Aug 14, 2021
The Complete First Crack Review Of The Incredible Hulk With Podcast Of Champions


This is a version of our livestream review of The Incredible Hulk film on Wednesday evening 7/28/21 on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge Youtube Channel / Podcast through Anchor. This is the fourth installment of our connected Infinity Saga Review Series with the Podcast Of Champions/, again on board in the form of two guests, Arch and Lord Death Man, with Arch of course being a mainstay on the show and a regular at this point. We also have Alexis once again guesting and she is known for being a regular guest on the Radulioch In Broadcasting Network, another friend of this podcast/ livestream, and we also have Mark Radulich himself rounding out the panel with co-host Jeff S with Cyberneticshark moderating on this episode. We essentially break down the whole Incredible Hulk film from start to finish, do alot of talking about the 2003 Eric Bana version of Hulk, the mutual love for Jennifer Connelly we found during the show, and wrap this long sucker up with a almost hour long segment on Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix. So yeah if your a Daredevil/Matt Murdock fan from the comics this is the episode for you to listen too!!! Visit for full episodes of the show, to check out our active blog, and see info about the team. 

Jeff’s audio is coming through a Audio-Technica ATR2100usb

Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff S( TrueKnowledge) Guests: Alexis, a regular on The MCU’S Bleeding Edge and the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, Mark Radulich himself, and Arch and Lord Death Man from Podcast Of Champions/ 

Intro Music ” Ready Your Fire” by Fillmore — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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