May 27, 2021
Our Review Of Captain America: The First Avenger With Podcast Of Champions


This is the first episode of a Series reviewing all the MCU films that make up the Infinity Saga, and we start off with Captain America: The First Avenger. We are collaborating with the Podcast Of Champions thyroughout this entire review series and our joined by Arch on this first review. Perry Ramsey could not make it sadly and we definitely missed having him but Cyberneticshark, myself( Jeff Sloboda) and our excellent guest Arch threw down together and did a great show that I hope people will enjoy. We flushed out some of the comic book connections with the film, talked about Falcon And The Winter Soldier and Sam becoming Captain America, along with Bucks evolution throughout the MCU, and talked some MCU in general touching on the Eternals new trailer to start off. We as always thank all of our supporters and listeners of The MCU’S Bleeding Edge and I just want to personally thank everyone from Podcast Of Champions for being open to putting together this collaboration, along with acknowledge the fantastic effort and energy that Cyber and Perry always contribute to this Podcast. Enjoy our Captain America; The First Avenger review and we will hopefully see you soon with episode 2, a review of Captain Marvel that will hopefully happen this weekend. 

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