Jameela Jamil, known for starring in The Good Place, has been cast in Marvel Studios She Hulk Disney Plus Series as a character from of Marvel Comics, Titania. aka Mary MacPherran. She was born prematurely in Denver and was mocked and humiliated by her peers in her youth. Mary grew bitter over her hard life and fantasized about having super-powers. During the Secret Wars event the Beyonder ripped Denver from Earth to create the makeshift planet Battleworld, and Doctor Doom offered Mary a chance to gain superhuman powers, which she accepted. Using alien technologies Doom gave Mary superhuman strength and durability and made her taller and more muscular. As Titania she worked for Doctor Doom and battled against the superheroes, developing a long rivalry with Jennifer Walters She Hulk. #Disney Plus #She Hulk #Jennifer Walters #Bruce Banner #the Incredible Hulk #Titania #Marvel Comics #Doctor Doom #Black Panther 2 #Battleworld #Volcana

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