How to add the X-Men into the MCU: An Opinion

By VincentVanSpock 05/22/2022

With the introduction of Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier into Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness the X-Men are…. sorta… in the MCU now. All we know as of the release of Dr. Strange 2 is A version of Charles Xavier from A different universe exists within the MCU. Granted he is now laying in a hole in the ground 6 feet under but he exists none-the-less. This has re-opened the #1 asked question regarding the X-Men; How will Kevin Feige introduce the rest of the X-Men to the MCU?

A few days ago, The MCUs Bleeding Edge Podcast and YouTube show was discussing, with Geek News Network, the idea of an X-Men Vs. Avengers movie and how we would do it. During the discussion we got into a bit of a debate on how to bring in the X-Men in the MCU in the first place. Now, I don’t mean to tell anyone they’re wrong or disrespect anyones ideas. Yet, I truly feel this idea needs to be documented before it happens… Possibly…

With the addition of the Marvel TV shows like Wandavision, Moon Knight, and Loki, A TV show seems like the ideal way to introduce the X-Men, especially if it is done properly. A 6 episode series, where each episode introduces a single X-Men character, with some cameos thrown in, and ending with Professor X meeting the character of that episode, would be the best way to give each character adequate screen time and character development. Furthermore, I would have the original X-Men lineup of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Beast, and Angel with the 6th and final episode being about Professor X himself.

I want each episode to go in depth into each characters back story, their individual struggles, and why they joined the X-Men in the first place. For example, I want to see Scott Summers parents die in a plane crash. The plane is under attack by the Shi-ar empire and being shot down. The parents put Scott and his brother Alex (Havoc) into the only parachute and push them out the plane, sacrificing themselves to save the boys. From there, the boys get separated and thrown into orphanages. At the orphanage Scott is bullied mercilessly until eventually Scotts powers manifest and he runs from the orphanage. He wanders through the city and forests and tries to survive without the use of his eyes. Then Professor X shows up and brings him to the X Mansion. Once each character gets their episode of the TV show, you release an X-Men movie involving each of the characters in the first season coming together to tackle a common threat.

If Feige did this with each of the X-Men it would provide hardcore audiences with the backstory of the character in live action, and casual audiences a movie that doesn’t waste time with origin stories. Then later seasons can introduce more X-Men like Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, Jubilee, Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. You can even have episodes for the origins of the Brotherhood, Marauders, Hellfire club, or other villains. Ultimately, the theme that marvel needs to get 100% right in order for the X-Men to work on the big screen, is the X-Men protecting those people who wish to harm them.

The X-Men has always been an analogy for racism and something not explored enough in previous films. The first MCU X-Men film really needs to delve deep into the idea that the X-Men are hated but they still continue to do what is right. In the beginning, almost everyone who isn’t a mutant hates them. But slowly, they start to gain respect and appreciation from former haters. My idea for the first villain is the government itself.

The government starts to learn of the existence of mutants at the same time we the audience do. Mutants have existed for decades or millennia. But they have been few or far between and hidden themselves well enough that they remain unnoticed by most. Then have a character, like Beast, transform from the passible strong man into the blue haired fur-ball. This makes the world aware of the existence of mutants and scares people into lashing out. The government then decides to create the sentinels who attack mutants regardless of where they are and without restraint. Homosapiens are killed by the sentinels while the sentinels are pursuing mutants. Then the X-Men come in and fight the sentinels while saving human lives. This causes some to start seeing the X-Men as the heroes they are. People start protesting the governments use of sentinels. Then end the film with the X-Men saving someone important like Senator Kelly. You could end the movie with a cameo of the next villain, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Magneto. In fact, I would like to see someone new like Sinister or Mojo. What do you think? Did I miss anything that is absolutely essential to the X-Men?