In the article we have Kevin Feige explaining how the Ten Rings featured in Iron Man 3 have a direct connection to the organization at the center of Shang-Chi. The Shang-Chi film, directed by Destin Daniel, will supposedly explore the Tony Stark incident from Iron Man 1 where he was forced to develop weapons for the Ten Rings, and how Shang-Chi is forced to deal with the consequences. The video in question also highlights some of Shang-Chi’s fantasy/ magical angle without explaining the actual origin of the Ten Rings themselves. I do genuinely hope that Marvel Studios sticks with the comic book origin of the rings, being that they where created and brought to Earth by an alien, dragon-like race of Makluans, from the planet Maklu-IV. In the comics Axonn-Karr, one of the Makluans, landed his ship in China’s Valley Of Spirits and the Mandarin simply pillaged him and his ship, obtaining the Ten Rings for himself. Each of the Ten Rings has a soul of a legendary cosmic warrior trapped inside. The Mandarin was of course fascinated by the massive power the Ten Rings possess and after claiming them from Axonn-Karr, taught himself how to use each of the individual rings themselves. Now I totally understand it will be necessary to make some changes from the comic book origins in order to give us a cinematic version, however I would like to see them including the Makluans in the film and I don’t think it would be too far fetched for Marvel to pull that off since we are supposed to be heading in the Cosmic direction. This film of course comes out on September 3rd and I certainly am amped to go see it!!!!! #Shang-Chi, #Simu Liu, #Awkwafina, #The Ten Rings Organization, #the Ten Rings, #Deathdealer, #The Mandarin, #Tony Leung, #Michelle Yeah, #Marvel Studios, #Destin Daniel Cretton, #Jim Starlin, #Marvel Comics, #Abomination, #Wong, #Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

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