re doing miss marvel based off infinity stones and not as inhuman already correct it’s a little unclear uh there’s a lot of rumors about that one and some of the concepts that come out with it it’s very different than what i was expecting like it felt some good but there seems to be some sort of energy going on she’s wielding so the rumors they’re going to be changing the power from being stretchy and elastic and all that to having like green lantern asked powers which i’m hoping is not the case uh i i won’t destroy yourself without yet uh but it doesn’t appear like i don’t think they’re going to come from the terrigen mist oh yeah yeah so let me ask you guys i want to present you a couple questions i’m sorry i didn’t mean to cut you off but let me just ask you guys a couple questions so um where are you guys at with your podcast in terms of like when are you guys gonna like try to do some like actual like infinity saga reviews and stuff like that like are you guys gonna get into doing that or hmm we’ve done um what we’ve called our giant sized episodes in the past and uh we’ve been doing it with our basically in phases and we’ve used it as an opportunity in between the series that have been coming out where there isn’t any new weekly content because you know we we post weekly the episodes used to come out on fridays now they come out on wednesday so we would watch the episode on friday take down as much information and and call each other as excited as possible about the new episode of whatever marvel [ __ ] we were talking about on saturday and record it and put it out every sunday and um in between that obviously you know we didn’t think about like what the [ __ ] are we gonna do and these weeks in between uh one of the things that we’ve been doing is is covering um the giant-sized episodes where we’ve been doing phase one phase two and we still have phase three and we were talking about actually dividing it up in between you know the the first beginning of it and the second of it because we tend there’s so much to cover in in those episodes you know what i mean and there’s so much to cover that um we would really i think in the future travis we’re going to end up going film by film we’re doing yeah yeah they they do kind of don’t get the justice they deserve whenever we bulk do them but also we’ve talked about each of these movies so much over the years that it’s hard to well let me get guests on to help with the uh disappearing perspective we hadn’t heard before and why they’re wrong and we’re right one thing i can tell you right now that you’ll accomplish if you join sakaar uh if you if you go on some car that we’re from arch where archer’s from um if you go on there and you join um like you can you can be you can guest on the podcast of champions and expose like yourself to like all of their different people there and they guest on my shows all the time so you know like and they’re very reliable people like you know what i mean like they all contribute very well in their own way and everything you know so um like i’ve worked with a lot of the the people over there um and you know i’m just saying like you guys should think about checking it out seriously um it’s a car dot and if you guys just go on there and make a profile or whatever grandmaster will like approve it and you’ll be on there never get one more plug again before all right away brother plug away get after i’m gonna plug your facebook group to the ground oh sure yeah yeah i’m not giving all the i’m asking you probably you’re the one doing the fun i i have a tendency to ramble as long as you need brother you go ahead and plug plug away man yeah we do have we have the uh mcu beyond infiniti facebook group and um travis and i started right around with uh our co-host kira um right around the time that we started the podcast and you know it is very active and we have a ton of people in there not just talking about you know the marvel movies just everything in general films in general and and we’ve cultivated this like pretty positive and like spam free corner of the internet that we’re we’re kind of proud of at this point so yeah definitely check out the mcu beyond infinity podcast facebook group do you want to have our contest is on spotify uh that’s where i uh mainly link to whenever i post about it in our group and it’s mcu beyond infinity and yeah it’s available on all the various uh podcasting sources yeah absolutely um well listen guys um i’ll definitely make sure that i get you back on here again during this what if series like you know what i’m saying like probably not next week like maybe the week after that or something like that i’ll check in with you guys and see what’s going on and you know i’ve already let you know that like i’m out there for you guys if you want me to come on on saturday night one of these nights and guests on the show and do one of your reviews or whatever i’d be happy to join you know join up and you know let you guys moderate and everything and like you know i’ll guest on your [ __ ] oh dude you would love it we literally sit around for three hours and yeah yeah yeah interrupt beforehand so i can like make sure i have i’ve got a couple alcoholic beverages lined up and all right please please get ready for the text messages can you turn your voice down to a light roar please in the middle of it for real speaking of which i’m getting a bunch of those so yeah do you guys want to plug anything else uh check out my buddy um android’s amazing podcast from the fine folks over at androids amazing comics in seville new york they are my local comic book store um anthony jeans hunter and the entire gang over there at androids amazing comics in stable new york are the absolute best um support your local comic book shops please they are not only you know brick and mortar institutions that you could be supporting but they are also really good places to cultivate um like-minded people where you can find something that could potentially change your life in a very creative and positive way so yeah support your local comic book stores and if you’re from new york or long island go check out the guys at androids because they’re the best all right and at that point um for the mcu’s bleeding edge we are basically going to close things out i just want to go ahead and thank uh cosmic man for all the great comments for the show and everything um isaac thanks for checking in um you know uh it was a great show guys uh john uh travis i’ve really enjoyed uh getting to know you guys and um we had a really good time you know uh working with you tonight and everything and whatnot and uh and um john hopefully you and i will talk soon about that uh dc show that like i want to try to put together man you want to hear me talk about zack schneider get ready i still haven’t done one single review of justice league uh spider cup we just did our uh first dc show we called it the fortress of solid dudes and that is a name that i’ve had in my head since i was a five-year-old boy so yeah i would love to do that that would be a ton of fun jeff and thank you again and travis i look forward to uh rambling with you on saturday my friend oh yeah yeah covering the same thing covered i got all my notes ready oh yeah yeah it’s been fun it’s been fun thank you yeah all right guys all right everybody it was it was i and and hey for everybody out there who ends up catching this later on when this is no longer a live stream and it just becomes a video and everything we really appreciate all of you please subscribe um and uh god bless all of you and uh we’ll see you next wednesday night no matter what uh rain or shine at 9 05 pm eastern 6 05 pm pacific getting after it covering episode 4 of the what if disney plus series um and then you know and and actually doing the spider-man 3 trailer so that’s going to be freaking dope as [ __ ] just like uh john cena said in uh suicide squad i’m saying that channel peace out yo we are

What If…? Episode 4 Review

wouldn’t that always nice to see the nice little look nice bark to start things off hey everybody this is jeff i you’re not supposed to be am first person to make an announcement on the show yeah i guess the the dog is going to host the show so anyways so uh jeff’s here i’m at the mcu’s bleeding edge i’m moderating this evening uh cyber is going to be on the panel taking a break he’s been working real hard and uh he hasn’t been feeling all that well so he’s uh you know going to take a chill pill but um what’s up cyber um so anyways we uh we have a wonderful it’s not full cast this evening um for the second morning today on the mcu’s bleeding edge we’ve got alexis uh who is a frequent guest on the mcu’s bleeding edge and on the religion broadcasting network which is where i found out about her and a host of a couple of dogs were apparently trying for monday night raw sorry about this guy usually the dogs are locked up in my husband’s office but he is out tonight and i can’t just put the dogs in the office without someone there because they will destroy everything in his office so i apologize i it’s so unprofessional but i’m afraid i gotta deal with these two family we also have more death man from the podcast of champion here say hello say hello lord deathman hey everyone glad to be here and represented for the champions i hope i do them justice on this particular episode of the building edge champions champions and cyber we’ll definitely do some plugging later on for our personal content and stuff like that but do you want to um say anything to everybody in to the in the uh the streaming community just uh thanks for coming on by if you’re listening thanks for watching the show we’re gonna have a blast where we talk about what if episode four and then a little bit later we’ll be talking about the third spider-man trailer two as well so can’t wait to get in that it’s great to have everyone involved with the podcast tonight and looking forward to chatting about well it’s good to see you cyber i was very unhappy to hear that you weren’t feeling all that well um and it’s good to see you back to full strength um you know and it’s gonna be back on the mcu’s bleeding edge um i don’t know i got to be honest with you um we uh i i we started late tonight um so we’ll see you know that might we might have already lost some people that typically always come on here and check us out at 905 pm and we ran a little bit late this evening but we’re here um to go ahead and cover uh episode 4 of the what if disney plus series and um you know basically we’re going to eventually do a spider-man 3 trailer watch and react for like a final segment we might get into some rotten tomato imbd reviews for episode four um it’s kind of difficult unfortunately with that kind of stuff because you know with us doing the show on wednesdays and the actual show on the what if shows coming out on wednesdays um sometimes they don’t even have the reviews up at this point but like i said we’ll take time at the end of the show and um we will um go ahead and make sure that everybody gets a chance to plug everything and whatnot but let’s just go ahead and jump right in and do some mcu content to start off um oh and also kurt thank you very much for jumping in on the comment section i appreciate your brother um kurt is somebody that we are going to be potentially collaborating with i i feel horrible but i cannot remember the name of his podcast right now but kurt if you can hear me man go ahead and drop the name of your podcast so that we can plug you man but yeah we’re going to be collaborating with kurt here sometime in the future and so okay anyways back to what if episode four sorry if i’m a little bit uh scatterbrained here folks but i’m just kind of multitasking um episode four what if what i wanted to start things off with panel was you guys have all seen the other episodes so far for what if where do you how would you rank things so far with this episode i mean where would you place this episode amongst what we’ve seen so far because i felt like it was the strongest one that we’ve had um cyber what do you think man how does this where does this this episode place i mean honestly i mean yeah like you said it’s a very strong episode it’s a very deep episode it’s definitely the most uh dark i feel of the three of the four episodes that have come out so far um they take it into a way different direction than the other three previous episodes are so i would definitely say this is uh definitely like the beginning of the you know of the new trend i feel of what we’re gonna be getting from the what if so i definitely would have to say this is a good this one is like you know top-notch uh i would say definitely like third second place for me uh in the episode so far of what i’ve enjoyed uh definitely this one had a interesting and different take on you know what we’ve seen like i said before uh it’ll be interesting to just see exactly where else they go with these episodes as they go further down the line well we know for a fact that we’re gonna get doctor strange more than once in these nine episodes um so and i think that’s a good thing i’m happy about that but alexis um how would you rank this episode with what you’ve seen so far from what if this is actually my favorite episode so far this is an episode that i watched and i walked away thinking why didn’t they use this story for one of the movies i really think it could have been done so well as a cinematic story so you feel like the story itself was so poignant that it’s it’s it’s film-worthy yeah i honestly do and i’m not gonna lie a lot of that comes down to the amazing voice acting of uh benedict cumberbatch yes thank you cleo he does such a great job with the role and i know that he’s done a voiceover for like one or two animated films but still i was just like i’ve never really heard him you know do a lot of voice acting like that but he was so great in the world and i loved it lord deathman your thoughts this is also my favorite episode of the series so far i love the fact that it was horror tinged i love the great heart in the story there’s really a simple kind of love story at the core of this episode which really brought a lot of emotional heft to it and there was just a lot of dazzling animation i think the animators on this one really got to show their craft with all of the different kinds of mutations and creatures and sorcery effects it just felt really exhilarating to watch so this is a top-ranked episode for me and you know as an american it’s it’s starting to get a little under my skin the kind of competency that all these british lead guys show like you have uh just last episode i think tom hiddleston did a wonderful job with loki and now you have benedict cumberpatch sort of bringing the heat once again and no job is too big or too small for those guys right it’s always that british efficiency it doesn’t matter if i’m doing a little voice over thing or if i’m in front of the camera you know there’s no diva-ishness about them they really take the craft seriously and they’re always there for it right there they’re such careful curators of their characters but back to the episode yeah this is this is a top favorite of mine um i just love the premise of it and i think what i like the most about it is that it really of all the episodes that have come thus far this really is in keeping with the comic book concept of what if which always took you to a darker place like if you’ve ever read the classic what if or some of the what if revivals that came in the 90s or the early 2000s what if almost seems to be a way for a writer to sort of vent out that darker side in terms of the story or to do something that plays out that wasn’t as feel good or as optimistic and this kind of lives right there as uh an episode that keeps to that tradition so big favorite of mine uh in fact my favorite episode so far well that’s a great point it really is um lord deathman and one thing that i really appreciate about having lord deathman on the show um i believe this is his third appearance on the mcu’s cutting edge is that he is a marvel comics knowledgeable type um you know person and um that’s a really good point that we haven’t really mentioned here before on the show is that this episode really did take it to the roots of what if because um like i’ve mentioned before in conversation with lord deathman my favorite what if comics were always the ones with the punisher in them um and obviously the punisher is a darker character you know um ghost rider i liked him in the what if um but they did usually always kind of go in dark territory and um what i was also kind of wondering at some point down the road guys um i’d love to do something some kind of segment at least once where we all kind of go back and like pick like a marvel comic that we might that we like a what if comic where we like the story or we like the topic or something like that and kind of just talk about it like on the show but obviously i wasn’t going to just throw it at you guys like the the day of the show or whatever you know um but i’ve been thinking about toying around about wanting to do it but um going back over to you cyber what did you think of um the pace of the episode did you feel like um it maybe was a little bit like of a lull in the beginning and then kind of picked up steam as it went i honestly think that it it had a pretty good pace the whole entire episode uh i like that the fact that they kind of you know started off just like how the original dr strange film begins you know except with the addition of christine getting into the car this time and then supposedly going to this gala together and him crashing with her in the car i thought that they pasted very well because you got you had all that going on you had showed him you know half trying to bring her back several times and then you had what basically ended up becoming kind of what the finale part of the of the episode was you know about hit you know another version of himself you know having tried to intake all this evilness and stuff like that to be able to bring her back and stuff like that and so forth and stuff and you saw like all that i thought it paced very well throughout the whole entire episode i mean i didn’t i was like by the time that the episode ended i didn’t even feel like i had just watched you know 30 minutes worth of you know video i it felt like it had just started and it just ended so i thought it was a really good pace i thought it ran very well and i thought it was very well conceived definitely um lord deathman same question what did you think about the pace of the episode and and if if you if there’s anything in it at all that you think is a comparison to the other episodes that we’ve dealt with so far please feel free to expound absolutely it always feels like these animated episodes go by like the pacing it feels quick but at the same time they managed to pack a lot of story into that half hour block it felt like really watching a feature film but at the same time the fluidity of the animation the speed at which actions happen especially in action sequences make it feel a little more a little faster than live action but i really enjoy the pace i’ve really gotten into animation in my sort of adult years and and learning to appreciate the different styles and schools of it and i think marvel is on to something with starting their own animation studio now now is really the time for them to kind of step up do these things in-house because i don’t want to say that they haven’t been served very well by their sort of third-party collaborators over the years but there obviously have been some offerings that are stronger than others but what if as their debut for in-house animation the pacing is just done beautifully i think the story really flowed and it also um there’s a certain quality of it where i don’t know if this is me just kind of doing a lot of head canon or or fan speculation but it does feel like they they’re leaving a lot enough nuggets in the story for you to think oh maybe this does tie into live action you know is the doctor strange is a strange supreme as he’s referred to the same doctor strange that we’re gonna see in the in the homecoming trailer right so yeah yeah i’m totally thrilled with the pacing here but comparing this to other episodes this one has a totally different feeling right this takes you into the realm of magic time bending and manipulation there are different characters here so while each episode has had its own unique quality with regards to sci-fi fantasy or action adventure or taking you into the past sort of with the first episode this really doesn’t feel comparable except that it’s in the same format so i’m loving the variety of stories that they’re giving us here and taking us into different genres so yeah i hope what if becomes a fixture of the mcu sort of buffet of content and we continue to eat well versus it becoming like a one-off experiment where they do 10 episodes and then kind of forget about it for four years i’m in agreement with that i would love to see what if come back for a second season in the third season um you know some of these shows need to be mainstays that we can rely on and see over the course of one or two or three different seasons um you know i’d like to see them maintain that element that that typical element that you get with a a tv show a series um since we know that so many of the shows we’ve already watched from these disney plus shows other than loki probably aren’t gonna get second seasons one division i don’t see having a second season um or uh captain america and the winter soldier um i think they’re moving on to bigger and better things but alexis same question um what did you think about the pace of the episode and uh you know if you want to contrast it at all to the other episodes feel free i thought the pacing was really good i and i’m getting my arm eaten back here i’ll tell you what guys let me make my point here real quick and then i’m going to go ahead and jump off because i’ve got somebody who’s just not going to let me record tonight and i am so shy i have a couple of dogs that i might need to kill ow that’s okay things happen alexis we understand yeah totally yeah yeah i’d love to hear what you have to say before you this was a really good episode i think actually one of my favorite parts of this was the fact that this is one of the few where the watcher while he doesn’t intervene he does kind of take a bit of a part in it i absolutely love the scene where the watch is saying i could interfere but he won’t listen to me and strange can hear him it kind of reminds me something of a tennessee williams play the idea of the overseeing narrator sort of walking onto the stage going i guess we’ll just have to see what happens there’s a very classic element to that uh staging that i really enjoyed the animation as always was gorgeous the way uh humanity looked as they were they weren’t like evaporating it was almost like they were melting upwards it’s actually a style i don’t think i’ve ever seen before and it was very creative really liked it uh very happy to see so many of the voice actors come back for this we even get a nice little cameo with the leslie bibb reprising christine everhart on the tv news that uh strange is watching again just just little touches like that are always fun to see and again this is a this is a short that i watched i thought this story could have been utilized for a somatic a cinematic experience even though yes we have seen the um not true evil twin but the idea of i am what you could be and we have also seen the time paradox before i was reminded of uh did anyone else see that uh theatrical version of the time machine with guy pierce well over like 20 years ago it’s very similar to that the idea that he’s looking for a way to save his uh his fiance and in the end it’s like no you create a time paradox exact same thing here the ancient one says well if you save christine then you never would have started the studying the mystic arts so can’t change it and so you you know where it’s going but it’s still very fascinating to see not to mention i just kind of died when he starts summoning the um magical creatures to absorb the power he freaking summons a guard no it’s just like the first thing pulls out it’s like it’s a garden gnome i love that it’s like start smelling like well apparently nothing smaller than a garden gnome but again very nice touch beautiful animation uh really enjoyed it i gotta ask do you guys think that uh we will see jeffrey rush as the watcher in any of the um theatrical films i know we’ve seen the watchers before in a brief cameo with um guardians of the galaxy 2 but that was more of an easter egg i would say than anything else not to mention a fun little joke for the stan league cameo but do you think we could actually have owatu the watcher as a character played by jeffrey wright in the future in the theater in the movies i think no but you guys are more than cyber lord death man you’re more than welcome to chime in and give your opinion i don’t think that they would ever uh actually embody watu in the mcu i don’t think it would make any sense i don’t know i am a huge proponent that i think just with these four episodes that what if merits actually being explored in live action i think people get the concept that you’re going into an alternate dimension or multiverse or timeline so i wouldn’t mind a side track in certain phases where you get a what if live action movie and i think that would necessitate having the watcher now thinking about jeffrey wright and his body of work you don’t see him do a lot of science fiction you know it’s not his thing to kind of westworld is like was his opening salvo into science fiction after all these years of playing heavies and and all these dif this huge range of characters so while i do think um we would need the watcher in a live action setting it’s hard to say whether jeffrey wright would make that kind of commitment i think this voice work is sort of in a power alley where he is a part of the big franchise but doesn’t have to do the green screening and a bunch of makeup and getting into a mocap suit um i don’t know the man but just judging by what i’ve heard and seen in interviews he he probably wouldn’t be up for it yeah just realized i think i said jeffrey rush instead of jeffrey wright sorry wrong actor amazingly so wrong actor with an amazingly awesome voice what’s up yeah it’s like what do you think buddy uh i foresee a scene watu yatu whatever however you say his name um in the future maybe in the live actions most definitely as a cgi character along with a voiceover i definitely see that happening i don’t see an actual fiscal person playing him but i definitely do see in the future somebody voicing him i don’t know if he’ll be jeopardy rush uh or jeffrey wright see she got me saying jeffree rush and uh you never know i mean you never know because sometimes when these people you know undertake you know different agreements with disney or marvel and so forth and stuff like that and their agreements sometimes they are signed on for several things so you never know you we might get you know a jeffrey russ voiceover version of you know him in the mcu in the future we we just don’t know but at the same time i don’t i don’t see it being a live action performance i see it as being a cgi performance of the character most definitely because i think that with doing the cgi version you just would have a lot more ability with the character especially because like like lord deathman was saying you know jeffrey wright isn’t a person that would like to probably put on prosthetics and stuff like that so doing a fully cgi character versus where they have to put on all the makeup and stuff that would make it a lot more feasible to bring that character into the mcu so that’s that’s kind of where i see that going eventually if we do end up getting that character into the actual live-action mcus i kind of like the way we’ve seen the watcher mostly in the opening credits of the series that he’s almost a silhouette in the clouds of the sky and the nebulas and that’s actually a way i could very easily see them uh doing the role that they just you know in the live-action film strange just looks up and he sees the shape of oatu into the cosmos something like that and on that note gentlemen somebody is just going to have to demand my attention for tonight so i apologize that i am not able to stick this review out but yes i did absolutely love this episode however i want to go kill my dog well we loved having you even though it was brilliant yeah we’ll see you the next time all right have a good night guys all right bye bye thank you all right so kirk has been dropping in the only criticism i had really was that the number of years evil strange took really didn’t really come across well enough i agree i know exactly what he’s talking about um cyber yeah see you’re not in your head do you know what he’s do you get what he’s what he’s talking about right yeah because it really it kind of shows him like getting all those powers and stuff like that and you know all of a sudden it kind of like it shows him doing that he gets the last one in him and then all of a sudden pops to the other doctor strange that he’s going to end up be you know having to fight this doctor strange and you don’t really get any reference to what the gap or how long the you know how long it took that doctor strange to get to that point to where he was you just kind of have a vague you know description of what was going on a little bit there within because you don’t know how long the other one all of a sudden that pops up how long he’s been the social supreme so i mean yeah i totally get where kurt’s coming from there that you know you really don’t get a very good or precise i just say timeline for what’s going on with that evil doctor strange well i think that the old ben character said that like when doctor strange went back in time to um find the library of of cagliosos or whatever um you know that um that he spent like uh centuries or whatever about like you know at the library or something like that centuries but you know that he he was there for quite a long time i believe um just absorbing those those mystical forces and everything and whatnot which is what those were um i’ll tell you um i don’t know oh and also kurt mentioned that what if has already been booked for a second season i didn’t know that but that’s great to hear me neither music to my ears yeah well they said what if it canon so we can get a rush voice over well it’s stephanie wright not jeffrey rush but that’s true the reason why i don’t think we’re going to see the my whole thing is this is what i would explain to alexis if she had stayed on is that when it when and lord death i know you understand where i’m coming from with this when it comes to the mcu from a comic book standpoint the only way that you would insert the watcher into an actual story would be if it was a cosmic story where you already had other cosmic beings involved you know what i mean to the point where he would become involved like there’s other cosmic entities besides that are going to be ending up being used in the mcu before him is my point like i think it’s more i think it’s more imperative that we see galactus before we see uatu like pop up i mean let’s be honest here at the end of the day he can’t do anything anyway like he can’t change anything like exactly you know like all he does is watch he’s a pacifist and he’s a non-interference type person so i want to go back just for a second though to kurt’s comments about the passage of time and i agree for the most part that it was not well shown how much time had passed when doctor strange travels into the past and goes to cagliostro’s library by the way the gentleman that he does meet is a younger version of cagliostro is that who that was that was a bit of a comic book oh yeah because oh ben yeah he is oben it’s just from this another name for the same character but there’s a scene that they show where you’re looking at the sort of facade of it’s an exterior scene where you’re looking at the side of cagliostro citadel and you kind of see the time pass that way so there’s like a moon that goes by then a sun then that the time of day changes and the foliage on the citadel sort of you know dies and they were trying to show you that there was an extreme passage of time there yeah but it really was a blink and you’ll miss it kind of what did oh ben say when he was dying didn’t he say you you decided to spend your centuries of time doing whatever you were doing and i and i decided to live exactly and that he had stolen these extra years from black magic and the dark dimensions so there is a sense of a passage of time but it’s not like they tell you exactly how many centuries he’s been or that you see these great milestones because because from our point of view it looks like doctor strange or strange supreme spent all of his time conjuring all these demons and absorbing them right like he never took a lunch break never went out for a walk outside the citadel never met a girl nothing like that it seems like you know somehow hit time passed differently for him in those exercises well he would have been spending time reading books and um you’re learning spells and stuff of that nature but lord deathman i’m really glad that you brought that up because um i don’t know how i didn’t realize that but it is oh ben is caglio and honestly um now that that realization has dawned on me it really makes me wonder why he would why kagley oscar would even allow him to be it there yeah be in the library yeah because i mean in the comics uh kelly ostrow’s not exactly like the uh the nicest guy out there he isn’t you know like and honestly who knows like if they could if they if they wanted to they could have included like dracula and vampires and stuff like that into the story because with kathleen that’s a big part of his like deal so anyways but that is very interesting but um no kurt also said that he i’d like to see them save the watcher for a reveal for the fantastic four yeah honestly kurt i just don’t see it man the watcher just doesn’t really he’s great in the world his theory and i love seeing these scenes where he’s silhouetted in like in the in the sky like he was during the episode three um and you just see him like in the background and stuff and everything but from a comic book standpoint the washer just isn’t like a character that would just pop up in something in a story it was interesting in this episode though that we did get the watcher and dr strange actually interacting with each other so strange supreme actually reaches this level of power where he has some cosmic awareness and he is capable of perceiving that the watcher is watching all of this sort of unfold and even sort of appeals to him for help in in his sort of deluded quest yes and kurt’s right um the watcher did get actually get involved in the comics with the fantastic four um and i i cannot remember correctly 100 but i believe that when he did that he lost his job like as the watcher um right he was going against the grain and getting involved but i think the watcher keeping the watcher on brand really keep means keeping him in the what if sort of universe so when he’s in the mainstream timeline and not sort of acting as a tour guide to show us an alternate reality it’s usually when they’ll do like a montage of cosmic entities who are sort of invested in the events of something that are happening but they’re not willing to engage so you’ll see something like galactus and the living tribunal and the in-betweener and then obviously the watcher has to be in that group to maintain status and they’re all kind of like oh you know this is a critical moment we’re all kind of looking at it but as always the watcher won’t intervene and he never does but uh i think i’d like to keep him more as the guide of alternate realities rather than someone who shows up to do nothing in a live-action marvel film that was kind of what i was talking about before lord deathman is that the only way i could see him actually showing up in the mcu is if a like a a bunch of cosmic beings were all being used in one film and like they had a meeting or something you know whatever like they did that’s exactly what gave me the idea the fact that you said that jeff i was like yeah that is how he’s traditionally seen yeah and not in a what-if story so okay so moving on basically with the episode as we’ve already cyber you’ve already said and more death man we’ve already talked about where the where the episode ends up going um you know he continues to try to bring uh christine back to life cannot do it she dies no matter what no matter how many times he goes back he goes to um taglio stroke tomb or whatever you want to call it library um to to seek the power and the knowledge to bring christine back spends countless amounts of hundreds of years or whatever there he was basically consuming the power of other um mystic entities that’s what that was when he was in the garden gnome and stuff like that and everything those were like other mystic entities um and i don’t know you guys tell me what you think i didn’t look this up yet but that creature that came out with the tentacles i think was the same one from episode one schuma mcgrath do you think that was schumer gorath or do you think it was the the um the asgardian god that hydra is based off of it might have been either one but this issue has this series has had no shortage of tentacled creatures the reason why i don’t know if it’s or not is because whenever you see schumacher in the comics you always get that yes yes and the eyeball that’s right we yeah we honestly don’t know who those creatures are and you know on sakaar on the message board everybody’s already trying to do a frame by frame who was each of those mystical beings but i think a lot of them especially the insect with the cape of levitation those might have just been pure inventions by the animators you know and maybe one or two existing comic book characters but i don’t think the tentacled creature represents sort of a known entity in the mcu i just think someone probably thought it looked cool well i’ll honestly um those with the the the the insect character and everything and whatnot that had the cape like dr strange you got to remember there are doctor stranges across the entire multiverse there one of them could have been an insect yeah you’re right or are there there are other um sorcerer supremes of different races that are like insects and stuff like that like animals yeah that’s an excellent point jeff excellent point so that could have been doctor strange from another universe yes essentially or the source or supreme of some other race on some other planet right you know whatever dimension but so essentially i mean things fly pretty quickly from there uh it was really cool and cyber i i wanted to get your reaction it was really cool to see the ancient one again um she had a real presence on the episode you know what did you think about that i loved it i mean i loved tilda swinton and the actual film of doctor strange i thought she was a great character i was so happy when they brought her back an end game uh i was really upset that they killed her off in doctor strange but i understood that that needed to happen for you know dr strange to become the source of supreme but at the same time i’m thinking to myself i’m like ah i hope we get to see her again and then when she popped up in this too i was like yes awesome and i was like oh this is really awesome i was very happy to see that they brought her back and we got a little bit more of her and that great tilda swinton voice over and stuff like that so that was really nice i really enjoyed seeing her and i was very happy to see uh us get a little bit more of the sorcerer supreme so this went swinton’s great and everything i think that she’s in to tell you the truth but lord deathman what do you think i love seeing tilda swinton in almost anything i mean the woman could come on screen and just kind of breathe and it would be fine with me but she’s especially good in this episode of what if and it doesn’t feel like a cheat to have her come back you know she did die in doctor strange and you could easily say you know oh oh my god you know they’ve resurrected her somehow bought her through the multiverse but she kind of established herself as this multiversal entity in the first doctor strange kind of living in all of these different moments and the way she presents herself as an echo i thought was really beautiful right there was something kind of poetic and allegory to the story it wasn’t really her but like a piece of her that’s still clinging to her physical existence and she wants to kind of intervene or stop strange from making the wrong decision so this episode is filled with a lot of emotional beats and the ones with the ancient one are some of the strongest ones well that actually is it brings an interesting comparison to the technology like technology and machinery versus versus the mystical arts and um and magic and you know whereas you’ve seen movies and premises where you know or in the comics you’ve seen tony stark almost die and um or die and like you know come back as like a hologram you know what i mean like you know or like like he did with iron heart like you know be like in a coma or whatever but like you know be an ai and like be helping like iron heart in the comics um in this case in the episode it was the ancient one actually like a fragment of her being right or like of her of her astral being that that had resulted that it remained alive or attached itself to strange in some way yeah was kind of tethered to him because of the weight of this situation the fact that a whole universe was at stake yes very similar to like naruto shapuden where like um yes like uh in naruto um like his um his father and mother when they die during the same time of his birth and they seal the nine tails fox in him um they leave fragments of themselves in naruto’s mind in his memory so that when certain things happen certain events in his life they will pop up during his life yeah and counsel him and talk to him it’s a fairly well-known trope in storytelling especially science fiction fantasy the idea that you would have an ai consciousness kind of come back for iron heart is analogous to the ancient one coming back to sort of give advice and guidance to dr strange so you you do have those parallels and that was an excellent point that you made there jeff in terms of looking at it but i was just surprised at how they managed to do it and make it feel like it just wasn’t like a cheat like oh we just bought this person back after killing them it was great to see her after that long absence and they did the absolute right thing bringing tilda swinton back to do the voice of the character because i don’t think anyone else could have filled those shoes no i’m glad that she wanted to come back and do it i really am um i’m sure that she’s i mean she i have to imagine that she’s pretty in demand as an actor um you know uh but no i i like you know what what what we were just talking about her and you were saying you know that that you wouldn’t care what she did more death man you would enjoy it i heard this something really funny the other day i was watching um an avengers in in infinity war uh trailer reaction type video on youtube or whatever cyber knows i love those um and somebody commented i could watch the avengers wash their hair and enjoy it yeah it’s true you know yeah it is true they’ve really worked their way into the fandom heart right our collective hearts and minds um you know at the point that infinity war and end game came out the things the avengers were so popular that i swear to god if they would have just had a like a video of them washing their hair i would have watched it i think even if they were just breathing i think you would have watched it jeff probably yes as long as it was in trailer form yes yeah you know just really light and heavy breathing you know in particular really deserves uh our loyalty just because she can traverse these really obscure and esoteric indie films and then come and do something like constantine you know again she was awesome and constantine oh yeah oh yeah you know i mean she brings this physicality in terms of her being model-esque and and kind of a statuesque figure her diction you know i mean i i didn’t know for a long time that she was scottish you know i was like oh okay would have thought english maybe even american yeah i thought i knew she was from europe but i didn’t realize that she was scottish um yeah she i mean she’s an interesting person she’s definitely like a an interesting character as a person uh like her beliefs and views and whatnot are a little out there but um you know that’s neither here nor there i enjoy i mean like he in constantine she was great yeah i mean it was a small role that she played in that film but it was very powerful whenever she was on screen um and and she just seems to be excellent in every role she plays like it doesn’t matter she’s great um but off topic what do you guys think cyber what do you think about the fact that they’re gonna have iron hearts introduction come out in black panther too did you hear about that yes actually i did a video on that on uh one of the apps i do like i think it was on clapper i think um or one of them i might have done them on all of them i can’t remember what i did do some i did do some talking about it recently because i saw the article like a couple weeks ago um but yeah i thought that was very interesting that they’re deciding to bring her out in wakanda forever and i was like thinking to myself i’m like so definitely they must be you know somewhere in the black panther 2 film they must be ending up at mit because supposedly that’s where this character the iron heart character is basically she’s an mit student that tony comes across in the comic books and uh somehow they are linking it to this black panther movie having her pop up and that and having her introduction before her actual tv show on disney plus and i would just think it was something like how did they fitting in mit into black panther 2 because apparently they’re ending up in boston somehow and you know in this movie and i’m thinking you know what kind of forever sounds to me like they’re going to be over wakanda this whole entire film you know because it’s all about wakanda and uh i was just kind of blown away that they decided that’s the movie that they’re gonna introduce this character into and uh i think it’s a it’s a cool idea i don’t know how they’re gonna play it off i hope they play it off well i hope it’s a really good introduction to this character and uh you know i’m not very familiar with this character so it’ll be fun to see what they do with this but i definitely think it’s very interesting they decided to put it into black panther 2 to introduce this character my brother got his masters at mit i love you alex um and uh but yeah um i i get where you’re coming from cyber lord death man what are your thoughts on on iron heart being introduced in black panther 2 well as a comic book reader i can tell you that iron heart is a polarizing figure she didn’t get the warmest reception from comic book fans when she came out i think it was the mid 2000s the mid part of the early 2000s the fans weren’t exceptionally receptive to her this was when marvel was trying to diversify their roster and make the comic books more accessible to younger readers with the marvel now line i won’t go into all of the baggage and the politics that came with that experiment but what we did get out of it is the character of riri williams or ironheart and the fact that she’s being bought into black panther was something i really had to do a little bit of soul-searching on i had to think about it first i have i have you have to come to grips with what you think of the character in the first place before you can have any opinion about whether she belongs in black panther wakanda forever so i had to say you know what what do i think of this character i know i’ve read fair a fair amount of stories about her i’ve gotten the lay of the land in terms of her origin her dysfunction her powers you know kind of a shuri type story so you know my feelings on her being there is that i’m there for it and i came to that conclusion because in the first black panther that’s a phenomenal film you know it’s a near perfect execution in terms of a superhero origin for me and what i liked about it you know without fetishizing it is i liked delving into this afrofuturism that they kind of laid out for us in black panther it was just so cyberpunk but on another level but what they don’t do very well with if i have to be critical about anything is that they never bridge the gap between african africans in wakanda and american africans right so you have someone like colonel rhodes you have characters like uh and i’m forgetting there’s probably at least um oh yeah falcon you know those guys never get sort of bought into the fold not that they should be not that like all black people are friends all over the world from across continents but they never really create the ties between you know t’challa creating this whole new i think he wanted to start a school uh in in south central the last scenes of black panther kind of resonate because he’s in an underserved neighborhood and you get the feeling that that’s where the wakandans are going to start with regards to sharing their technology and their knowledge and their education with people from other countries not just americans so i kind of like the idea that they’re bridging the gap between a mit student who is of african american descent and the africans of wakanda that there’s going to be this kind of a a spiritual bridge between those two types of characters and i’ll also point out i know this rent has been somewhat long guys but uh stick with me just for a couple seconds more in the tahasi coats run on black panther in the comic books mit does figure not prominently but the institution itself is a part of an exchange program if i remember the story correctly in which students from wakanda were attending there and then mit students would get the opportunity to get education in wakanda so there was kind of this cultural exchange there so it’s not coming out of the blue that mit is sort of going to be a presence in wakanda forever well i’ll be honest with you lord deathman i think i think it’s it what what you basically see in the mcu in that in that dichotomy is pretty realistic in real life because in my experience with actual africans um that come to america for instance they don’t typically um associate very much with um african-american people yeah yeah they don’t um that’s not typically who they’re who they befriend i mean um my uh my cousin’s a jersey girl and her husband’s an african a real african guy and um all his friends are you know white um you know um yeah and i was careful to point that out jeff that it doesn’t mean that there’s gonna be an automatic connection or a kinship or a relationship but i do kind of like the idea that um they are trying to make this kind of connection i want to see where it goes you know is riri going to be accepted into the wakandan community and i doubt it right i mean she’s an american she’s for from their point of view she is an american right and they are wakandans so i i want to see what the basis is for the collaboration of an african-american superhero who’s young and an african superhero like shuri who was also young female and african i think it could end up being a a positive for the film it’s definitely an interesting direction that they’re gonna go in that direction i don’t know how big of a role she’s gonna play in the movie i don’t think it’ll be that big uh personally um but i mean it’s it still doesn’t doesn’t completely uh answer my questions with black panther two as far as what they’re really gonna do like who’s gonna be the black panther you know what i mean like is there even going to be a black panther in black panther too and that’s the question that’s a whole nother show jeff that i would love to be on with you to discuss wakanda forever because that i think that is everybody’s uh you know uh that’s close to a lot of people’s hearts because of the reception of the first film well this is the one year anniversary of um yeah edward bozeman that was bozeman’s death yeah so you know uh um god bless you chadwick boseman and um i’ll tell you right now we’re the lion of a man um yeah i don’t care what anybody says um nobody nobody can fill those shoes nobody could ever be the black panther that chadwick boseman was that’s just my take i mean i’m not trying to put myself out there like i’m like separating myself from anybody here or whatever i’m sure a lot of people agree with me or don’t agree with me whatever um it’s my opinion but i’m just saying i i’m i’m not trying to glorify or or godify um chadwick boseman as an actor but his portrayal of t’challa i just don’t see how any other actor could be as good as him i just don’t see it um was a towering presence in the role jeff and i happen to agree with you there is going to be no replacing him no filling his shoes i’m just going to come out on record and say that however i don’t think that that should preclude people from trying to recast the role to get someone to fill the shoes but we just have to take it as a fact that there’s not going to be many people especially when you think about the idea that chadwick boseman sort of worked under the duress of having this awful physical malady you know assaulting him while he was turning in these incredible performances once you layer that onto it it takes him from being an iconic player in the mcu to something like legendary stratospheric you know i i once heard a friend of mine who um had opportunity to works in the film business not very high up you know kind of a pa type situation worked on a film that chad bozeman and i think it’s really important to share this story um so my friend comes back and he tells me um a few years ago he was doing like a biopic or something like that and he remembered he was like yeah i saw chadwick boseman he didn’t really say hi to me he didn’t seem like a friendly dude or anything like that and he had his entourage around him all the time and it seemed like he was a really closed off guy right so that was my friend’s observations about chadwick boseman from a distance not knowing the guy he said yeah it kind of seemed like a prima donna right like i don’t know like all these people were kind of touching him and and they were trying to like give him encouragement to to go and do his thing and then you know come years later after his death same friend says you know what i i totally get that the man was suffering from terminal cancer right he needed that kind of support from that entourage and those people who were around him to you know it wasn’t about being a prima donna this was about conserving your energy while trying to do this incredibly difficult task of this performance whoever it was he was playing i forget the film i apologize but yeah for for me um there’s never going to be another chadwick boseman as the black panther but i think disney should think about you know fairly soon recasting the role um and that person is just going to have to live in a huge shadow cyber do you have any thoughts well from my understanding is in black panther 2 we will be getting a new black panther they just haven’t exactly said who they’ve decided to go with they haven’t said if they’re going to make suri the new one or because i’ve also heard rumors that they were thinking about bringing back um what’s his name uh michael b jordan yeah uh from his character in the first film resurrecting him and have him become the next black panther because in the comics i guess he originally was like a mentor to suri uh in the comic book so that was another rumor that was going around but they have officially like i know kevin feige and a lot of the people that are working on wakanda forever have stated that yes there will be a new black panther in this film we just there there’s keeping close lip on who exactly it’s going to become they just are they just you know we’re affirming though to let us know that there is going to be a black panther in this next black panther film uh but you know whoever it is i mean as long as they can you know keep up the par with what chadwick bosman has done with the character i’m fine with it you know i you know i want to honor chadwick with you know his performances black panther of course um but i mean just like you know lord deadman said they need to they should recast it they should keep it going just because you know unfortunately you know past you know still to keep that character alive you want to keep it alive so why would you have it die with the character when he dies in real life and you know that’s not really honoring him that’s that’s just kind of like okay yeah we should replace them because that would be dishonoring them i don’t think it that way i think that it’s a dishonor not to recast the character to keep the legacy going because in the comics there were a couple different black panthers from my understanding so i mean it would be the smart choice for you know marvel to continue the character even though chadwick bossman has put such a huge presence on the character but at the same time moving on with the character giving it a new life is going to make it even more stronger and more wanting in the mcu so i think that would be a wise choice i would not plan to bring back michael b jordan i would not mind that at all more death man yeah i would be i would be here for that i really would i think um and i don’t know you know i’d love to get you guys takes on it since we’re taking this kind of black panther diversion but i’m of the opinion that wakanda itself is such an interesting place the mythology around the country of wakanda that they could probably tell anthology stories from different periods in the history of wakanda i would love to see a movie about the first black panther and the ascendancy of the panther cult uniting the tribes there’s a story there you know um and it is going to be filled with drama with heart with action um i would love to see a tachaca black panther film because you know that dude you know it seems like he was the the kind of more violent uh you know like action first type guy whereas t’challa was much more thoughtful that’s um you got two boss level panthers there and i would i wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about t’chaka so we’re going to get him we’re going to get a black panther 50 plus uh yeah yeah we’re getting a disney plus series where we can go deeper into the mythology it’s like how remember how uh when um avatar came out and all those kids were like oh i’m so sad because i can’t really go there to this bioluminescent candy land that’s how i feel about wakanda i’m like i’m depressed because it doesn’t really exist and i can’t go there but if you can give me stories that are set there uh i would be a happy fan and a happy camper i think the disney plus series is supposed to be about the um the the door uh yeah yeah yeah i think that’s what that’s that show is supposed to be mostly centered on but um no you know it’s an interesting conversation i mean i could i could totally see it being plausible that they brought they could bring michael b jordan back have him be the black panther and have him have some kind of like redemption story as a man as a person you know like um you know from from evil to good kind of deal i can see them making that work um you know in an effective way you know in a good story um but i i at the end of the day look if if you make shuri the black panther how would she be able to actually physically be able to maintain the the the the kingship of the of wakanda because if anybody who physically nailed her to a fight for the for like the leadership of wakanda would beat her ass um you know if one of those big ass other tribal dudes are one-on-one like right jeff i i see where you’re going with this and i will admit to the idea that shuri is black panther is somewhat problematic um i don’t want to go all the way into that issue you know because of the politics surrounding it hey we’re here for the fandom um but i totally i just want you to know that um i’m there with you in terms of not being able to see that um hey i know i know you are i know where you’re coming from i get it i do uh i was just on quora the other day and and somebody asked me what i thought why why is somebody s people so against shuri is the black panther and i i answered it and everything there’s a lot of like um controversy with that whole with hat with that concept like like if you don’t support shuri as a black panther you’re some kind of like white devil or something i don’t know but well i mean there’s a lot of names you’ll get called right that that you’re misogynist um that that your auntie black auntie whatever but the the whole thing of that is is that if you look at the mechanics of it she’s a 16 year old girl let’s just take everything else out of the equation this doesn’t seem plausible that a 16 year old girl could lead and unify tribes that are very strong cultured people with their own leaders right that she’d probably be challenged all the time and that she wouldn’t have the sort of inner wisdom that t’challa had sort of gained hard won from the death of his own father right to learn those lessons about how to lead and to be a king i don’t know that you could just sort of magically bring shuri all the way there on the express train it would feel like she was very much a mary sue if you made her into the monarch of the country an action hero boss that steps in the 50 cal you know fire and and doesn’t die and can beat up at anybody it just it would feel kind of like a bit much is my take on it cyber would they not have to give her almost like an iron man type black panther suit or something like that for her to even be effective in combat i mean well yeah i mean honestly yeah like just like lord death was saying you know if you if you take in just the consideration that you’re supposed to be a 16 year old girl that is going to be trying to you know run a country at 16 i mean you have some common sense but you don’t have all the leadership that you should have at that age and you know if you go by those statistics yeah it just doesn’t seem possible her becoming the black panther but at the same time like you were saying yeah i would like with how the type of person she is like she’s the gadget girl which i think is a great angle for her character i love that fact that that was a big part of her character in the first film where she she designed all these you know outfits she designed all the gadgets and all this stuff which would make her very like very much similar to like a tony stark type of character and so to me like she would literally have to build like like you’re saying an iron man suit that would give her the abilities of being like a you know six foot you know mature man that could take on what she needs to do and at the same time though i think that keeping her as like the tech person that designs all the things you know kind of like an alfred almost like from dc i like that aspect of what siri is i think that’s a great angle for her and so to make her the next black panther i just don’t think that it’s it’s not just that it’s not plausible i just don’t see her being the next black panther i see her more as as that gadget person who could be your backup that’s going to be making all the equipment for you so that you as like whoever they decide they want to have is black panther she can be their backup and still giving them advice and giving them gadgets and stuff like that that would be kind of like i’m going to interrupt you cyber to say that probably like two-thirds of the fandom want to assassinate you right now for pigeonholing her in the woman in the chair seat um look i i um and i’m not gonna say that i agree with them it does seem like that is her role more like an oracle sort of support figure in the mythology and for her to suddenly rise to the the head of this head of state um lacks well i guess plausibility is a part of it but there’s also a part of it in that um there’s the life experience right she could be super smart know all these different areas of science hold all these different phds we accept that in comic book characters all the time i got 15 phds and i know how to stretch time and space and i could also make you uh you know club sandwich on the side we we get that all the time in comic books but what shuri will lack is the life experience that teaches you how to be a leader and to to work with the various tribes she’s not just in a monarchy where it’s just like oh i control one single unified territory she’s managing five tribes that come into conflict with each other right that that have needs that she would have to balance it uh and um i i just don’t think the emotional maturity and level of wisdom would be there so it’d be interesting to see what they do no you know i’m i’m probably gonna have to just go ahead and mention in the uh in the description of this video that we had this discussion just so i can get some extra views on this cyber yeah get it in there man yeah let people know yeah we we had a whole conversation about how sure you should not be the black panther we’ll get all kinds of food on that it’ll be great um but hey guys listen i i um i’ll be honest with you um i really want to just go ahead and jump into spider-man 3 in the trailer and whatnot and get into that and unravel it because um i would not mind uh having this show not take two hours long for once um it would be nice if we could wrap it up around like an hour and a half or so you know what i mean so i’m i’m here for it jeff whatever you want yeah yeah at that point let’s go ahead and jump into spider-man 3 and do our let’s watch it let’s react to the trailer and everything and whatnot we’ll do our opinions and then we’ll we’ll plug our our stuff and um we’ll get the hell out of here we’ll we’ll take it we’ll that we’ll have it easy uh an easy show we won’t try to stretch this for three hours like usual i’m a fan of the mega discussions but i realize people got lives they got to get to well i’ll be honest with you man um i use the headliner app uh to um to rip like little one-minute clips of our podcast episodes that i can use as promotion material and stuff like that and if you go over two hours with any of your shows you can’t do it like it won’t work like they won’t allow it so it’d be nice to just have one because like every every show we’ve done for like the last six weeks has been like then get on with it yes roll clip oh look at this this is a good one some suggest that parker’s powers include the male spider’s ability to hypnotize females stop come on yes my spider lord can we just like stay up here all day it is so crazy down there that’s right folks spiderman is in fact peter parker listen i did not kill mysterio the drones did the drones that are yours does any part of you feel relieved about all this what do you mean now that everybody knows you don’t really have to hide or lie to people for the record i never wanted to lie to you but how do you tell someone that you’re spiderman now everybody knows but this isn’t about me this is hurting a lot of people i’ve just been thinking about how to fix all of this so peter why do i owe the pleasure i’m sorry to bother you sir please we saved half the universe together i think we’re beyond you calling me sir okay stephen that feels weird but i’ll allow it when mysterio revealed my identity my entire life got screwed up i was wondering if maybe you could make it so that he never did strange don’t cast that spell it’s too dangerous fine i won’t the entire world is about to forget that peter parker is spider-man wait everyone can’t some people still know that’s not how the spell works so mj is going to forget about everything we’ve ever been through stop tampering with the spell oh my god ned he’s my best friend oh my aunt may should really stop talking what just happened we tampered with the stability of space time multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little the problem is you trying to live two different lives the longer you do it the more dangerous it becomes be careful what you wish for parker hello peter okay how the hell would dr octopus even know that that was peter parker so first off let’s say here we think he’s talking to another peter parker there that’s just how they edited it to make it look like he’s talking to the tom holland peter okay okay because i’m like trying to figure that one out there for a minute and it didn’t make any sense to me i’m like how the hell would he know that tom holland’s peter parker is is peter parker because even if you like if you pay attention more closely to how it slides in from him saying that to the show and the picture of peter allston transferring in the suit you can see how the edit laid out you can see that that wasn’t the next screen that was supposed to come up you could just you could tell i can just tell well digitally visually that scene with dr octopus popping up and his tentacle going to the ground and everything looked amazing to me just amazing like seriously i love alfred melina i really do um another really great actor but okay guys more death man spider-man 3 trailer what do you think i have to i’m of two minds about this trailer guys so you’re gonna get some pretty hot takes in this discussion i know that 99.9 of the fandom saw this trailer and they immediately lost their minds doctor strange dr octopus hints of the green goblin um wong you know i i’m here for all of that i’m an mcu fan nothing more nothing less however i have concerns and i have reservations about what i saw one of them really comes out of the idea of speculation culture and spoiler culture we are in a living in a time of extremely aggressive fandom people have gone out for the last year and gotten the contents of this trailer what’s going to be happening in this movie who’s going to be featured in it and for that reason when i saw this trailer i saw nothing new everything in this trailer that we saw we expected to see if you’ve been following the rumor beat if you’ve been following the spoiler beat or speculation so that was kind of a letdown to me so as a standalone piece of marketing it’s fine it was great to see all of that new stuff and i was just excited as the next fan but on the other hand i i really do have to kind of speak out about what we’re doing as a fandom with spoilers and speculation we’re bringing ourselves to the point where we jump into a movie or a trailer knowing 99.9 of what’s going to happen in it and i for one am am not you know that’s not the side of the fandom i want to be on the other things that i have um first off as a producer you’ve got to tip your hat once more to kevin feige for creating such an expansive franchise that is so engaging it is so interactive it really brings you into it this man is setting the example for all of hollywood what he has done is going to be puzzled and studied and followed forever that’s that’s a fact but i’m a little concerned about the multiverse bringing in these characters from the old franchise the green goblin and i realize everyone you know loves those sam raimi films i love them too but the idea that um you’re kind of going to get these characters into the multiverse i think sets a somewhat dangerous precedent and that the multiverse becomes this place where you can start pulling all sorts of rabbits out of your hat instead of doing the work of building up characters so if you want the green goblin in your universe oh don’t worry about um in origin don’t worry about just go to the multiverse he’s somewhere in there we can pull him out you want professor x you want the phoenix bring him in there and the story mechanics become a little lazy so that’s my concern about the multiverse and you know the last thing i’ll say about this trailer is um that i think uh you know narratively in terms of the story that they were trying to set up uh i i do feel that it was a little haphazard in terms of the characterization of steven strange and this whole kind of thing where they’re doing where he’s kind of acting weird um i have this piece of head canon where i’m actually tying the latest episode of what if with a strange supreme and saying that that might be the stephen strange that you actually saw in this trailer and that we’re dealing with a variant or or an imposter from somewhere in the multiverse and not our actual doctor strange so i know there’s a lot to unpack in my feelings about it but if i summarize guys i like the trailer as much as the next fan but i was a little disappointed that it didn’t have anything that didn’t already come out of the rumor mill and i also um uh have some concerns about the multiverse in terms of how it’s going to be used moving forward cyber do you have any opinions based off of what lord death man put out there yeah so you know that’s one thing i knew going into this first teaser trailer i knew that it was going to show everything that we’ve already oh we lost cyber there for a minute in mid-sentence isn’t that cool well hopefully oh this happens lord death man cyber’s um ipad or whatever that he uses um ever like it only allows him to go on for an hour at a time and then it shuts off and turns back on so he’ll pop back on in one second but um i get where you’re coming from lord deathman um you know grand master earlier today when i had a conversation with him i recorded with grandmaster earlier today um oh okay yeah grandmaster grandmaster jumped on with me and alexis and uh yvonne von rempel that you’ve never met before who’s a guest on the mcu’s bleeding edge um and we did a show earlier today where we just talked about the shang qi trailers the eternals trailers and the spider-man 3 trailer um so uh grand master is on that is basically you know came came up with the same type opinion that you had okay he doesn’t like the multiverse angle uh but cyborg go ahead finish your thought so what as i was saying is i got booted which i don’t know why it keeps doing that it’s really annoying but anyways this what i was saying was uh as i was going on there i was basically saying that i knew that this teaser trailer because it’s a teaser trailer i knew that it wasn’t going to show anything that we hadn’t already heard about i just had a feeling of that because that’s what teaser trailers usually are teaser trailers always bring us what we’ve already heard what we’ve already seen and i i knew that we weren’t going to get very much from this trailer so i knew that they were going to show give a little fan service to what we’ve already heard in this trailer so i didn’t have high expectations like lord deathman has on this trailer being disappointed a little bit with the multiverse angle and all that stuff i already knew that that’s what they were going to do because that’s just that’s how they do trailers i’m used to the first trailer always being the least or the weakest of the trailers and then they always get a little better as they go along so you know and going into the whole multiverse deal as as lord deathman was talking about you know having it you know uh problems with it you know bringing old other characters and bringing them in and stuff like that i have a feeling the reason they’re doing that is for twofold one it’s because they because of the pandemic everything they don’t have enough time to really get things written the way they want it to do so i think that this was kind of a fallback for them to use that information in the multiverse and to use that to kind of start off the multiverse i don’t think that’s what the direction of the multiverse is going to be completely as we get further into it i think we’re going to see a huge dissonance or a big expansion as soon as we get doctor strange in the multiverse of madness i think it’s going to completely take us into a completely different direction in the multiverse and then they’re going to you know steer away from using the old stuff that we’ve already seen i think they’re going to use that more you know down towards you know as things expand in the universe i think they might go back to it but i don’t think that’s going to be their crutch and they’re always going to be using that i think it’s just something they’re using right now because that’s what the fans are looking for and with this whole pandemic you know people are looking for something that comforts them and so i think that’s the reason why they’re going this route a little bit right here to give people a little fan service to get them back in the seats so that they can you know continue the mcu on and get back to that dynamic power that they had when end game came out so that’s kind of what my thoughts are on the whole multiverse thing and kind of like going what you know what lord deathman has said i totally get where he’s coming from uh but it was kind of funny because as you were saying everything you were saying lord death man it sounded exactly your explanation on the actual spider-man trailer you and the pockets of champions did it was like verbatim it was hilarious so it was so nice to hear that that you haven’t changed at all at least at least i stayed on program right exactly exactly it was great props for for catching the episodes of the podcast champions for catching the champions of what i had to say there and i totally i have to say you know what the points that you bring up around people sort of eating comfort food in the form of fan service they do make a lot of sense to me so i’m not 100 on in untractable in my in my sort of views there in my the program that i’m bringing and i’m not anti-multiverse i just don’t want to see the multiverse used as a crutch or a shortcut for lazier storytelling yes and i feel that sony has been making these overtures let’s get real now we could go all the way back to 2013 and the sony hacks where sony was trying to get a sinister six movie off the ground and they couldn’t do it they couldn’t do it let let’s let’s look at that reality and now they’ve got their own spider verse which is devoid of a spider-man at the moment and they’ve been doing these uh little ending stingers where the vulture from homecoming shows up in the morbius trailer movie yep so if they’re trying to use this multiverse as a way of legitimizing the sony universe right to make it a part of the mcu and make it all canon i have to tell you my friend uh with with all the respect in the world i’m not there for that the sony verse is what it is and i’m glad people enjoy that i enjoy it as well but i i don’t need to see that kind of action figure banging around just so that we could do it without actually telling well thought out and great stories well what about the whole premise that sony themselves pushed for bringing back the raimi characters and everything like that and bringing back these characters like that it was sony themselves that inserted themselves into it and told marvel like we want this that’s how you get and it does sound like and again i’m going to quote myself from the podcast of champions but it does feel like the deal with the devil that had to be made for us to get one more tom holland spider-man film sony’s like you want to do this you got to bring in you got to let us bring in all these other characters and and the the gates must open wide and again for some fans that’s going to be great for fans who really don’t care about the character development and i’m not saying this to deride anybody because some people read comic books and they skip right over the dialogue they want the action scenes who got beat up in this episode did superman use his eye beams to like roast somebody into nowhere like and i get that you know you’re there for the adrenaline the action but i think there’s a core of the fandom that’s really there for the story we like how it’s progressing we like to build up to certain points and we don’t want to see that turn into you know character of the minute just because with each of the moments it would totally destroy the legacy of the last decade plus that kevin feige has tried to build here and i’m going on record saying that cyber talk to me man talk to me where am i wrong in my logic here well i don’t think that it would it that it’s not you know you make good battle points i understand where you’re coming from but the same time i don’t think bringing these characters in is derailing anything and it’s not giving a good story because i think that in any good movie reusing certain reusable characters is very essential to progress a story on because you think about it look at terminator one and two they brought back arnold schwarzenegger’s character from the first belt but made him a good guy now if they hadn’t redone that decided to go a whole different direction just do the t-1000 have totally somebody else play the good guy in the film you would have not had a great ass story as if arnold hadn’t come back to play that t-1000 to be a hero at this time okay i feel it’s the same scenario with this film i think that bringing in old characters from you know other sony things you know that sony wants to pitch in i think that i don’t think that that’s gonna be a bad thing i don’t think that’s going to be real from the story or not give a good storytelling because if you write really well around bringing those characters back which come on marvel is really good at telling stories they really have have they they have not had one bad story i feel in any of their films they have you know they haven’t and you’re right my my concerns are what about [ __ ] captain marvel man oh wait before we get on the captain marvel tangent i have i have one more question i’m just kidding i have i have a case study you know a scenario for cyber okay so you bring in dr octopus from the rainy movies into the mcu our peter parker as in tom holland meets that doctor octopus that’s a doctor octopus that belongs to toby mcguire our to our you know tom holland has not met dr octopus yet but now he’s going to meet him through some multiverse vortex right and maybe that’ll be a personal battle between mcguire and that octopus but our tom holland spider-man has been exposed to that character so if you want to reintroduce dr octopus into this narrative you can’t you’ve cut that off because our time holland already knows about him and could theoretically manipulate the future moving forward to never even encounter him now that could be that could be sony’s way of saying you know what we already did octo doctor octopus we’re not going to do them with tom holland so this is kind of cool you know we’ll bring him back as a cameo because we don’t have any plans of doing um you know a doctor octopus but that takes that character off the board effectively is the point i’m trying to make in terms of any kind of reinvention a new actor that could be playing him because it’s like dude i saw this gimmick already coming from the multiverse i saw all eight of your legs two movies ago not a surprise to me man talk to me about that sony is dominating this relationship with marvel i think they really are like they’re i mean they’re basically they’re it almost seems to me like they’re i mean look let’s be honest here we never we never got any kind of public details as to what they came up with with a new sharing agreement with tom holland this this next time when it came time for them to work out the sharing agreement or whatever i’m not even sure if they finalized it yet or not or like i mean i never you know i knew that they were talking about it but i never heard anything um but i mean as far as what i what i know from what i know from rumors and everything and whatnot is that it was sony themselves that pushed to put um the the other spider-mans into this film they’re the ones who wanted to you know include these characters into the spider-man film now i’ll be honest with you i like i i like the fact that spider-man 3 is the second installment of this multiverse trilogy with wand division and dr strange and the multiverse of madness i think from a comic book standpoint guys like honestly look when i was a kid i had probably at one point in the 90s i was probably i probably had five different spider-man comic book subscriptions at the same time i had the amazing spider-man web of spider-man spectacular spider-man and regular spider-man just spider-man yeah like and like i mean i was a major spider-man fan and i’ll tell you one thing about spider-man in the comics he collaborates with everybody he goes into space and fights for the you know during the infinity gauntlet he’s he goes with the fantastic four occasionally he’s a reserve avenger and he goes on avenger missions um and he needs to become a character not to interrupt you jeff this is respectful yeah not only are you on track with your description of spider-man but in the last say two decades he’s also become very much a multiversal character there are tons of variations on spider-man that come directly out of a spider-verse and that started in the comic books that wasn’t in that animated feature from sony as good as that was that’s an idea that we’ve been living with since shattered dimensions since all sorts of comic books where you have clones of him different variants of it so i’m totally on board with the idea that this movie takes us to the multiverse i think you’re the moderate voice here on the panel whereas cyber is pro and i’m probably more con to neutral i just am a little leery and i want to see more out of trailer 2 before i fully endorse this multiverse strategy but i do have a lot of faith in kevin feige i know that if sony pushed this on his plate and said dude yeah i think we need andrew in here and i think we need tom in here or you know or toby in here rather or you ain’t getting tom if i had to give it to one guy to figure out how to make that work in a superhero film and satisfy my discerning ass that would be kevin feige so as much as i am worried i do feel a sense of um assuredness that since he’s at the reigns this is all gonna work out in a way that makes sense to the overall mcu narrative well my point was simply just the fact that going off the comics knowing that spider-man is always constantly working with punisher daredevil ghost rider the x-men everybody you know what i mean like during the comics in america yeah yeah so at that point i love the whole concept of him and doctor strange together like you know what i mean to to like to to a casual fan i can see where they would wonder like why the hell would would peter parker be messing with dr strange but from a comic book standpoint it makes perfect sense um and i love the collaboration i love the idea of dr strange being in this film i’m excited i think this is going to be the best spider-man film that we’ve gotten out of the three spider-man films without question i didn’t think spider-man 2 was all that great i really didn’t i’ll be honest with you i thought spider-man 1 was okay like you know very grounded you know like good movie but very grounded um and uh like i really feel like this is gonna be a blockbuster i mean as far like as big of a blockbuster as you can have right now during this covid box office you know environment we’re living in you know i feel like honestly we’ll see what happens with shang chi i think change he’s going to do better box office wise than black widow did i do um agreed and i think spider-man will likely top shang cheese box off let’s not let’s not pretend that spider-man is not the prince of the mcu you know you have a king in iron man but spider-man is ice cream and nobody doesn’t like ice cream no i mean honestly this might be the this might be the movie the spider-man 3 movie might be the one that breaks this box office you know meijer and actually ends up doing a billion dollars depending on what happens with like you know the this new variant of covid and whatever you know what i mean like uh mandates and whatever but um cyber as far as the trailer itself goes i think it’s exciting i think it’s interesting um it’s fun i mean what do you think and and besides that do you think marvel leaked the trailer themselves i i think it’s a great trailer i thought it was a really good first teaser trailer i can’t wait for more trailers to come out uh to show us a little bit more and stuff like that but i definitely thought it was really good first trailer uh i think they probably did uh just to kind of screw with people and then release it the next day um just for the hell of it because you know so many people have been asking for it so many people were you know saying oh i’ve already seen it and this and that so i i can totally see them doing that um you know just to kind of like bump up business and to make it the most popular trailer to be watched i mean they you know it has the biggest watch time of any trailer now oh yeah for mcu film 334 000 views uh within 24 hours which is really awesome i think it has 40 million views on like the on youtube right now the trailer yeah so i mean it got more views in 24 hours than infinity war and end game uh did so i think that’s you know showing a lot there’s a lot on this film to be super good um but i i just want to throw out there that a lot of people i’ve been hearing people talk about is that they think that doctor strange in this the one that we’re seeing messing with the trains is again a mephisto rumor going around i don’t know if you’ve heard this but that’s what a lot of people are saying again that they think that this is going to be a mephisto thing again i i haven’t heard that but i’m not surprised that it’s a thing mephisto for the win yeah because i don’t want to steven in the mcu i do i’m freaking telling you right now i’m still pissed we didn’t get mephisto and juan division yeah so i mean because it’s linked to one division and because it’s part of doc you know this is part of a trilogy of the doc you know multiverse of madness the the logical thing for marvel to do is to make it mephisto because that would be the smartest link to go with making this all happen and work because uh i actually i saw a uh somebody from like a one of the reliable source that is friends with somebody from marvel they posted online uh you know and and like i said this is they said this is actually from somebody that works that was working on spider-man no way home that they said that mephisto is confirmed to be in the film that he is 100 confirmed but they’re not they’re keeping it quiet except for telling a few people that that he is a part of the film that he if you look at the credits if you know if you were able to look at the credits when they when they filmed it and put it together that you’ll see that mephisto is in the the credits saying that somebody is playing with this though well i will tell you this um if in the next trailer wanda’s in it people are going to go [ __ ] that [ __ ] yeah crazy bananas bananas yeah because i think it has the potential to be one of the biggest superhero movies ever not just one of the biggest spider-man movies but superhero films ever and if mephisto shows up i it’s guaranteed classic well i you’re right lord death man this is going to be a powerful powerful film um the way things worked out with the covid and everything and the the uh the pushing off of the releases of all the different marvel properties and everything the way things have worked out it’s just worked out in a way where i mean i have to believe that they that they purposely slotted the eternals to come out before spider-man 3 because they already know that the eternals movie is like kind of uh like you know what i mean like they don’t know how the fans are going to react to it so they’re like oh we’re going to put this in front of spider-man 3. well putting it after spider-man 3 would be like putting it in front of a speeding train you know it would just get demolished and they’d be cannibalizing their own sort of um you know audience there well that’s a whole other con a whole nother uh i think i think that uh i think that that that uh the whole eternals deal is is just another attempt by marvel studios to go in a different direction with things and try something different um and whether or not it’s going to work i mean it’s a marvel studios like you know production of course it’s gonna work uh people are gonna go watch it but are they gonna be able to understand what the hell is going on i don’t know based off the trailers probably not um you know it’s very confusing but what i like about spider-man 3 what i like about that teaser trailer is that it’s not confusing you know what the hell you’re getting from spider-man even if it’s the multi-verse spider-man you know you’re getting jeff i i don’t know if you’d agree with the idea that it was told so simplistically what was going on in that trailer as to sort of be a little too elementary for us as comic book readers and it was designed for kind of like a lower level of audience member to kind of understand i think that that’s 100 correct and i think that um there’s they’re simplifying the multiverse um purposely and they’ll probably do it again in the next trailer too um because they want people to be able they’re learning from their other experiences i mean they know that people don’t understand what the hell’s going on with the eternals um and with this let’s be honest here um they basically have put together the sinister six of a sorts in this film i mean you’ve got um the lizard supposedly is in it um you’ve got electro you’ve got man sandman yup i heard that samia’s going to be in it we’ve got um i mean we got everybody but craven essentially right even possibly mysterio people still aren’t giving up on the idea that he might not be dead and be showing up for this one as well that’s very true very good point um but look why don’t we go ahead and wrap it up here guys we’re at an hour and a half that’s a great time um you know uh we could go on and talk about spider-man 3 for another hour we could but let’s save it for the next episode and uh let me just really quick uh point out that i really appreciate lord deathman coming on alexis even though we only had her for a minute coming on um lord deathman would you like to please go ahead and let everybody know about uh sakar and the podcast of champions absolutely you can join our online community at we’ve got a great community fans there not just for the mcu but for dc lord of the rings star trek a whole bunch of things going on there you also definitely want to check out our podcast on youtube we do reviews we do movie reviews we do 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What If…? Episode 5 Review

hello podcast in my nations how’s it going out there folks out there in the wonderful lands of saverness your host here mr chevron shark for the mcu’s bleeding edge here with our all new live stream for you guys today so we’ll be discussing of course the fifth episode of marvel’s what if tonight we have a amazing crew once again with this we actually have kind of a reuniting trio of our amazingness with us tonight uh we actually have our great friend mr perry back with us again thank you for coming back sir and we have our amazing original trio here tonight so we’re going to give you a wonderful show young mason of course we also have mr jeff sloboda here our other mcu bleeding edge man being a whole man it’s good to be a whole nice to have the whole squad together it is nice to be a squad again yes yes i totally agree so we’re gonna go right in this people so i hope you guys enjoy so the start is off so this episode the fifth episode is actually called what if zombies that’s right zombie so we finally got our zombie episode finally today and it was really interesting because i wasn’t too sure uh exactly you know what we were gonna be looking for in this because i know a lot of people when they saw like the promo for this they were like oh this is probably gonna be really cool and i wasn’t too sure if it was gonna be as cool as as they had made it out to be but that did prove me wrong i thought it was actually a pretty decent uh episode uh so you know to start us off i mean i think it’s kind of interesting how they started the episode so we’re gonna talk a little bit about that uh right off the bad guys so what did you guys think about how it kind of started out like the beginning of infinity war we had you know where hulk basically gets sent by hymandale down to you know where dr strange’s place is and that’s basically how this whole episode starts for us so what were you guys thoughts is when you saw that hulk was being passed down to dr strange’s place and then he comes you know he gets there and he says his words and then all of a sudden it’s like nobody’s there what were you guys decide so let’s start with you perry what did you think about that beginning yeah that was it was like uh like you were saying like it’s like you said it i wasn’t sure where it was gonna start where it was gonna end like where they were gonna place this and all that stuff it was uh i think that was like the perfect place to kind of start and obviously like they probably they probably wrote it 100 different ways and then came down to this one um but that was one of the that that entrance into it was a great place to bring bruce banner into the fold of like what’s already going on it kind of it kind of felt like uh like you were being dropped in with bruce banner into the situation and now you’re like like what’s going on kind of you know what i mean so that i think that was like the perfect way to kind of bring people into um that that intro into this this episode of what if of the zombie episode i i enjoyed it i think that was like a cool that was a cool way to do it because it we were we were reacting with bruce’s like the same kind of like what’s going on you know he was doing that we were doing that so i thought that was good totally agree completely agree how about you jeff i thought that this um i mean overall i’ll i’ll put it out there right now that as i’ve already mentioned earlier this was my favorite what if episode so far i really really really like this one i mean i love every part of it i really did i i enjoyed the hell out of it for for as short of an episode as it was they really unpacked a lot of story in it you know what i mean like um and honestly you know what i thought um basically what i felt at the point that that um that banner fell into the sanctum sanctorum um and nobody was there um i really wasn’t sure what the hell was going on you know what i mean like i honestly um when when thanos’s people like the dark order dropped down from the ship i thought it was gonna just be them like from infinity war and they were gonna you know say the whole spiel like you’re about to be killed i can’t remember did the guy talk the the um what’s his name the guy from the dark order did he actually speak yeah yeah he said he said that line he was like you have the the honor of being killed by thanos children so did they become zombies right then when they first showed up or something or were they already zombies at that point no no they weren’t they became zombies when the avengers popped up when the avengers when when iron man wong and doctor strange all of a sudden pop up you see those circles and stuff going on they attacked them and uh yes yes and that’s what was what i thought was just like outstanding about this whole deal the concept that these these characters these avengers characters and wong and everything are zombies yet they’re still using their super powers and their abilities and strategies and stuff like that i was like you got to be kidding me like that’s really different um i’ve never seen anything like that before in any kind of zombie trope that i can think of i mean um i i just assume that if like i mean don’t get me wrong i never read the um the the marvel comics zombie storyline the new one that came out a couple years back i haven’t read it yet so i need to but um i wasn’t aware that they actually retained their abilities and stuff like that and like could still fight and like all that stuff i thought once they became zombies they just became mindless zombies you know so i wasn’t sure what the hell was going on when i saw iron man acting like iron man and like fighting and everything strategically i’m like okay that’s tony stark that’s iron man like it didn’t even occur to me that they were zombies and then when they actually turned out to be zombies and started eating the dark order i’m like you got to be kidding me um and uh like from then on the the the episode just went into such a fun direction and it really kind of um brought brought things back home for me like you know the infinity war like connections were really fun to see i really enjoyed that aspect of it i really did i loved the whole infinity war you know uh connection um and um i felt like it was nostalgic but they didn’t overdo it like they did the quick thing and then that was it it was it was over um and then they moved on with the story uh but at the same time there was the immediate um and i know we’re gonna get into this on the next the next step of this but there’s that immediate collaboration of all the different characters that you get in just like infinity war in the mcu like we got like when we all saw infinity war there was that like awesome synergy of like seeing all these characters together for the first time that’s kind of how i felt nostalgically like about this episode yeah i would completely agree with that i mean there was a lot of camaraderie in this episode and they definitely like putting these certain characters together we hadn’t seen in any mcu film yet so that the fact that they did that with what if actually give you that nostalgic feeling like you’re saying and that was also something uh my wife was saying too about the episode she thought that that that was cool that you got to see all these different characters together uh you know that you hadn’t seen previously you know do anything together so yeah i completely agree with that most definitely so so we have the beginning opening you know bruce you know he’s comes out he’s about to fight ma and and i think what the other gentleman’s name is the bigger guy um and then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes you know tony stark and the doctor strange and wong and they’re like beating them up and all that kind of stuff and all of a sudden that’s when we get the first glimpse at oh holy crap they’re zombies which is so cool and so awesome i love that you know they ended up doing the zombie version so and then all of a sudden you know he’s about being attacked by them and then i’ll just out of nowhere all of a sudden somebody pops up to help bruce none other than wasp herself so this was our first time seeing kind of like wasp away from just ant-man and you know kind of doing her own thing so i thought that was really cool and you know all you know she comes there and all of a sudden you know bruce is swung off by none other than spider-man spider-man’s another one that survived i was like okay this is cool they got spider-man they got wasps that have survived and then they kind of go back to their base uh where they you know have you know taken bruce and stuff and they want to show him like this video that they that peter has created which totally made me think of the beginning of homecoming and that gave me that whole homecoming vibe and stuff like that so what did you guys think about when he like is presenting that video to bruce to show him what’s going on what were you guys thoughts when that kind of popped up they like i first showed them like putting up the type setting for like the uh you know saying oh this is the instructional video for you know surviving the zombie apocalypse what were your guys’s thoughts so let’s start with you perry yeah that was that was really fun like it was it felt very spider-man um like that was one of those moments where it was like okay like these characters are still these characters and we still get to have like that fun moment with them and stuff and um that you kind of see the theme throughout this is that like spider-man is gonna be like the guy that’s like kind of holding this thing together with his like ability to keep keep people like energized a little bit you know so um that was it that was a great like video it was it was so funny you know like it just it just cracked me up watching it so that was uh i i the video was awesome yeah what about what about when uh they uh they brought in david dashmoon’s character into this fold which i think is really awesome and he opens the curtain and bucky’s taking a shower i that scene was absolutely freaking hilarious i was like laughing he grabs him by the neck and he’s like he’s like that’s a really strong arm it’s you know and it’s like it does can’t get waterproof it’s waterproof you know which is freaking hilarious i was like i was just cracking up so hard because like like i was saying before yeah totally gave me that homecoming vibe yeah with the video he begins with at the beginning so yeah i totally agree there with you how about you jeff what did you think about that scene well i thought it was kind of similar to what perry said i think that it was really refreshing um to see spider-man like being spider-man you know like um and um i thought that the whole i’m trying to i’m trying to think of a movie maybe that that that i’ve seen that maybe i can think of that might be similar but i can’t really think of anything as far as like you know where the where the pace of the story in the episode immediately like went with this like whole homemade video with a cell phone you know um like playfully like and like unveiling all the characters that are there like in this universe like that are left i guess as like as the avengers kind of you know what i mean like um and what a great ensemble group like really like i loved it i mean um they could have there’s a lot of different different a lot of different things they could have done but i mean who they ended up putting together to be the survivors was great like i loved seeing sharon carter um i love sharon carter you got you guys know i love sharon carter um i feel like um sharon carter uh basically um to me you know this is this is like uh a little bit sidestepping but i feel like to this day i still feel like they underused her in falcon in the winter soldier and like she should have had a bigger part in it and i don’t like her being a power broker and everything and whatnot but obviously we’ll see what happens maybe she’s a skrull so who knows you know like you never know but um i love seeing sharon carter i love seeing the interactions between spider-man and the different people because obviously just like in the comics or like in the other movies it’s always fun to see peter parker’s like uh dialogue with other people and other characters and stuff like that um and so it was really cool seeing how nonchalant they all were about the whole zombie apocalypse deal uh i thought that was kind of weird in a way like i was like well they seem really like you know okay with where things are at um but i love the fact that okoye was there like that really made me happy that she was a part of it i really liked that um and like um i think that um essentially i also was really happy that hope van dyne was a part of the team you know because i feel like i don’t know what that was but um anyways i feel like um basically like i don’t feel nostalgic or anything like that when it comes to um the whole idea of her being an original avenger type character and the fact that they didn’t actually make her more of a part of the avengers during her time in the mcu i’m okay with that um you know but it was kind of in a way again nostalgic it was interesting to see her basically being a part of the avengers in a way you know what i mean like a core avenger just like she was in the comics way back in the day and i i just like her character in general so i was happy that she popped up as like one of the survivors you know i love hope van dime um you know i think that she’s uh really interesting a really interesting character i would have rather seen her than seeing like ant-man at that point um you know obviously we’ll get to that later but yeah i mean that’s basically it you know it was just the camaraderie the fact that peter was making that stupid video like um you know like like during like such a serious situation was funny it was funny and that character was funny like he’s the one like non-superhuman person or whatever out of everybody or whatever that just like a part of the team um i love seeing um happy hogan using the iron man gloves the the from the suit that [ __ ] was really cool totally i totally agree with that uh like when all when hoagie always pops up there and he has the glove on and everything and i’m just kind of like laughing like yeah happy would have the iron man glove he told he would and like just like how he they had that similar chemistry as they do in the actual spider-man films in this episode was really fun too and just like everyone has said yeah the camaraderie in this episode was really fun because you all had all these different characters working with each other and so i thought it was kind of apropos um you know because we get a kind of a glimpse of you know you know something happened to ant-man and so only hope is left from the ant-man film so incorporating the ant-man film like into this you know kind of like what they did with the episode where all the avengers are killed off um i thought that was kind of fun that they finally included you know hope into the scope of it and into the story so i thought that was really cool and she was kind of like the main kind of like vision of this episode a little bit because she’s saying that it’s her fault why this virus took over and you know turned everyone into zombies and so i thought that was kind of an interesting take of you know taking that and you know as as we saw in the episode too you know hope mentions how it was because when her father went down to get their mother she’s the one that brought back the virus that caused this whole thing to go on two weeks prior to when this is supposed to be happening when it’s supposed to be avengers infinity war and uh i thought you know that was just a really cool way of taking it too so i i completely agree with you guys there um so you know as we move on you know after you know we see that peter video and something we get introduced to more of the characters uh we move on a little bit more and they’re like basically go on you know on the road kind of to try to find a cure for this disease and uh as as they go on we that’s when we start losing characters and so my next question is what did you guys think about that like all of a sudden they started like zombifying characters like after kind of like that beginning portion of the film like all of a sudden we started losing you know certain characters you know sharon you know it gets taken by cap we get uh you know we get so many different characters all of a sudden they start getting uh you know taken out and becoming zombies themselves so what were you guys thoughts on that like on that they all suddenly started killing off some of these surviving avengers uh let’s start with you perry yeah i think that was like a important part of like this being like giving it some weight you know like when you’re dropped in you already have like some of the characters that are already like turned into zombies and you so it’s it but it was good to see like you lose some of those characters too that we’re still okay and you’re starting to get like that that feeling of like all right who’s who’s gonna make it to the end kind of thing and uh there was some like really cool moments within that where it was uh um like a lot of different uh like action points where you were like oh they’re gonna they’re gonna die there nope not never mind like uh and there was like some like it seemed like anybody who died was like like sacrificing themselves in some way shape or form for this moment and um like to get to the end point and uh i think that is like parallel to like how all the characters felt when going into endgame so this is like just another this is like a parallel version of that just in a different way with similar themes but like telling a different story um so i thought that was that was that was a good addition like uh and allowing them to have fun with it like not being like oh we can’t take away this person we can’t take away this person but they’re just giving themselves the creative leeway to just be like tell the story don’t you guys kind of feel like there’s just an interconnectivity there where like it almost felt like an avengers film in a way very much so i i would i would say yeah i mean that like correlation with um you know just how uh it started off like infinity war an avengers movie i mean that fact right there like totally just made it seem like that you know so i mean it was that’s to me i felt like i was watching an avengers film you know in whole so well i feel like it’s funny because in comparison to when they did the avengers episode for episode three when you know what if the mightiest heroes never happened or whatever or they all died that was very like not depressing but like um uh deflating to me like it you know what i mean it wasn’t very exciting it wasn’t very um you know i didn’t feel that tied into it or connected whereas with this as the story was progressing and like you know continuing to pick up steam um i guess you know the fact that the team was at least together for a while um while they did start to lose people made it feel more like a like a whole like you know what we’re used to in the mcu i guess very true very true i would agree with that too i’m so i mean is that is that your take on a jeff on on that on the question i just asked i think that it was like i was saying to you earlier earlier cyber in a way this episode actually hit me the way that live action affects me like that’s the basically the difference with this episode compared to the other episodes of the what if for me this is the first one where i looked at this one and i was like wow i actually feel like little tugs in my like chest like about people dying and stuff like that and like losing people you know and uh people sacrificing themselves and everything and like it was powerful and so it kind of felt like live action in a way um like that same gravity and um that same like you know effect um and feel and an impact but um at the same time um i feel like there was a lot of there was the weight of this was a lot different than the weight of like episode three where like all these avengers were just dying like you know for whatever reason we didn’t know why they were just dying off in this case there was an actual like you know bad guy to fight zombies you know like there was against them versus the zombies i love zombies like shows and zombie movies i love i love um the freaking um i love the walking dead i always have like i’ve i’ve fallen behind on on like the seasons at this point i’ve got to go back but the walking dead is a great show at least like the first five or six seasons of that show are ridiculously good um i don’t care like you know the is it graphic yes but like i like the zombie aspect of of the whole episode i i think it’s the fact that it’s that there’s that there’s zombies and then that’s part of like what they’re dealing with is the fact that like at any point they can be bitten or whatever and become a zombie i love that whole vibe i enjoy that type of like film show like i love it if like alexis said when we did the episode four review that she thought that they could make like a live action movie almost with like what they did with the doctor strange episode four of what if i don’t agree with that this right here this zombie story in this episode i could see them doing that in a film yeah yep yeah that would be a really it’d be a really interesting film it’d be cool it’d be a cool uh it’d be cool if they could do like uh if they take this these notions of uh like the what-if stuff and they did a what-if yeah on something like this and they had like like the avengers as a part of it and like you know they had they had like a concept like the zombie concept are you kidding me it would be that it would be perfect yeah it would be really cool i think this would be that would be a very big hit yeah most definitely if they decided to make that into a live action film um because i feel like with the what if going on right now i feel a lot of people want what if uh into the actual marvel universe as a live action format now because they’ve seen what marvel has done with it and the just the beauty of what it looks like even though this is just an animation like you’ve said jeff i feel like it this episode like you were saying this one seems like you’re watching a live action episode so i mean i could see it playing really well and translating really well into a live action format of some sort oh i’m putting it out there right now cyber i would i don’t mean to cut you off but i wouldn’t i it would not shock me if if they if they literally promoted and said we’re gonna do a zombie what if movie like with you know we’re gonna throw all the avengers characters in there that you all know and love but we’re gonna take them out of their usual universe and put them in this parallel dimension parallel universe of zombies and like a zombie acolytes and everything it would be a smash box office hit yeah most definitely most definitely so before we go further on i would like to share the promo with our live streamers out there just to kind of give you a kind of a little bit of an introduction or a little bit of refresher to what we’re talking about in this episode so jeff if you have that already we’d like to see that sir time oh that’s episode four give me a minute on that brother so folks give we need one minute here people uh we will have it here shortly for you guys just a wonderful little glitch as usual but anyways yeah so i mean i wanted to point out before we move on a little bit further from what we’re just talking about too is was anyone else laughing at a hoagie’s shirt that says i’m i’m single because i’m saving myself for thor yeah that cracked me up when i read that happy hogan was hilarious in this episode like just in general that like right from the start you can tell he’s just like so pissed off to be in that video and then he’s wearing that shirt like they just i feel like uh i i can’t tell like what it seems like with all these episodes is that they progressive like it feels like they got into a groove like the last couple episodes where they feel like they can really dive into like whatever they’re doing the first couple felt like they were like kind of like pandering a little bit like not in a bad way but like they were giving people like you know the what they wanted a little bit and then and then now they’re like they’re doing a little more what they want to do you know it feels like the people are being really creative and having fun with it like the animators doing that stuff every time happy hogan like did the uh like the iron man like blast what did he say he said or like blam or something yeah yeah like it was just goofy and like you could tell that uh like you could tell that it was fun for them like making it you can tell that it was fun like it was just fun watching you know it’s it’s it’s good breaks in the uh chaos with those things so yeah happy hogan was a great addition to it utility is that that’s why i love the fact that he’s a part of the spider-man films i love that they kind of made him like a centralized character for peter in those films i think that’s a great thing because i mean john forever as hoagie is hilarious and he’s so good at playing that character and so i thought that was really awesome that you know even though he hasn’t directed anything since iron man 2 they still have kept him in the loop and kept him you know the character in the film still and i think that’s just great because i think he’s really built a great character that i think a lot of people have fallen in love with and have just you know had a lot of fun with but yeah that scene where he’s like using the blaster and he’s making the sound with it i mean the fact that you know i think it’s is it sharon or is it ao yeah it’s sharon she’s like are you going pew pew when you’re doing the laser thing that was just like absolutely hilarious it was great and like john favreau is he’s always he’s like he’s one of those people that like i i talk about all the time because he’s he’s one of those people that like um he created he created the mcu like he his image of iron man jump started what we consider like the mcu and that tone was really important when it started and he i don’t think people give like at least casual fans don’t necessarily know how much of an influence that his style of directing and writing and his style of humor really like became ingrained in what we understand as like the mcu style you know and obviously they’ve changed it and like developed it and all that stuff i mean that that’s bound to happen but like when you look at like the core of what the mcu does like emotionally takes these characters through their journey like he that was that was a lot of him and uh he he makes great great movies and obviously now he’s he’s running the mandalorian and a lot of star wars stuff so uh um it he’s he’s a great he’s a great director and a great writer and um it was it’s awesome it’s always awesome just to see him have fun on screen because he’s a great actor too um and if you’ve never seen the movie chef go check it out that’s a great movie great very good movie i actually watched that on um it was uh voodoo it on voodoo they had it for free to watch and i watched it on there and yeah that movie is awesome yeah what was the one that he that he played played in with vince vaughn when he first came out was it swingers yes yes yes yes yeah yeah from the late 90s yeah i remember watching that when i was like 13 years old yeah that movie is an interesting film it’s one of those ones that it’s uh it it’s like kind of your first introduction to both these actors but at the same time it got so much press and like it was considered a huge successful film for its time and i actually didn’t watch it until it had been years be you know later since they had it came out and i remember watching and thinking this this is a good movie but at the same time i was like you could tell these people were going to be huge actors you know they were going to do something in hollywood you could just tell and even like i’ve seen you know as you see other movies by them you know over the years and stuff like you can just see the process of just them becoming more and more good at their craft and that definitely that movie was a catalyst and a beginning to showing that crap that both of those actors had so yeah i definitely agree that you know ferbro he’s a really good actor he directed it too i think he did i think he directed it too and um honestly even back then i remember as a kid i remember hearing that he was actually even then like when swingers came out he was known more for like his ability behind the camera than like on camera you know what i mean um like he was already on the way to like you know like heading in that direction um it says he he he wrote it he was the writer that’s what i thought that’s what i thought yeah there you go well i mean that’s that’s a poignant thing to write a movie like that you know what i mean that shows a lot of talent and i mean um what i wanted to basically just comment about with favreau is i feel like every director from in the mcu um you know some of them fit a certain way with a film and certain some fit you know better or more well in certain films than others i feel like favreau was perfectly matched to do iron man like he was the he was the right director for the i for the feel that they needed to give off with iron man um he directed iron man too didn’t he too yes yeah he did the first two yeah yeah and look what happened with iron man 3 it kind of sucked you know what i mean like you know like to some extent it was all right but i mean you know it was kind of um convoluted but um you know uh i feel the same way with like the russo brothers and captain america like captain america the winter soldier civil war i feel like the russo brothers were just like the perfect fit to plug in for that franchise for that character for that story that film um and again i think that it’s important to take note um that not only does marvel studios dominate the the cinema landscape completely and has for years or whatever um they’re not just like getting lucky on stuff like they pick the right people to like direct and write these films and like cast these films and everything like they pick people who are really good at their jobs like you can say what you want about marvel comics right now these days a lot of people poo poo them and like don’t like kind of the woke this that like in the direction that the comics have gone in with marvel nowadays and like the pc you know stuff that they’ve in politics they’ve injected into the comics but when it comes to marvel studios in the mcu um they over and over and over they continue to prove that they’re good at hiring the the best fit for films as far as directors writers um they peop people people become very loyal to marvel studios whatever kevin feige is doing whatever voodoo he’s you know working or whatever with people they seem to want to come back and work with warner studios yeah i mean you know like there’s a there’s a real loyalty there that i think goes beyond the financial aspect of like making money from marvel studios i think there’s like a you know like just to throw in like a shang chi thing like you know i wasn’t too happy that they even included ben kingsley in the in the shang chief film but like who knows maybe ben kingsley came to kevin feige and said you know what i want to be in this film you know what i mean like at that point what are you going to do you know like of course you’re going to have him come in like i told you the other night perry um i just think that um you know bringing up favreau talking about favreau he definitely cyber you’re right he plays happy hogan perfectly like i don’t know if anybody else like it’s like nobody can play black panther but like chadwick boseman i’m i’m sorry but nobody can um and be as good as the black as chadwick boseman is um and i’m not saying and you know people and they can do what they want with that role i don’t care but um i just don’t think anybody can fill those shoes but chadwick boseman and he’s gone um so it’s the same thing with happy hogan they couldn’t take like john favreau out of that role and swap somebody else in there and it wouldn’t work for the the same way that like fabro does i agree i very much agree yeah i wonder how much avro gets paid for being in those spiderman movies uh who knows i mean he probably does it because he’s got a good relationship with him i think maybe that’s another reason why why he does it you know because he just enjoys playing the character i you could just tell he enjoys playing that character and so i think it’s not probably a money issue or anything like that he does it because he wants to be a part of the mcu because you know he’s the one really kind of that started the mcu with when he put out iron man and ironman too so i think that’s a really good thing it’s an industry it’s a business so everybody has to get paid at the end of the day you know what i mean so yeah they get paid they need to get paid to know what they give him for his little role that he plays as happy hogan in the spider-man films i wouldn’t be surprised if he makes out pretty well oh i’m sure he does i’m sure he does because he’s you know are he’s very established in the mcu so i’m sure he makes some good money i noticed over the comments here we have somebody that’s called the clash show i want to thank you for you want to thank you for uh commenting tonight uh he he or she wrote a couple wonderful little comments here that we’d like to uh just talk about here for a second uh he said he wrote swingers and then the favorite the far episode the fabric episode i’m guessing that’s what he’s talking about is the sopranos top tier so i mean yeah i i i would agree with that most definitely i don’t know about you guys you guys agree with that comment there that that one about the sopranos that’s that’s grayson that’s grayson and deja from the uh like the uh the mma podcast that like we’re gonna collaborate with in the future or whatever okay he is he i’ll tell you right now this uh you better watch out for this kloss guy because he is a he said he’s a dirty [ __ ] my french i’ll tell you right now gotta watch out for this guy my spelling is horrible it’s all good we don’t we all don’t write that great mr class so we’re all good here it’s all good but yeah just that guy he’s a funny guy cyber you’re going to enjoy meeting him i i can already tell just by his comments so awesome thank you for being our comments there thank you for watching sir and uh i you have that uh promo already mr jeff yes i do all right let’s watch it people before we move on follow me enter the multiverse of infinite possibilities reality is not a straight line every passing moment is a chance for a new offshoot a new variation in fact there are more realities than you can possibly fathom an infinite number where the stories you thought you knew are nothing like you remember what if only on disney plus oh yeah oh yeah oh what a promo just watching that little bit of promo like kind of got me going a little bit man seeing captain america as a zombie and everything like throwing down like with with uh with winter soldier dude yeah yeah that’s the investment was great he looked bad yes and like i thought he looked badass in the whole episode oh yeah definitely most definitely agree because i mean actually that kind of goes on with where we’re going with this episode so so we kind of established we you know bruce got in contact with the people that are survivors they got together so they start go on a mission like i was saying to find this a cure for this virus they basically encounter barton they encounter falcon they encounter a few other the avengers that are zombified they have fight sequences with them that’s unfortunately where we lose happy hogan uh unfortunately where sharon carter has to use reverse reuse the iron man thing on his face uh and we continue on they’re in a train and that’s when we come across zombie cap of course and the becky and him have this really awesome battle uh sharon unfortunately gets turned by cap and then she basically eats uh wasp hole kind of she goes into her mouth and unfortunately when she comes out after exploding out of her uh she has a cut on her though which is basically turning her into a zombie so we have a lot of casualties going on in that those couple scenes a lot of great action going on and so basically then that’s when hope is like i’m gonna sacrifice myself for them and then all of a sudden she turns gigantic to get them over to the compound that they’re trying to get to so what were your thoughts when all of a sudden she blasted through the top of the of the train because i wasn’t expecting a giant like a giant man thing going on but that in an event and i just thought it was so freaking awesome what were you guys thoughts on all of a sudden that happening starting with you perry yeah that was that was uh it was a great scene because it was like do trains run on gas i don’t know why i never thought of that but like i don’t think they run on gas so that that part i was like i was like wait a second and i don’t know if they were just saying that to like like as like a like a metaphor for it just dying out on them um i think that’s what they were doing but like it just like i was like on my phone for like two seconds and they said that and i was like wait a second um but once the train dies they uh they’re obviously in front of that whole horde of zombies and they’re like how the hell are we gonna do that and then uh hope is like oh the only way to get over or the only way to get there is over and she breaks through and she hands them over and as she’s like handing them over she like she does the whole dramatic like fall like the whole thing the heroic the heroic sacrifice and it’s great it’s it’s a great uh it’s a great scene you know it’s like her getting more uh more heroism out of that character that we haven’t seen a lot of you know we saw a little bit in ant-man a lot more in ant-man and the wasp like a lot of more of that like badassery and then now uh you see like the extent of what like she’s capable of doing everything ant-man can and i think that’s a really important like moment and uh and it’s it’s it it’s proves that she is going to be just as capable when she inevitably joins the avengers as ant-man and now you’re going to have these these two characters that were in the original avengers finally come back and be part of the avengers as the duo that they’re supposed to be you know so i think that was like a cool moment to like put that put that key to get that train rolling yeah i i’m a genius what can i say yes but yeah so like that i i thought it was great i thought it was a good moment uh for the wasp and it definitely uh it was like and thematically it’s a very easy like thing for them to write in but it also did a lot for the character it was like an easy like oh we’ll just have her like carry them over and have her sacrifice herself but it meant more for the character in in that regard too so it was great it was great nice yeah i would agree what about how about you jeff what did you think well it’s kind of the same thing that perry was saying um you know like i i love the part with the whole aspect of it being hope that was the character that got hurt you know and um you know like i i love that character i love hope um you know and i feel like um it was really fun seeing her be a part of the team and um you know like like perry was saying uh it was really cool seeing her enlarge herself and everything and whatnot because at that point i honestly think she got bigger than i ever saw ant-man ever get you know like at that point you know what i mean so like you know she like really got big there um and she was so dutiful about wanting to like you know make something you know worth uh her life like even if she was gonna die it was very moving it was one of the more moving like you know aspects that kind of tugged at my heartstrings a little bit in the episode and um i thought it was really really neat again that like hawkeye pops up and he starts shooting arrows into people and stuff like that like all accurately even though he’s a zombie still like i’m like that just like blew me away um falcon flying around like um you know like fighting and everything like with his wings and everything as a zombie like it was really really really cool like it was really fun to see um and seeing um black panther laying there like on that cot underneath the base and whatnot have we not gotten to that that far yet or okay we’re just getting to there oh okay but um no um i thought it was like uh a really valiant thing what like hope eventually decided to do with the team and everything it was very avengers like to do that you know like and again there was this shared sense among everybody that like they were willing to sacrifice their lives if they had to to like achieve their goals yet they all seemed very like chill about it like you know cracking jokes and everything which is like that’s very marvelous so yeah that’s it very much so very much so uh we have another comment from the class show he says what if aunt may gets blasted instead of uncle ben goes on and goes on a old man rampage which actually is kind of funny because i actually just recently read that comic book and uh about that what if uh scenario and that is actually a really cool like what if episode i think i think it would have been a really cool one if they did it on the show i’m not sure if they’re going to or not but if they do that that’ll be really awesome uh but i thought that was really cool concept like what if it was an uncle ben that died it was on may that died you know how would that change peter’s dynamic how would that change his you know his path to spider-man and everything and uh i think that makes a huge impact and so i think that’s a really good little comment there uh the class show cause i think that’s uh a episode they should eventually do if they don’t do it in this season but in season two i think that’ll be a really cool episode to go with what are your guys’s thoughts on that uh perry starting with you yeah that would be that would be i mean with this episode they show that they can they can be pretty uh they can be pretty violent and show like the gore a little bit and uh so i think that that uh i don’t think that that’s too far-fetched and i think it’d be interesting if that happened and then they also added in like uh like maybe the punisher joints and maybe he joins forces with the punisher to like go on this rampage of killing like the criminals and all that stuff that’d be dude if punisher had been a part of that team in that episode that would have been freaking like sick yeah that would have been really cool but i think they have to i think they have to introduce him in live action first before they introduce him let’s face it if you add punisher to any equation it’s a good situation yeah true definitely yeah definitely so moving on so you know hope has uh now gotten them across to that courtyard and uh you know sacrificed herself and stuff like that and then all of a sudden who pops up none other than vision all of a sudden vision’s a part of this and i was like holy crap vision i’m like this is awesome and so we we get vision and he talks about how he is supposed to come up a way of curing people with the mind stone and so they go into the base and they’re talking and stuff like that and that’s when we also find that paul rudd aka ant-man is still alive in just the head so when he pops up with just a head i started cracking up so hard i’m like are you kidding me what is this like at the man with two heads or something going on here and so like he’s like he’s like a pardon me and he like starts saying all these head jokes i started cracking up so hard at this so my question for you guys is what did you think about all of a sudden that paul rudd’s character ant me popping up there being just the head and those puns uh what were your guys’s thoughts so starting with you perry yeah that was great i mean it’s like the perfect paul rudd like moment of him just being himself in that character you know he’s known as uh like when he does like talk shows and stuff as being like telling dad jokes and like being that guy so it was perfect for him to like use that and uh it was just it was fun it created like it was another moment of like breaking the tension with like that humor and he does it for the rest of the episode um so it’s like uh it’s just one of those things where it was it was another like moment of it being uh like a break in the chaos which was good completely agree there yeah most definitely how about you jeff what did you think about the paul rudd aka ant-man head thing well the first thing i thought of was an episode of family guy where ted williams is on the show and he’s just ahead in like a uh in like uh a globe or whatever with water and like he goes to prison and he’s like oh man this is the exact situation i didn’t want to be in just being a head like with his cell mate or whatever like in the in the in the jail like and that’s what i thought of which which is pretty funny that’s a pretty funny family guy episode um but um basically i i thought it was funny i mean it was typical ant-man like you know i mean um it was kind of off the wall like it was kind of stupid in a way but like there’s nothing wrong with being kind of stupid sometimes um and you know i mean um i felt like uh you know like i was surprised that vision was still alive like it didn’t occur to me that vision would still be around but it kind of makes sense if you think about it and it occurred to me before it actually happened that of course like vision wouldn’t be able to let wanda die you know what i mean like he just never would very true very sure i totally agree there so like so after that then we had basically uh you know bucky decides i want he’s going to go look for a transportation and you know vision kind of gives a weird look and you know says something kind of weird and you’re kind of like there’s something going on here with vision but so as bucky goes and searches that’s when all of a sudden he comes he comes on and like all of a sudden we get introduced to t’challa aka black panther and he is missing a leg so when that all sort of popped up i was like holy crap they’re going really dark here with this they have t’challa who not only is played by still jack bozeman he still did the voiceover for this episode they have them have one leg and i was kind of like he just died from cancer and they have him amputated this is you know kind of kind of creepy in a sense away but at the same time you’re like oh holy crap he’s still alive but he’s missing a leg and i was just like holy crap uh so what were your guys’s thoughts on on all of a sudden uh black panther popping up certainly you perry yeah now it was it’s it was great that we got to see him and again and have chadwick pose and come back and do like that he was able to do the voice again oh yeah and uh yeah it’s just another another moment of like black panther just having that presence that no other uh character has even in everything i mean we all had that perry i think we all got that vibe like during the episode in a way you know we all in our own way like kind of got that you know like wow it’s great to see chadwick boseman again you know what i mean it’s really like uh it’s very powerful yeah and uh he even has that moment uh like later in the episode on the ship um where he talks about how not all those are gone like not all those who are like when your death isn’t the last part like they’re like everybody’s still with you and all that stuff and that that was where i was like oh my god like that like like they really uh they really did something there you know they really uh they were really like he was he was it’s like he was it it felt like they knew and he said that line knowing that it would like kind of comfort his fans in the future and that kind of like idea was really like it kind of like brings you out of it like keeps you in it you know but uh yeah that was it was like i said it’s just it was great to like have black panther again in there and be able to have that character in a story again yeah that was really cool uh how about you jeff what did you think about uh all of a sudden when t’challa popped up i was surprised and i didn’t expect to see the child i didn’t expect to see black panther um at all and um when i saw his leg was missing obviously the first connection i made was like they’re they’re cut he’s cutting him up and feeding him to like the zombies or whatever you know because i wasn’t sure what the hell was going on at that point down there like i knew something wasn’t right you know obviously something was not right um i was really kind of like uh riveted like trying to figure out like what the hell was going on with vision like where things were going with this whole situation like where this the what direction the story was going in and um then like seeing black panther was awesome having him be a part of the show even though he was wounded was awesome but um the what really got in my head was imagining scarlet witch as a zombie like with all her power and like powers and everything like how how crazy that could be most definitely yeah that’s you know that’s all of a sudden we find out we also see that you find that scarlet witch is down there too after seeing coming across t’challa himself and you know basically they go back up and start talking to vision again and visions like yeah you know i’m doing this and that and stuff like that trying to keep her alive because she’s loving my life this kind of thing and then kind of just escalates from there and she actually breaks free and then they have kind of like an all-out war almost with her and you know that’s when we you know get kind of just this tremendous you know bucky you know sacrifices himself and then you know uh the hulk all of a sudden finally comes out out of his shell again you know starts beating up the zombies and you know fighting wanda so that she’s distracted you know to allow them to get away and so as we keep going on we got this awesome battle going on it’s like that hulk you know finally re-emerges you know what you know and you know he hasn’t you know had that same defeat he had um you know twice like in the regular movies that we’ve seen and he only had the one i guess with thanos because that’s where you know he ends up getting thrown down at the beginning of the episode because he’s been beaten by thanos and uh so you know basically they have that go on they are trying to get away and then the episode kind of ends weirdly because it ends up they’re going to wakanda black panther you know paul rudd’s character and you know spider-man the only three that have survived and all of a sudden you get a zombified thanos holy crap i was like oh i was like i couldn’t believe it so to end this episode one last question before we move on to a another little segment to round out our show uh what were your thoughts on seeing zombie thanos what were you guys thoughts so starting with you perry yeah that was so i was kind of um like where i noticed that the like obviously that the episode was starting to feel like it was ending and i was like there it felt like a resolution but it also like all these episodes don’t feel like there’s like an actual resolution and like you get the sense that like things will continue like you get the sense that you’re just watching this like snippet of this story you know um because we get our our version of the mcu and the universe that we’re watching it kind of thing we’ve seen the beginning and end of every story that they’re telling but with these ones we’re just seeing like a snippet of it you know so seeing that kind of like this part of the story play out and then the watcher coming in and talking about like the implication of what it means for the rest of the universe like the universe in this act this version of it it and then thanos comes up and he’s a zombie and i’m like okay like are we gonna get a part two to this like can we get a little like yeah exactly yeah and it makes it interesting too because like we said like a lot of these avengers not only like even if they did get the cure and they cured everybody half of the like half of the avengers team like got beheaded or like exploded or like you know like they’re dead dead like they’re not just zombies they’re dead dead yeah like captain america got chopped in half like i don’t think i don’t know iron man lost his head yeah exactly it’s like uh so i think that part of it would have been really interesting to see how after a zombie apocalypse they recovered from that and then come back and like have to fight the house again because that would be like how do you plan on doing that this time yeah most definitely how about you jeff what did you uh think about all of a sudden the zombie thanos popping up well i mean i can’t i’m trying to imagine how it would work like in this universe like with these type of zombies that like i mean why would a zombie thanos still want to like get the infinity stones you know what i mean like that doesn’t make any sense to me um that’s like way too like much intellectual activity for a zombie to be like you know doing um like like as a zombie don’t you just basically want to like eat whatever like random person or like being that like pops up in front of you i mean like you’re not planning anything out like like large scale or whatever so um so like i mean he wouldn’t be like still wanting to kill half the population or anything like that i wouldn’t think that wouldn’t like that wouldn’t override his zombie self or like zombie like you know desires or whatever but again my thing my take on it was just again that like i don’t know we’ll see what happens with the rest of what if but i think this might be for me probably what i think is going to end up being the the the one episode that totally sells me on the concept that they could do this live action one time in a film or whatever and it would be it would be massive it would be massive it would be fun too it would be really really really different and like let’s be honest here at this point it’s becoming very clear that kevin feige wants to take chances like they want to do different stuff and like try different [ __ ] and see what sticks and what doesn’t like um and they’ve created the kind of wiggle room where they can do that and they can afford to swing in this and like this is a sure thing like don’t get me wrong guys you both know there’s a lot of sure things in the mcu in the marvel marvel universe like there’s more shirt things than there are like you know duds you know what i mean like to work with like in the mcu but um this like whole concept i mean of course you could do anything with a what-if episode like movie you know what i mean you could go any direction but i feel like if you were going to do it and do it right you would have to have the avengers involved in this this type in some way kind of like the way they did in this episode and i feel like um there’s people out there who really believe that kevin feige and marvel want to eventually tie this what if series into like the live action in some way maybe it’s going to be on a small scale maybe it’s going to be on a larger scale we’ll see what happens but i’m telling you right now i mean um i don’t see how how you how you lose if you decided to do a live action um you know uh avengers zombies you know like two and a half hour movie with like this kind of premise i mean it would be literally it would be huge totally agree yeah that’d be a billion dollar movie for sure oh yeah yeah definitely definitely i i agree there like you would definitely have um a billion dollar movie on hand i think that would be a huge success it would be dramatic as hell too because people would be dying left and right and everything you know and i mean like people would be crying yep 100 100 percent totally agree there i mean it it’d be interesting just to see you know how they could fit it into the mcu timeline too like with you know like i guess that’s where the multiverse could come in you know where they said oh this is like an offshoot of the multiverse that could have happened you know so i mean with the multiverse becoming a huge part of the mcu now i mean that is a very big possibility that they could end up doing that so you never know yeah why not cyber like i mean as like just doing it as like a special project in mark like a marvel studios special project a special feature doing something different a one-off thing that’s only going to happen this is the only time it’s ever going to happen we’re going to do a what if full-scale movie you know like you it could be the zombie you know deal or whatever you know and um you know i’m telling you people i mean listen it’s like we talked about before cyber if you if you took if you got the avengers and and just had them on video washing their hair i would watch that [ __ ] and enjoy it yep yep definitely definitely i would too i definitely would too so so that is it for this episode of what if guys so thank you for listening to us talk about it so me and mr jeff sabota talked about earlier and my other cohort of mr perry we are going to do a little segment just to kind of segue away from the mcu a little bit here uh and talk about some reviews on the upcoming dune movie so we’re gonna get right into that and uh kind of go over that so jeff you have some uh uh some awesome comments for us sir i do and let me just go ahead and and set the premise that i am like the big huge dune fan like out of the group here like out of the team um but um i know for a fact that perry does know dude about doing pretty well and cyber you’re like like day by day like you’re learning more and more about doom you know like uh i got to give cyber credit um like he’s actually a nice enough guy that when i throw up dune videos on rizzle and stuff like that he watches them and enjoys them which is great um you i mean you tell me cyber uh that guy that makes those those videos is really good isn’t he oh he’s so good i mean he he he’s like a brother to me so you know and he like you know i watch his stuff on the regular because he’s just so awesome and uh you know he knows all he knows about doing so i’m pretty impressed by him i think the dune universe is very interesting so basically okay this is off of rotten tomatoes this is what we have to start with as far as these dune reviews um okay from philip d semion time out top critic okay technically it doesn’t have an ending and not everyone will get along with the levels of patience villanueva demands of his audience but those who do will be rewarded with precise storytelling visual fireworks and some god level world building i love to hear that i love world building like the the the more the better you know i don’t know about you guys but if it’s if that’s the kind of movie it’s gonna be that’s my [ __ ] uh definitely it’s definitely a a really positive review uh i mean you know uh dune is such a huge uh concept anyways because i mean since its inception you know from when the first book was released and then you know of course in the 80s we got the first film version of it you know a little bit later on about 20 years later we got a tv version of it and so this is like the third time we’re seeing a reiteration of the film uh coming out and so i mean that world building comment is a really interesting comment because you know it really is a gigantic world to talk about so i mean all the different aspects of what’s going on in the dune world what is involved with what the people are going through what they have to do in order to get to that climax of what they’re looking for searching for that is a world building type of deal so i mean the fact that this person mentioned that it’s a world building film that’s a good sign that there’s a lot of good story to this film and that they really put a lot of effort into bringing the dune world to the big screen again maybe give us something different that elaborates more on what they didn’t talk about in the other versions and gave us an even more and more better film i think the technology and the special effects and everything just wasn’t there back in the 80s for them to be able to pull off dune in like a realistic way that was believable to watch like if you watched some of like that that 80s dune one um uh it that some of the cgi and like the special effects are horrible they’re stupid as hell like they look really dumb um now again this is like 1980 or whatever but um i feel like uh essentially villanue villa villanue is a great director i mean everything he’s done has been really great um he’s really good at the whole world building concept and just think about it dune is so massive that all these two movies are gonna end up being is just covering the first novel of doom there’s six novels that cover like the entire story of dune from start to finish and we’re talking about like you want to talk about world building on a grand scale we’re talking about like passages of time throughout the six novels where we’re dealing with like 10 000 15 000 years passing by um okay so from david jenkins little white lies top critic in the main it’s a stately film exacting and elliptical more in a slow release tradition of david lean than the candy coated insta high of the mcu that’s a little bit like too high brow for me um stephanie zacharik time magazine dune is sluggish in places my eyes glazed over during one or two or maybe three of the battle scenes but villanue’s conviction counts for a lot um i don’t agree with this already i can tell you right now from the premise clauis larae independent from the uk top critic the casting choice is poor it’s a small but noticeable chip in the paint when it comes to dune a work that’s otherwise of such intimidating grandeur that it’s hard to believe it even exists in the first place well that’s a hell of a freaking review right there because she flipped the script on that one it starts off with like the cast sucks to like this movie is like legendary yeah that’s that’s that’s kind of strange and that at the same time interesting like their thought process on the film you know it’s a small but noticeable chip in the paint when it comes to dune a work that’s otherwise of such intimidating grandeur that it’s hard to believe it even exists in the first place like that they even made it yeah like it just it’s it’s i think i think with a lot of that i think it just comes off like it’s she’s just basically saying yeah the some of the characters seem like they don’t necessarily fit with who’s playing them but the story itself is such a big scale that it doesn’t it doesn’t matter yes yes and the characters are powerful right the uh the individual characters are very powerful it’s a very powerful very emotional very dramatic very graphic and violent story um you know that deals with religion and deals with drug use and deals with you know um alien creatures like sand worms and [ __ ] i don’t care man like um if when you watch those dune trailers and you see the sand worm in the dune trailer it’s ridiculous i mean isn’t just the concept of the sand worms like interesting to you guys yeah it’s it’s a really cool like and and what’s funny too is it it reminds me of um like this creature in star wars but the creature from star wars was probably like modeled after the description in the books by frank herbert because that was written in like 54 or 64 or something yep and uh so it’s just like it’s really interesting to see those parallels and then being like oh that’s it from from an outside perspective it kind of looks like like dunes ripping off like the star wars and making it more dramatic and gritty and all this [ __ ] but in reality dune came before mostly the opposite yeah and although like a lot of star wars is um like different versions of like the uh like the seven samurai like the the the walk of the hero kind of thing um a lot of the aesthetic was was taken from uh flash gordon and dune like well you get these interesting like back and forth between uh these two different radically different uh sci-fi adventures and uh so it’ll be really cool to see like dune come to fruition and get that kind of attention that it deserves dune is so impactful on the sci-fi landscape overall that i feel like i don’t think that there’s a sci-fi movie that’s been made in the last like 50 years that wasn’t influenced in some way by dune you know i mean i can tell you one thing i i like i already um i ordered my book my first noon book it’s on the way i ordered it from a used books online website that i go on to all the time um and i’m really looking forward to reading it because everybody that i know who’s read it they’re really passionate about it you know what i mean like i’m passionate about it i never read a book one of the books i can only imagine what it’s like to actually put the time in and read one of these damn things and then really get into it um i don’t know about you guys but in my experience usually overall the books are usually always better than the movies that are made out of the books yeah nine times out of ten i mean it’s rare that that it’s the opposite it’s very rare there are times when it’s happened but um you know like i can tell you um you know like one that i can think of right off the bat that’s a good example would be the lincoln lawyer with matthew mcconaughey oh yeah really really really good book the movie was not that great it was not all that great i’ll be honest with you um but no as far as doom goes um back to the reviews steve pond the rap top critic a formidable cinematic accomplishment a giant mood piece that can be exhilarating it is dark beauty um diego garcia cinema spain always moving between extremes doom place to make us oscillate between the the hypnosis of its visions and the tachycardia of its action scenes what the hell does that mean i have no idea what that cardia is um guardian really people yeah yeah it’s an exhilarating it’s something that causes your heartbeat to uh increase okay dune first reviews from rotten tomatoes the breathtaking adaptation fans have been waiting for critics say danny villanueva’s new take on frank herbert’s classic novel is a nuanced well-acted feast for the eyes and ears even if only leaves viewers wanting more so can’t ask for more than that no not at all eric eisenberg cinema blend danny villeneuve villeneuve’s movie is a film interpretation that fans have been waiting to see for decades uh ben travis empire magazine for science fiction devotees especially those who have long worshiped frank herbert’s dense tome ville nueva’s dune is the adaptation you’ve always dreamed of um jimmy oh joe blows movie emporium it honors the source material in the most satisfying way possible dune 2021 is a modern day work of art enough said like i mean you know um i think i don’t think there’s really much else much else to put out there if you guys have any last remarks on like this whole dune you know thing um they’re actually like believe it or not there’s a guy on the podcast of champions that i like record with on the weekends and stuff he’s in the netherlands and doom comes out next week for them um oh [ __ ] yeah that’s like yeah next week isn’t that weird like them yeah that’s like almost well no not really because a lot of the times europe gets the movies before we do so that’s not it’s not shocking yeah we always we’re always the last to get films released versus any other country a lot of them like sometimes sometimes we’ll get it and then one other country that hasn’t gotten already will get it but majority time most movies come out over in europe before they come out here so well i feel like what it boils down to it the trailers are very we’re very important with dune in terms of like roping people in that don’t know anything about doom like you know that’s their first impression or their first taste of the dune universe and you know i mean well i could have played the dune trailer it’s really good i really enjoy it i know you guys have seen it too um it is a really good trailer it’s very powerful um the the movie looks gigantic it looks huge but i mean it’s going to boil down to how well they’ve promoted it and um you know how effective those trailers ended up being when it comes to the younger audience because you got to figure it’s the same audience that went to see shang chi for the most part that they’re going to be relying on to go see doom yep completely agree really agree they’re going to try to ride that wave that people want to see movies right now well that actually segues really easily and obviously i’ll set this up for you cyber this segues very nicely into our final segment because perry and i and cyber and i were both talking personally about this in the last couple days the fact that i think that the reason that they decided to release uh venom let there be carnage early is because of shang qi i would agree most definitely yes so our final segment tonight folks it we’ll be gonna show you the trailer the the second trailer of venom let there be carnage and we’re gonna discuss it a little bit a little bit for you guys and then that’s how we’ll close the show for you guys tonight uh this movie i’ve been waiting for it since venom one came out because i absolutely loved venom it was such an amazing film so this one looks just as good i mean it’s gonna be interesting to see what andy circus uh as a director is changes it up from the first film that we got from the awesome director scott rubin so it’ll be interesting to see what he does but this trailer is awesome so we’re gonna put it up for you guys uh mr jeff i’ve got two trailers actually if that’s okay with you guys i’ve got the first one and i’ve got the second one awesome i everyone in this world is carnage lady here we should be out there snacking on bad guys i am a predator i need to be free you have got to get control of your aggression we will get hauled off into area 51. you live in my body you live by my walls i’m sorry i don’t know what came over me please let me fix it again you are a loser eddie brock i want to give you my story people love serial killers cletus why me that’s mine it’s yours and what’s yours is mine i have tasted blood before and that is not it all i ever wanted in this world is carnage oh [ __ ] where you going that is a red one you need to come out right now i will let you eat everybody i promise oh yeah betty you feel like home to me like family oh wow you could just say i’m happy for you that was going to be us hey i’m happy for you no god i’m so sorry i’m sorry just tooting some serious couples counseling i say either you say either i say neither and i say neither excuse me yummy good evening eddie hey mrs chen good evening venom pro mrs chen he says hi one is you and i are the same every decision we ever make who do we leave behind and how do we leave them waiting in the darkness of the rescuer who never comes welcome back eddie brock it’s been a long time miss you so much soon come chaos chaos soon come on the chocolate delivery hasn’t arrived yet no we had a deal what’s gonna happen you gonna stop protecting me i am happy to eat mrs chen no no you cannot eat mrs chen what nothing my god those movies this movie looks like it’s gonna be absolutely amazing as the first one was uh freaking tom hardy as eddie brock has been a really great uh you know production i think he’s amazing as the character i wasn’t too sure about him until i saw the first one and then the performance he did in the first one i was just really impressed with him and so i’m waiting to see what he brings again to this table because he just was like so awesome the first film and just the whole i love the dynamic of how they brought him and venom together in the film and just like how they work together and this movie the second one looks like it’s just gonna be just as good um and even better with you know getting introduction to carnage too as well and uh it’s interesting concept that they’re bringing into it to where cletus basically becomes carnage by biting eddie who somehow i guess when he bited it bit him and got his blood apparently some of the symbiotic venom went into him and that’s what creates him into carnage it looks like that’s my take on what it’s going to be going by so this definitely looks great at you know what did you think barry yeah so i am i am uh i i liked the first one i uh i’m not as high on it as you are i i think that tom hardy did a great job and the movie the movie to me was like fun and i had a good time watching it and uh so i am excited for the second one because i thought the first one was like a fun exciting movie you know it it felt like what it was supposed to be you know it’s venom like becoming the main character which we haven’t seen in live action obviously in a in a good way and uh so that that portion of it is is fun and the dynamic that they’re setting up for the second one you know where you’re walking into the more the relationship rather than them like meeting you know it’s it’s been like becoming one thing it’s like now it’s like uh the odd couple sort of situation which is really it’s it’s gonna be fun having that dynamic and so and uh yeah with carnage being added in um it opens up a really crazy door of whether or not these characters are gonna be integrated into the mcu at some point which would be even crazier because watching spider-man and venom have to defeat like carnage and other symbiotes would be it would be a lot of fun especially since tom hardy is such a phenomenal actor and he does really well this role and uh so i’m excited for this um even if for me it’s it’s it’s more of the the fun you know like i don’t with a lot of people they go into they went into venom expecting like something with like how the mcu does things and it’s like that’s that’s not what this is like that’s not what it’s supposed to be that’s not what it’s trying to be it’s very much trying to be its own thing and i think it did a really good job being its own thing so now with the second one it’s great that they are making a second one because i feel like especially when you’re looking at like morbius which is a similar kind of uh situation where they’re taking a character that was is not an extremely popular character in a mainstream way and um that one i’m still i’m not sold on that one but uh i it’ll be fun i’m fun it did i’m just going in into this one just doing the same thing i did with the first one just gonna enjoy it enjoy it for what it is as like a venom action movie with tom hardy being a crazy guy with two personalities it seems you know and uh uh it’ll be it’ll be good i think it’s gonna be good i andy serkis is andy circus and he he’s a great actor he’s done well with writing he’s done pretty well with directing um so i’m i’m excited to see what he does with this one and especially adding woody harrelson in there like woody harrelson’s obviously the the og legend kind of thing so um i i think that’ll be great and like i said like people trying to say oh it’s not it’s not as good as the mcu it’s like well it’s not trying to be the mcu it’s trying you know it’s trying to be its own thing which it’s doing well being its own thing because it’s very distinctively different and uh so for that i i like it because it’s it’s it’s still marvel but it’s not the marvel that we get all the time you know it’s a different type of marvel and it that’s that’s what makes it fun to do you know that’s what makes it fun to watch and it’s like indulging like these different characters that don’t get the same kind of spotlight so um yeah i think the the the trailers set that tone and i think that i’m i’m i’m excited for it like i like i said i’m not i the first one i i’ve watched a few times and i enjoy it every time i watch it and i’m not like a crazy like i’m not like crazy into it as much as like some people are as you are cyber like you really like it and i really liked it um but i’m i’m just excited to enjoy it like that’s that’s where i’m at i’m just excited to enjoy it you know yep yep like i understand i completely agree how about you jeff well i’m gonna completely contrast you perry and this is why i’m glad to have you back because it’s nice to be able to bounce off of you like in our dialogue here in our discussion on okay first of all perry uh don’t think for one second that everybody in the whole industry wants to be like marvel studios they do they want to do they want to do things just like marvel studios they want the same success and the same like they they they see what marvel studios is doing well success is different than the style i’m talking about like the style it’s the gold standard what marvel studios is doing is like it’s it’s like record setting everything they touch you know what i mean so like at that point i think they’re they’re i i think that uh i get where you’re coming from i do like of course they had to go in a different direction because again it’s not a part of the mcu so like it’s a part of the what they call the um what is it the uh the sony spider-man universe i think that’s what they want it to be called now which is actually not so bad to say but um speed music they’re limited like they’re limited in what they can do and what they they can’t do and let’s be honest here we all know you don’t have to be a comic book fan to know this all right i’ll tell you right now when i was a kid i had like five different spider-man comic books at one time like i had five subscriptions to five different spider-man comic books that’s how popular spider-man was and like i watched and read all of the venom carnage stuff and everything as a kid and whatnot and um there’s i don’t care what they do with this movie there’s no way it can be as good as it would be if they had spider-man involved you know what i’m saying it’s that simple like spider-man makes things better just like the punisher throwing the punisher into any equation for me anyway at least as a fan makes [ __ ] better like i like the punisher but spider-man everybody loves spider-man i mean look at the freaking um record-setting trailer views on youtube for the spider-man 3 trailer like more than end game more than infinity war like come on man like i love spider-man but i’m not like a freaking fanboy for spider-man but there’s a lot of damn people out there that love the crap out of spider-man like he’s like you know cyber you know how addicted i am to watching those trailer reaction videos all the time and everything i watch those videos all the time and you look at people’s faces during like the infinity war trailers and everything and the biggest like smiles and like the most excitement that you saw from everybody in the reactions is when you see peter parker spider-man like that’s it like they’re like ah they’re freaking the hell out and everything you know they’re like excited for captain america they’re excited for iron man but then spider-man pops up and they’re like oh man like their arms are moving their arms and everything so i’m just saying like um i guess where i’m going with this is just that i’m skeptical about the direction that sony is going with this whole spider-man universe and everything um i’m not trying to say that i think that they should have just like given spider-man back to freaking like marvel studios and disney or something like that and been like here you go you guys can make better movies with with like these characters than we can so we’re gonna give we’re just gonna give this to you you know like uh hell no of course not um but i do think there’s a reality where depending on on again who sony hires to direct the films to cast the films to write these stories and everything and whatnot i think that um i think that basically what the what they have to work with the spider-man universe those characters that all those villains those you know like um allies like morbius that fit into that spider-man collective or whatever that they have to work with they’re limited and um you know i’m really like sick i’m i’m kind of like a little bit like over over like tired of like them just not telling us what the hell they’re gonna do sony and like marvel like or whatever you know i don’t know how the negotiations are now i don’t know if it’s sony versus disney or still sony and marvel or whatever but did they not like start working on like another sharing agreement for tom holland like last year or something like that and then i never heard anything about it again we thought we had talked about that yeah i mean go ahead basically from what i read what i’ve seen um is that they had been talking again like shortly before the the third spider-man was supposed to come out the contract that was with tom holland was going to end but they were already in talks for another negotiation for another set of films yeah and um from my understanding where the direction that they were going and what they were saying and all the articles i have seen is that eventually how what they want to do is that they want to take the tom hall holland spider-man that marvel has established put it into their sony verse films to interconnect the mcu with their uh their their mcu version and so eventually venom will pop up eventually morbius will pop up um that’s why in morbius we end up seeing michael keaton’s vulture character because they have actually from my understanding they said they’ve already came to another agreement that they’ve already processed it that but they haven’t officially stated what exactly it was so you think it was all planned already cyber you think that that like the reason why we saw um the vulture in the morbius trailers because they’ve already worked something out i gotta let my dog out real quick i’ll be right back okay yeah i think the like with this stuff it’s it to me i don’t get i don’t get hung up on like throwing like characters from the mcu in there like i feel like that i don’t know i just don’t i don’t set myself up for that expectation anytime soon in that in the in the grand scheme of it like i’m i’m always like in my mind going okay it’d be cool if like these connect in the future but um the way that i think they do it is more important than doing it like sooner rather than later just because of like people saying oh we need spider-man in here because it’s going to make a lot of money on this movie so yeah but like very term long term do you perry do you think that they will do you think we’ll see venom and carnage or like or like venom and morbius at the like and at the end and cameos on spider-man 3 no no i wouldn’t i wouldn’t think so i mean it’s it’s possible but i wouldn’t i don’t know what the point would be you know like the the thing is is they’ve already set up like all these things that are happening in like the venom the venom universe like the last movie um morbius is going to have its have its own thing going on like there hasn’t been any connective tissue so they would have to do a lot of backtracking um and maybe in a multiverse situation they can explain it but i don’t see that happening this soon i could be wrong obviously it just i i don’t think that it’s gonna happen especially when when they were directing and writing these movies um they didn’t have the deal written in stone you know maybe the vulture in morbius was with the last deal you know because it was supposed to come out earlier um that maybe that was part of the last deal and because that that trailer came out before uh the third spider-man was even like said okay this is when it’s going to come out that like even if you’re looking at pre-coved situations where they announce dates the morbius trailer came out before that even happened so in my mind that was part of like the last deal is getting the vulture in there to kind of tease things and then they had the whole dispute and back and forth about where spider-man was going to land and if they could come to an agreement and the whole discussion on whether or not that was real or not um or if that was just for press and to get attention towards it and that both of these companies look like they’re in it for the fans and that they really wanted to work this out for the fans like the whole nine yards you can get into like a whole thing about that um but well hold on let me ask you a question then and you too cyber you think it’s a possibility that there actually could be something worked out between sony and marvel studios where like both sides have come to the agreement that the best thing for the fans would be to put something together where venom it becomes a part of the mcu and so does morbiance and like spiderman crosses over the sony verse and everything so that we can actually get that venom spiderman team up versus carnage like the comic books have you know that whole premise where like you know like i mean venom can’t beat carnage in the comics by himself it’s with spider-man that he’s able to actually like you know fight back against carnage um and then overall it took the avengers to like actually like catch carnage and like put him away you know what i mean um so do you think it’s possible that like that i could see kevin feige at marvel studios being like you know what we’ll give up a couple hundred million dollars to make this work for the fans or do you i mean honestly or do you think the money is is just more important in all honesty when they were negotiating uh back in 2019 after spider-man far from home came out they already had put into the process spider-man 3. they had already had a plan already to make it because when they made the deal with tom holland for three films they already had what they were gonna do morbius now the trailer came out in late 2019 so right before covet hit and so morbius was supposed to come out you know in june of 2020 and then it ended up getting pushed several times down now not coming out until january of next year now morbius was actually filmed in 2019 so when those negotiations were all taken in and michael keaton was approached play the vulture again that whole connection with the mcu was their primary purpose of making morbius more base is to connect the mcu and the sony burst together they said that in all their press junket like when they were making negotiations and all that kind of stuff they stated that um that’s the reason why because like after the trailer came out everyone kept asking why the hell is you know the vulture in the morbius trailer why is michael keaton in it and so sony came out with a statement stating that that was their plan of connecting the mcu to the uh sony verse yes jeffy tyrese came out remember like three times or two times tyreese gibson came out and said flat out on like podcasts or whatever like in interviews this is gonna be in the mcu we’re gonna this is gonna this movie’s gonna be in the mcu yes i do remember that too being a part of like confirming that that’s what sony was trying to do that’s why it took so long for sony and marvel to come to agreement because sony wanted to be a part of the mcu and that’s the reason why their negotiations have changed and why they altered so much is because marvel at first really didn’t want the the sony verse to be a part of the mcu but in order to get spider-man they had to make that agreement so that’s kind of why these uh you know these kind of secretive agreements are kind of secret is because marvel really doesn’t want the sony verse to really be attached to it but the same time they have to in order to keep their agreement with sony yeah and hey why not make the best out of the situation right like if you you know if you’re gonna be you know stuck in a certain like you know kind of of a crappy deal why not make the most out of it and that’s why i just wonder um as much as perry i get what you’re talking about how they’re going in the different direction with venom i love tom hardy he’s great he’s a great actor i think he could play any any role or any character and be good at it to be honest with you i’ve never seen him do anything bad before like any everything i’ve ever seen with him in it was great um but um i feel like ultimately like i mean look the the mcu needs a morbius too um you know like so i i get where cyber’s coming from with the whole thing with like with morbius being that connective tissue like i really kind of get where he’s coming from with that um but um my last comment with this is just basically that on this topic is just that again like i said perry do you think that the money is what’s more important at the end of the day or do you think that like there that there’s a possibility that they can actually put something together for the fans i mean it i don’t think that they completely like throw away fan opinion they wouldn’t be where they’re at if they did um but i think when it comes down to it like sony sony banks on having these properties yes um and they’re not going to let go of anything at all like they they’re not going to sell they’re not going to sell the company like it they’re not going to be they’re not going to do what 20th century fox did um because i’ll tell you right now if disney bought sony at this point i it would honestly be getting to a point with this stuff with disney and these acquisitions where i would start to be like you know what this is getting kind of like monopolized almost yeah it’s not good yeah i don’t think that deal would go through i think that the commission the trade commission would uh i mean to this day that marvel that that disney bought marvel studios you know what i mean like i’m you know honestly like um you know i know it was a long time ago but uh it’s kind of crazy in a way you know what i mean at that point it would be like it just would to me from what i’ve heard if the rumors are true which of course are probably not but if the rumors are true then like sony’s already given like disney and ask like a price on what they they’d want to like sell the the rights to the spider-man character and everything and all the other characters back and it’s astronomical i would uh believe that that sounds about right so livestreamland we want to thank you for watching this tonight we’re going to be closing up now we’ve had a really great evening it was great to have our trio back of course you can find you know mr perry uh on his podcast the oc podcast on youtube uh you can check that out on him he’s awesome he’s amazing uh he’s a great guest it’s always enjoyed him having him as our co-host that’s great to have him back in a couple episodes of the recent weeks so it’s been great to have you perry thanks for coming on and of course yeah so proud oh just just the energy tonight was like things were more fun than i they have been like for weeks honestly perry it was just nice to have you back you guys are making me blush oh goodness oh goodness it’s too dark in your room to see your blessing sir man me and cyber are just happy to see your face well i’m happy to see you guys too this is i like i’m glad i’m glad i’ve been able to like come back for the like a couple weeks ago i was back and then uh with this one i was excited to come back and talk to you guys about it well we ended up going an hour and fifth an hour and 50 just because like we all enjoy talking to each other so much you know what i mean like so i you know what like at the end of the day that’s the most important thing most certainly most certainly so and like i said before people you can find me on youtube of course as well under cybernetic shark you can find me on tic tac twitter instagram anywhere you can look you know you can see my solos up there you can also see the mcu’s bleeding edge stuff there you can find us on our website uh the mcu’ you can of course find mr jaisalvoda of course on all the same sites and so forth as well you can find us both on the amazing and fun rizzle where we post stuff usually pretty pretty regularly uh you can find a lot of dunes stuff on there which is really awesome and uh you know all that kind of cool stuff and stuff like that uh is there anything you would like to plug mr perry maybe a little bit about your band real quick uh you know where we can find uh where we can listen to you or anything like that yeah sure why not uh yeah if you uh if you want to listen to us we right now we’ve only put out uh we only have our covers it’s a cover band right now but we’re slowly writing stuff right now and um if you do want to go go hear us we’re we’re on youtube up the river um i think i think the handle is at up the river band um but you’ll see our logo it says up the river it looks like a 80s fawn it’s really uh yeah you can go check us out and then over the course of hopefully the next few months we’re gonna start really recording our uh our original stuff and start putting that out to the world and see where see where that goes wait wait cyber you want to see perry blush wait till we play some of perry’s music on the show oh yeah definitely definitely that’s great parallel definitely keep that in mind everyone out there in the live stream land definitely check out up the river band uh it’s a cool band i i’ve listened to to his music the covers that they’ve done at some of their live shows it’s really awesome they do a great job guys so definitely check them out too as well you’re welcome and as always people want to thank everyone for in the comments want to thank everyone for watching and that this is the mcu’s bleeding edge going out and we’ll see you next week