This is a two hour long review and discussion mostly focused on episode 7 and 8 of Wandavision but also addressing the series in general. I am joined by Cyberneticshark of Rizzle and Youtube along with Logan Corban of YouTube and also the host of The Live and Learn podcast and The Crisis Variety podcast though Anchor. Cyber is a fellow Rizzler and a personal friend of mine that I collaborate with often on Rizzle and this is my first time working with Logan who is just 20 and brings a different perspective to my show I believe. We break down Wandavision Episode 7 and 8 and have a very interesting and at times exciting discussion on all things relating to the Disney Plus series. So if you enjoy the MCU and Wandavision or you just want to check out a fun and informative podcast please check us out and give the show a listen. I as always appreciate all of you who tune in to my shows.

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