Moon Knight Review *Spoilers*

By VincentVanSpock

Fair warning, this post will contain spoilers for all 6 Season 1 episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight TV show on Disney+. Right off the bat, I want to say that Moon Knight has quickly become my favorite Marvel Television show. It beat out Loki, Wandavision, and Netflix’s Daredevil with its brilliant acting, clever writing and filmmaking, and accurate depiction of Dissociated Identity Disorder.

I generally consider myself to be an expert on good acting, considering I have 20 years experience as an actor and a Masters degree in Acting from Birmingham City University in England. Using my expertise as an actor, I can confirm that Moon Knight has some of the best acting I have seen on screen. Oscar Isaac does especially well switching between Steven Grant, Marc Spector and to a lesser extent Jake Lockley. I truly feel like Oscar Isaac fully embodied these characters and the disorder they suffer through. He quickly switches between Steven Grant and Marc Spector without cuts or edits multiple times throughout the series. This requires a lot of training, hard work, and knowledge of the characters.

Not only did Oscar Isaac put on a great performance, but, in my opinion, Ethan Hawke portrays one of the greatest villains of all time. A lot of people, myself included, claim that the best villains believe themselves to be the heroes. Ethan Hawke plays a cult leader who he modeled after David Koresh. In the second episode of Moon Knight, he talks with Steven Grant about his motivation and desires for the world. His charismatic idealism almost convinces Steven, and some audience members, to follow his lead. That is until he talks about killing kids in order to achieve his goals.

Along with my Masters of Acting I also have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While at University, I put an emphasis on abnormal psychology. The DSM 5 defines Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously called multiple personality disorder, as a disruption of identity characterized by two or more distinct personality states or an experience of possession. Moon Knight, and especially Oscar Isaac, does an amazing job showcasing the way DID comes into existence through trauma and stress. They also use DID to create an unreliable narrator and have the audience questioning what is real and what isn’t. The first, fourth, and fifth episodes especially leave the audience wondering if anything Marc Spector or Steven Grant does is real.

I went into moon knight with little to no knowledge of the character. Yet, after watching the show I strive to know more about him. I plan from this point on to read Moon Knight comics, watch the upcoming seasons of the show, and hope that Moon Knight shows up in other MCU titles. I want to see how he interacts with other characters such as Daredevil or Spider-man. I now know why so many Marvel fans see Moon Knight as their favorite Marvel property. I am excited for the future of this character and Marvel as a whole now that he is in live action form.