Dr. Strange 2 pre-viewing thoughts

By VincentVanSpock

Today, Friday, May 6th 2022, Dr. Strange 2 hits theaters in America. The movie has gathered as much hype, if not more than, such titles as Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man No Way Home. Rumors have run rampant regarding what Dr. Strange 2 will mean for the MCU going forward. Does the presence of Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier mean the long awaited emergence of the X-Men and other mutants? Will other mutants show up in this film? Are variants of other MCU characters going to show up in this film; such as Tom Cruise as Tony Stark? What other mind blowing cameos and characters will show up?

Those of you who have seen the film already are probably laughing at us commoners who have had the misfortune of being forced to wait. But soon, the vast majority of MCU fans will have seen the film or accidentally spoiled it for themselves. The changes to the MCU will soon be common knowledge and we will all go back into theory mode; guessing what the introduction of (Insert character here) will mean, or how the death of (insert character 2 here) will affect everything. But for the next few weeks or so, do your best not to spoil it for everyone else.

Maybe, Dr Strange 2 will launch the MCU into a whole new level of big brain, 5 head, mind-blowing intelligence. Perhaps, it will create new and even more interesting characters, and usher in a new group of fans from all over the world. Or, it will leave us unimpressed and wishing we had spent our money on Sonic 2 or Secrets of Dumbledore. Either way, Marvel has hyped up their fans for this movie and their other intellectual properties going forward. They know how to get their fans excited for the future.

Marvel have built a fan base some consider to be too big to fail. Some film making companies even rely on Marvel creating such hype in order to revitalize the movie going industry. If not for Marvel driving the love of the MCU, the movie industry as a whole might have died in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. Many believe that Spiderman No Way Home, which was a precursor and vital to Dr. Strange 2, is what brought the film industry back from the brink of death. Will Dr. Strange add more fuel to the Marvel wild fire? Or will it snuff the flame out and kill the movie industry as a whole? Only time will tell.