Mar 20, 2021
Part 2 Of The MCU’S Bleeding Edge Preview of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier


This is part 2 of our preview of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Disney Plus Series produced by Marvel Studios. I’m joined once again by Perry Ramsey, the host of the ‘ Off Topic’ podcast available everywhere, as a special guest host on the program. I am of course the host of The MCU’S Bleeding Edge, Jeff Sloboda, and in this preview we delve into a few trailers for the new series and wrap up with some leaked rumors regarding a few of the episodes. I hope you all enjoy and please like/ follow/ favorite/ share if you are a long time fan of the MCU or just started!!! Thanks everyone and thanks to Perry Ramsey and Marvel Studios and shout out to my friend and fellow MCU Podcaster Brett Scott of MCU Plus, cheers brother!!!!

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