The Trouble with Thor

VincentVanSpock June 6th 2022

Look at the picture of Thor, now back to me, now back to Thor, now back to me. Sadly, that is not me. But, it sure is nice to look at isn’t it? That being said, the eye candy that is Chris Hemsworth, being completely nude on the big screen, has caused an uproar among some fans. Said fans are upset that Thors clothes are being ripped from his body without his consent. The argument being, that if this was happening to a woman, the audience would be less likely to laugh about it. So, why is it ok for it to happen to a male?

If you are still with me, it probably means you’ve seen the trailer. If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen the trailer 50 or 60 times, often with a glass of wine, candles lit, and your favorite lotion within arms reach (My face really dries out when the tears start running). But the scene in question shows Russel Crowes character, Zeus, “flick” Thors disguise off of him. But, OH NO, it took off all of Thors clothes, leaving him in all his sculpted godly glory. Thor then screams at Zeus “You flicked too hard, dammit!” This implies that Thor does not consent to showing his gentleman sausage and buns to the entire crowd of onlookers. The scene on the whole is played for laughs, all in good fun. Yet, would it be as funny if it happened to Jane Foster or Valkyrie played by Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson respectively?

Now, keep in mind that this is all my personal opinion and maybe my opinion isn’t for you. Yet, I firmly believe that this is perfectly acceptable within the confines of the movie. First of all, the exact same joke has been performed, by women, in other movies, even another Marvel movie. Fantastic Four (2005), in which Jessica Albas character has the bathroom door opened on her after she had stripped naked for a shower. Charlies Angels (2000), Drew Barrymores character falls down a hill nude and uses a pool floaty to cover herself. In TV, Tony sees Angela naked in the shower in Who’s the Boss, Tim sees Jills sister naked in the shower in Home Improvement. There are probably 1000 more examples that my sleep deprived brain cannot recall at this moment. The fact of the matter is, it is a joke that has been used in many mediums, for years, on many characters.

That is something everyone needs to keep in mind when watching movies or TV; these are fictional characters. Fic-tion-al Char-act-ers! Am I getting through to you? Thor is not a real person, Sue Storm is not a real person, Angela is not actually the boss because she isn’t real. “But the actor is a real person.” I KNOW! But the actor does actually consent to whatever is shown on screen. That is what matters. That is the fight we need to fight. If the actor does not consent, and it is still shown, thats when to get triggered and be offended. For example, when Elliot Pages nude body scan was put into the video game Beyond: Two Souls’ files without Elliots permission.

The point is, pick your battles folks. Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor, consented to his nude body being filmed for this role. These types of situations are discussed during the contract signing, again when reading the script, and again when filming the actual scene. If at any point Hemsworth didn’t want to be filmed nude he could have used a body double, negotiated the stipulations of the contract, or quit the project all together. Being offended for someone who consented to the scene is pointless, tedious, and pedantic. Whats worse, is being offended for a fictional character, when the point of the scene isn’t to make you feel bad for them. So, my advice, is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.